Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Girl Trouble

No.  Not me, hushkins. hehehe

It's my little bro.  He was online in FB and naturally I said hi and asked on how things are in Cebu.  Ok daw (so much for effort hehehe) and he asked how things are with me, and my new mac.  I said I'm immensely enjoying it, yet need to be cautious on my spendings thereafter.

He suddenly turned serious.  He said he is having trouble with Venus, his more than 6-months girlfriend.  Apparently, he's getting tired of her tirades, that he can't understand her of late.

I queried what kind of tirades are we talking about.

Everything.  'Gagmay na sayop ako buhaton, bikil dayon (little things I neglect, big deal towards her), but if she's the one at fault, it's as if nothing happens.

Does she apologize?

NOPE.  All capital letters was his response.

Oh.  Then you need to talk things through with her.

She won't listen.  I even plan to end things with her.

No, I countered.  Go someplace quiet where you can have a lovely dinner with her.  Discuss with her your concerns.  Tell her that you need to work things out with her, that this is becoming a concern.  Tell her that she needs to understand that your priority now is your review studies, that it is essential that you pass that licensure examination, that such petty things need not bother you.

I won't get affected, he responded.  Maybe a day or two after the break-up, then I'll bounce back.  Besides, it isn't interfering with my studies.

No, talk to her still.

What if she doesn't listen?

Then it's high time you cool things off with her.  More time to think if it's worth the relationship you're both into.

You're right, kuya.

You're young, little bro.  You are gwapo, and you need not worry of girls.  They'll come running to you once you get that license.  Seriously, it's a man-eat-man world out here, you better come prepared.

I know, kuya.  I need to sleep now.  I'll keep you posted on what we discussed.  I'll text you.

We ended on that note.  Aside from being a good brother to little bro, I can't help but feel flattered that he asked for my advise on his girl troubles.  I'm touched, hushkins =)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'mend the broken.. vanquish the evil..'

" Boron: (from trailer, voiceover) When you've flown as far as you can, you're halfway there! 
(confused) What did he say? 
(ecstatic) We're halfway there!"

- Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

I have been anticipating this movie for so long and last Sunday, after a sumptuous lunch at Wai Ying in Binondo, honey and me went to Megamall to watch this movie.  Of course, I didn't settle for anything but 3D viewing.  I was anticipating a long queue at the cinema booths, but apparently, everyone seemed to be trooping to the IMAX at MOA (as noted in my FB wall), so we had the cinema to ourselves. hehehe  or was it because we bought tickets for the last full show? hmmmm...

When we entered the movie house, everyone were swaying to a 3D game being played.  I wanted to rush to my seat and get into the fun, but when we reached our reserved seats, the game was done =(  Everyone seemed cheerful after the game and I was really curious how it looked like in 3D!! I wasn't wearing my 3D glasses when I entered the cinema =( ugh.

Neways, the national anthem played by SM displayed GMA stars, compared to the ABS-CBN talents before.  I'm not a fan of GMA but the portrayal of the anthem was definitely refreshing, from the battle in Mactan til the EDSA revolution, which portrayed Marian as a nun (which I found plastik hehehe).  

Back to the Legend.  The movie was definitely worth the exorbitant price SM charges you for a 3D movie (the ticket price was P225, but we paid P250 each because it 'came with beverages'.  I said, can we not avail of the beverages?  The cashier said, no, it's bundled. Puttanesca, pineperahan mo kami eh!' hehe).

The movie started out with young Soren narrating the story to his sister (Eglantine) of how the Legend of the Guardians saved the owl clan from Metalbeak, who wants to rule the owl world his way.  Soren's brother, Kludd, didn't believe this, said it was just all made up.  

When the brothers Soren and Kludd were 'gliding' one night, they were kidnapped by the forces of Metalbeak.  Needless to say Kludd joined Metalbeak's forces while Soren, idealistic and all, searched for the legend together with his trusted friends, Gylfie (the Navigator), Digger (the Tracker), Twilight (the Warrior) and Soren's nanny snake.  Soren discovered that the Legend was real, the guardians rushed to save the universe (the owl universe hehehe) and later realized that a mole was amongst them and Soren gets to save the day =)

The plot is very typical but what amazed me were the graphics and how vivid the movie was! =)  It didn't fail to amaze me for the 2hours plus run, and the scenes I loved most were the following:
  • fight between Soren and Kludd in the fire-struck rainforest;
  • the plight and flight of Soren and friends in search for the guardians during a blizzard (the slow-mo scenes were unbelievable!! =) );
  • Soren's effort to save his guardian friends, rushing into the fire-struck rainforest (slo-mo again);
  • first time that Soren and Gylfie learned to fly and feel their feathers (ahhh goosebumps)
and so on and so forth. =)  The movie definitely brought out the kid in me and was touched by the brotherly affection of Soren to his sister and brother, despite the latter's betrayal, which is sooo sad =(  I can definitely relate because I know I am a good brother hehehe Ni.relate ba?

