Sunday, September 26, 2010

check and balance

I took a break from work and wandered about the office floor.  I was bored and I was looking for Obet as I need to confirm with him if we're going to the baptism of a former colleague's son come Oct 9.  Went to his place, but apparently, Mariposa said he's sick.  Oh.

Since I have this penchant to meddle things not mine, I chance upon a notice from our HR to Obet to explain why he still failed to submit the pre-requisites to his employment in our prestigious bank, otherwise it will warrant 'severe' administrative sanctions.

This caught my attention.  Obet and I are batchmates and have been with this institution for nearly 2years!  I told Mariposa to text him right away as this needs his immediate attention.

Obet reported 2 days after and I made kamusta him, to which he expounded

'Hush, alam mo ba kung anong kulang ko sa lintek na requirements ng HR?'

'Tell me about it.  I was a bit worried when I saw the letter.  In no intention did I mean to read that letter.  It was just there in your desk for everyone to see!'

'I know.  Eto pa, picture ang kulang ko.. at curriculum vitae'


'Hush, impossible naman na wala silang copy ng picture ko.  Paano naman ako makapag.ID nyan kung di ako nagsubmit ng picture?  Then the CV.  Isn't that the first thing they require us to submit when we applied??  Kaya nga di ko pinansin yan eh.'

'Hahaha I agree.  Was there not a memo reminding you that they haven't received these?'

'Yun nga Hush eh.  Sabi dito there was a letter released prior to this final notice. ko nga si In***d, aba tingnan mo naman yung sagot nya!'

I checked the mail.  The HR supervisor forwarded the query to her staff asking where the first notice was.  Then  again, forwarded to our administrative staff.  All negate sending such notice.  We laughed sarcastically.  I mused:

'Ano ba yan.  This is irritating.  She issued a very condemning letter without any proof that the first notice was received on your end!  Aba, Obet, sa dati nating work hinde ganyan!  Ms. Estre would ask us to sign on the side of her name prior to signing any administrative concerns, plus we always attach any supporting documents that we refer to in that letter!  This is  utterly irresponsible of HR!'

'I know.  Mabait pa ako nyan, Hush ha.  Ano na kaya if ikaw ang binigyan nito??'

Hahahaha!  Obet knows me too well.  I would have waged war til I draw blood. hehehe

'You better tell them to issue a retraction letter.  This is preposterous!'

This made me thinking, hushkins, does it take too much to admit one's fault?  In a corporate environment that we all work in, competition is fierce, everyone pinpoints to anybody to save ass, while basking in the glory when things shine.  When the situation clearly indicates that it is indeed your department's negligence in not keeping track of the required files, is a simple sorry too much to ask?  I don't think anybody would be on a matigasan mode if the other party humbles themselves to request for these because it was their fault.  I may be war-freak (as what a former friend described me), but I know when to cease if the cause I'm fighting for loses ground.

Always, always remember, hushkins, check and balance..  There should always be a debit whenever there is credit. 

Hush, hush for now. =)