So, hushkins, go out and enjoy the movie.  Again, the plot's not complicated and this is the type of movie you'd just lay back, relax and enjoy.  No fuss, only pure entertainment =) love love it.

PS - I wonder if the producers issued cute stuff toys of the movie characters hehehe

Monday, September 27, 2010

Maaga ata pasko ngayon =)

Can you smell the whiff of Christmas in the air? =)

Paseo de Roxas in Makati is line with beautiful lights.. the songs on the radio are playing Christmas jingles.. and everybody seems to be on a happy mode.. well I am =)

Maaga ata pasko ngayon.  Thank you, honey =) Love yo very very much =)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

check and balance

I took a break from work and wandered about the office floor.  I was bored and I was looking for Obet as I need to confirm with him if we're going to the baptism of a former colleague's son come Oct 9.  Went to his place, but apparently, Mariposa said he's sick.  Oh.

Since I have this penchant to meddle things not mine, I chance upon a notice from our HR to Obet to explain why he still failed to submit the pre-requisites to his employment in our prestigious bank, otherwise it will warrant 'severe' administrative sanctions.

This caught my attention.  Obet and I are batchmates and have been with this institution for nearly 2years!  I told Mariposa to text him right away as this needs his immediate attention.

Obet reported 2 days after and I made kamusta him, to which he expounded

'Hush, alam mo ba kung anong kulang ko sa lintek na requirements ng HR?'

'Tell me about it.  I was a bit worried when I saw the letter.  In no intention did I mean to read that letter.  It was just there in your desk for everyone to see!'

'I know.  Eto pa, picture ang kulang ko.. at curriculum vitae'


'Hush, impossible naman na wala silang copy ng picture ko.  Paano naman ako makapag.ID nyan kung di ako nagsubmit ng picture?  Then the CV.  Isn't that the first thing they require us to submit when we applied??  Kaya nga di ko pinansin yan eh.'

'Hahaha I agree.  Was there not a memo reminding you that they haven't received these?'

'Yun nga Hush eh.  Sabi dito there was a letter released prior to this final notice. ko nga si In***d, aba tingnan mo naman yung sagot nya!'

I checked the mail.  The HR supervisor forwarded the query to her staff asking where the first notice was.  Then  again, forwarded to our administrative staff.  All negate sending such notice.  We laughed sarcastically.  I mused:

'Ano ba yan.  This is irritating.  She issued a very condemning letter without any proof that the first notice was received on your end!  Aba, Obet, sa dati nating work hinde ganyan!  Ms. Estre would ask us to sign on the side of her name prior to signing any administrative concerns, plus we always attach any supporting documents that we refer to in that letter!  This is  utterly irresponsible of HR!'

'I know.  Mabait pa ako nyan, Hush ha.  Ano na kaya if ikaw ang binigyan nito??'

Hahahaha!  Obet knows me too well.  I would have waged war til I draw blood. hehehe

'You better tell them to issue a retraction letter.  This is preposterous!'

This made me thinking, hushkins, does it take too much to admit one's fault?  In a corporate environment that we all work in, competition is fierce, everyone pinpoints to anybody to save ass, while basking in the glory when things shine.  When the situation clearly indicates that it is indeed your department's negligence in not keeping track of the required files, is a simple sorry too much to ask?  I don't think anybody would be on a matigasan mode if the other party humbles themselves to request for these because it was their fault.  I may be war-freak (as what a former friend described me), but I know when to cease if the cause I'm fighting for loses ground.

Always, always remember, hushkins, check and balance..  There should always be a debit whenever there is credit. 

Hush, hush for now. =)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Bearistas

These are my kids.  They accompany me when I drive alone and I find great fulfillment in collecting these Bearistas from Starbucks. =)

My first kid was from the Philippines (one with the brown hat).  Got it from Starbucks Chinabank Makati.  The other kid  was given to me by Elena, whose based in Singapore.  Notice how their shirts represent something from their country =)

The cute lamb bearista came from Minnierva when she went to HK. Awwwww...

This one on the left is wearing a Spider costume in time for Halloween, while the one on the right is wearing a pumpkin shirt.  The latter was given by Ferns when he was in Vegas.  Both are circa 2009.

Mrs Claus Bearista was bought in Singapore by a colleague.  I really wouldn't have mind if I bought the other pair, the Mr. Claus but when I visited its branch in Shangrila, it ran out of stocks =(

I didn't like their Valentine's bearista, so I opted for this Easter bearista in flower dress.  This was March 2010.

Finally, these are the 2 latest collection, the VIA (Ready Brew) Bearista and Raccoon Bearista for Halloween 2010.  Aen't they all cute??! =)

It would be sweet to receive one on Christmas, wink wink =)

Good Karma

I was checking my facebook account when a message popped up on my screen.  Ely.

musta ka na?'

I didn't respond.  I was bracing myself for the same question he's about to ask me.

'are you still mad at me?'

To which I responded:

'hahahahaha why would I still be mad at you?'

'because of what I did to you..'

He was my ex way back in Cebu.  Count 4 years AGO.  Prehistoric, ancient.  We didn't part ways as friends.  He broke my heart through email. hahahaha can you believe it?  He wasn't man enough for me, but then again, he's gay! Irony.

He continued:

'I've said this a thousand times, but I'm sorry for what I did'

'hahaha don't start again.  I'm ok already.  I've moved on.  You should also'

This was true.  I'm happy where I am now.  I thought my world will crash that day I received the email.  It was a month after I was transferred from Cebu to Manila.  I explained to him that we could work this out, having a long distance affair.  Besides, Cebu Pacific offers cheap rates and an hour's flight isn't that long.  Heck, it takes even longer to ride from Mactan airport to my place.  But he was a complicated person, had lots of issues and including money issues.

He responded:

'This is probably the reason why my life's a mess now.  I can't sort out my life now and now that mama is gone..'

'Just think that you have an angel watching over you, Ely.'

Sorry, but I already paid respect to his mother's death and bringing it up again seems antagonizing on my end.  What's he driving at?  Self-pity?  Come on.

'Ever since we parted ways, my life's a wreck.  I'm having trouble finding a decent job, got deported back from Bahrain because I caught hepa and the death of my mother seems to bear my world down'

I ignore him.  Enough of his drama.  I continued checking my facebook.

'I'm really sorry'

I wanted to tell him, karma's a bitch, but that sound's bitter. hehehe  

'You know what, I always believe in good karma.  When I love somebody, I give it my all, I don't hesitate what the repercussions may be.  I just love and hope that it will eventually turn out well.'

'I know.  You were good to me, Hush'

'hahahahaha yah, I was.  but hey, after we parted, look at my ex's and my honey now?  They're gorgeous!! hehehehe puro sila gwapo =)'

Ouch.  That mush have hurt him.  I thought before he was a looker.  Afterall, he was a working for Plantation Bay, front personnel.  Rori did say that he was a good-looking before but parang na losyang na after I we parted. hehehehe  Applause! hehehe

He still messaged me

'I agree. You deserve all the happiness this world can give'

'I know.  Sometimes it pays to be good.  I believe in good karma'

Then I logged out.  He was definitely something of my past that I want to forget.  Bitter?  I don't think so.  I have just moved on..

Hush hush for now, huskins*

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tanduay Ice and Cinderella (pick-up lines Chapter 2)

August 2010.

My world was crumbling down.. and yes, it's because of love.  Gugmang g-atay.  Honey and I were on our longest fight.. we were in ex-communicado.  We were holding our grounds on who will make the first move to reach out..  I played it well the first week (and will tell you  who yielded in my next blog, but this ain't about it) and I wanted to go out.. I was screaming for Malate that night, and since BED was burnt, no choice but to go to O-bar, the next best thing.

O-Bar. 1am.

The place was crowded.  I was wearing my favorite Zara black polo and I knew I looked good (mayabang ako that night, pero yabang lang hahaha).  I was with Ferns and his cousin, Carlo.  I hated the place, it's too jam-packed and the people were so-so.  Most were twinks (di ba kayo hinahanap ng magulang nyo?, I thought), and I asked myself why Ferns preferred this place over Che-lu.  I like the latter, more room to dance. Change of scenery daw, sabi ni Ferns.  Cge.

-tugsh tugsh tugsh

The music was deafening, yet everyone was having fun.  I wasn't.  I was heart-broken (drama).  I wanted to forget about honey that night, but no one seems good enough.  Then I saw him.  Drinking by the bar.  He caught sight of my stare, but I turned my gaze elsewhere.  Nah, it must be someone else.  I looked back, he was still staring at me. Oi, kunin natin yung beer, Fernan tugged at me.  Ok, san na coupons natin?  Eto, Carlo replied.

-tugsh tugsh tugsh

I thought it was just the house music, but my heart was pumping loudly also.  We had to get the drinks at the bar, and Pearl-of-the-Orient (let's just call him that) was there.  He was still staring at me (this is true, he stares really hard).  He was wearing a tight shirt that hugged him well.  Ahhhh.. Armani X.  His physique somehow lacked the bulk that I remembered.. maybe he stopped going to the gym.. nevertheless, he still looked good.  Stand-out among the sweaty bodies that night.

I gave the coupons to the bartender, 3 Tanduay Ice please.  He was just beside me.  I could smell his perfume.. Eternity.  In my haste to get out of that space, I accidentally dropped one bottle.  Saw with my peripherals, Pearl reaching out to save the bottle, but to no avail.  Tiningnan ko bartender.  Sorry, but it's your fault. I looked at Ferns and he gave another coupon, problema ba yun, eto isa pa! Mataray na diin ni kalbo.  

-tugsh tugsh tugsh


The party was soaring and everyone had fun dancing.  I was running out of my Ice, so I decided buy another one (puttanesca, doon pa rin sya).  I grabbed one, and it was there that he grabbed hold of my hand.

Pearl: I've been staring at you the whole night..

Hush: (I stared at his twinkling eyes)  I know.

P:  I tried to save your bottle early, sinadya mo ata yun noh? (chuckles)

H: haha why would I do that?

P: (smiles coyly) what's your name?

H: (I smiled devilishly) Pearl. =p

P: what?

H: I said my name is Pearl! (the music was thumping real hard)

(he stared at me intently.. a confused look on his face)

P: We have the same names.. (hesitated).. You said before it was Hush.

(I was taken aback.  I wouldn't consider myself popular among the Malate crowd and last I recall, it was 4 years ago that I met this guy, but kinilig parin ako)

H: how sure are you that I'm Hush?

P: I just recalled

H: awww.. you remembered (wala na, nagpacute na)

P:  It just goes to show that I haven't changed my preference.. (sheepish grin)

(puttanesca! Natunaw ata mac ko dito)

I didn't do him that night.  I knew too well that he's just play.  The first time I met him (at BED, where else), he called me his Cinderella.  I was young then, I honestly thought he will be the one.  I didn't do him that first night we met, but my defenses turn loose the following night.  We did it inside his BMW.  He was Mr. Right (the car dude! hahahha).  But that was it.  No word from him after.  

So I skipped him.  Maganda ako. hahaha

- Pa, papapa rappapapa (clap, clap) -

Dealing with realities

I received this on email and had this reposted in FB and in my blog.  Something to munch on:

Bill Gates speech: 11 rules your kids did not and will not learn in school

Rule 1: Life is not fair - get used to it!

Rule 2: The world doesn't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself.

Rule 3: You will NOT make $60,000 a year right out of high school. You won't be a vice-president with a car phone until you earn both.

Rule 4: If you think your teacher is tough, wait till you get a boss.

Rule 5: Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your Grandparents had a different word for burger flipping: they called it opportunity.

Rule 6: If you mess up, it's not your parents' fault, so don't whine about your mistakes, learn from them.

Rule 7: Before you were born, your parents weren't as boring as they are now. They got that way from paying your bills, cleaning your clothes and listening to you talk about how cool you thought you were. So before you save the rain forest from the parasites of your parent's generation, try delousing the closet in your own room.

Rule 8: Your school may have done away with winners and losers, but life HAS NOT. In some schools, they have abolished failing grades and they'll give you as MANY TIMES as you want to get the right answer. This doesn't bear the slightest resemblance to ANYTHING in real life.

Rule 9: Life is not divided into semesters. You don't get summers off and very few employers are interested in helping you FIND YOURSELF. Do that on your own time.

Rule 10: Television is NOT real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.

Rule 11: Be nice to nerds. Chances are you'll end up working for one.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beautiful Nightmare

Rori and I were talking aimlessly at his biga adventures and how it went south, when he mentioned how come I haven't updated my blog lately.  Unsaon nimo pagdaghan ug hushkins kung di ka magsulat? Hmf.  I told him that I'm just using my honey's MAC and I only get a chance to update it if he's around, so that would mean only on weekends.. and those weekends are spent catching up with honey also.  Rori said, why won't you buy yourself one then?  

I am not tech savvy, and I find pure joy just going to the gym and watch TV.  I had no reasons to buy a laptop and this is why I spent huge on my LCD TV because it's my past time (aside from it looks good and added pogi points. hehehehe) But apparently, I need one.. I'm addicted to blogs lately and I've spent a lot of my free time at the office reading through various blogs.  It is indeed insightful.  I thought that blogs were for people who have no life... (now, now, huskins, don't raise those eyebrows yet hehehe, there's a but here somewhere) but it's either that I have no life also, or I was dead wrong! hehehe

I don't want any laptop.  I'm aiming for the Macbook Pro =) and they say that if you wish for something, you aim for the heavens.  Oh diba, this will be my wish list this Christmas =)  and I'll save up for this beauty. hehehe  I read somewhere that if you place a picture of the thing you aspire for and you view it everyday, it will materialize.  I've done this with Baby Blake and nothing wrong with doing it again for the mac.  Now, I'm thinking of naming this gadget also, what do you think, hushkins? =)

just deal with it

I went to pick up Sho who just came from the US.  She texted me that Cathay would arrive at 7pm, so I took my time driving given she would have to pick up her baggage, check in customs and other protocols.  Cars would honk at my slow pace (40kph) and I'd honk back and laugh to myself, kevs mo diha!  Go and fly your cars! hahahaha  Despite my slow pace, I still arrive at NAIA 1 early at 7.10. Haaaay, so I parked Baby Blake (that's my car hehehe) and went about finding things to do.  The airport is really old and needs upgrade.  The waiting lounge was despicable, to say the least and I imagine waving to the guests arriving just like how tagalog movies portray them, banners and flags galore. hehehehe I chuckled to myself.

I saw Jollibee's signage and decided to go up the lounge.. diri nalang ko mag.standby.  If the guard calls my attention for not ordering anything, I'll give him the umph and order sundae.. hehehe P30 ra bitaw.  When I got to Jollibee, it had no tables and chairs!! piste, di ko ka standby da, na-anticipate sa management ang mga tao pareha nako. hahaha  I won't buy nalang. hmf at least the 2nd floor of the waiting area had aircon, magpabugnaw nalang ko diri.

Honey was not texting me because he wanted me to pick him up at Taguig then go home to Ortigas before I pick-up Sho.  I told him it would be a waste of gas, he said he's not feeling well and can't afford to go elsewhere.  Told him, ka nalang kasi I already committed to pick up my friend.  Nagalit ba naman?? Piste ning gugmang-g-atay!

Neways, it was 8pm already and still no text from Sho.  I scouted the area and noted that there was a Kopi Rotti store.  I'm not a big fan of Kopi, it's too ordinary for my taste and the price isn't worth it... but because I had nothing to do, I give it a try.  I ordered their Kopi bun with coffee.  I sunk the bun into the coffee, hhhhhmmmmm... not bad. hehehe first impressions don't last. hahahaha masarap pala if partnered with coffee. 

Finally, Sho texted me at 9pm that Cathay was delayed in HK and just like I imagined (since bawal pumunta sa arrival area) I waved at her from the waiting lounge. Sho! Sho! I'm here! 

We got to Baby Blake and we drove off.  Sho was gone for 3-weeks and she had lots to update.  She went to the MET (since she's an arts buff), Statue of Liberty,  the waterfalls which I forgot, it was her dream vacation.  I envy her but was proud at her at the same time.  It's enthralling to see people reach their dreams =)  She said US was worth the Pxxx thousands she spent... this part I thought twice.  I don't think I'd spend that much for a trip. hehehe I want to see the things that I spend on.

We dropped by Seattle's Best at Newport City.  It was our favorite coffee shop.  I had my regular coffee mocha and she had tea.  We had this conversation:

Sho: alam mo before I left, naki-eavesdrop ako sa mga neighbors natin 

Hush: you're really close to them noh?  I just go to my unit and kevs nila. hehehe  I am a hermit. tsk tsk  so unsa chika?

S: do you recall the kompare tenant of our lessor?  he was complaining about his water bills also.  It seems that you are not the only one noticing the huge amount charged every month.

H: really?  I can't fathom why I am being charged P500++ when I'm the only one at my place, save for the weekends that honey comes to sleep.  Back in my old condo, I was only incurring P200++, and it didn't go beyond P300 even!! and the shit that the lessor said about dividing it by 30 days and it's immateriality. Hello, that's not the point.

S:  I know, what's the rationale of having a meter outside our units and the water company sending out one bill to them right?  Why not send out separate bills to each of us?

H:  Yah! so how much was his kompare's bill?

S:  His was P1.5k and you wouldn't believe our neighbor with the Cruze Chevy.  Hers was P2.5k a month!!

H:  whaaattt?? Unreasonable, she's living alone also!!

S:  Exactly!  My bro and I have renewed our contract and we were told that our fixed water rate will be amended to reflect the actual charges also..

H:  My, I'm definitely moving out once my contract ends

S:  The Chevy owner did say that the monthly rent for her unit didn't change, even if she's been at her place for 2 years already.  So she's guessing that's the lessor's way of increasing rent.  That's why when she bathes, she takes her time since she's being charged that amount hahahhahaha  Then the kumpare mentioned maybe the lessor's water bills in building up his mansion is being included in our charges!

H: hahahahhahaa

S:  So even if they are kumpare, they back-bite.

H: and I thought I was the only one having a problem with our lessor

S:  and did you notice the sported-up civic you thought had a cute owner but realized he was old to have that kind of car?  They left. They were apparently charged 2 months parking and water bill.  They opted to forfeit their P25k deposit.

H:  Shit. sayang naman.

S:  You can't blame them.  It's their building, and the way they run it is Pinoy-style, if you can't deal with it, leave.  They won't take care of their tenants because they are banking that their place is near Makati and they won't run out of potential clients.


That is so not-right, hushkins, right?  But we have to deal with these realities.  Life is shit, but on how we deal with these shit that we learn and grow.  I have decided to move out of my condo unit in the hopes of saving up, plus I was paying Blake's monthly amortization.  I realized that there will always be trade-offs, and it's how you play these if you want to have a win-win outcome.  This is why, I'm saving up for my own condo unit.  By then, I'll have no one to answer to.  In a nutshell,

deal with traffic (play your fave music while driving. dance if you have to)

deal with delays (find something to eat! hehehe)

deal with realities (play the game and don't stop short)

Hush, hush for now, hushkins *

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pick up lines (chapter 1)

This will be a series of 'kakulitan' that I did or do (in short, my biga misadventures! hahahahha)

It was Saturday, sometime late February of 2009.  I was just nursing a broken heart and my night is doomed to be bleak if I don't do anything about it.  I grab my phone:

Hush: pre, ano trip mo tonight?

Fern: wala. gimmick tayo! hehehehe

Hush: cge, let's meet in Nakpil then sabay tayo punta Bed

Fern: okies

This is what I like about Fernz, walang pakimi-kimidora =)  You can easily tap him for night-outs plus we were single then, so no apprehensions of cheating blah blah.

My usual routine prior to any 'outing' would be to sweat off at the gym, grab something to eat (I think then I took out chicken and beef turnover at Le Coeur de France) and sleep.. beauty rest, to look fresh the entire night! hehehehe  I would wake up at 11pm coz it takes me an hour to prepare.. and the highlight of that hour's preparation is the make-up. hihihi no, no, hushkins, I don't turn into a drag queen at night but I just like to highlight my good genes with a concealer (trade secret no. 1) and MAC NC35 does wonders!! Trust me. hahahahhahaha  Will share with you other trade secrets in my other biga series.

I met Ferns and paid php350 (this be better worth it) at the entrance.  We were met with gazes and dancing bodies, some in groupies, others just loitering alone at the infamous curtain entrance of Bed.  We went directly to the bar and took our drinks (mine's vodka sprite, Fernz was ice tea, ngek).  1am is the best time to be at the scene as the party is just at it's height and the crowd's pretty tipsy. 12mn is too early lest you want to look like an excited and giggly fella.

We did the normal cruising (cr - 2nd floor - cr - dance floor) and nothing caught our fancy.  We decided to stay at the left part of the stage, where the aircon was (my concealer was melting! hahahaha).

The club was playing my favorite music, MC's I Stay in Love with You and I was dancing the night away, blue frog now in my hand.  The dance floor was starting to swirl and it stopped short at a chinito, petite guy at my back.  He stood out and his being fair-skinned was an advantage.  I was mesmerized.  He seemed to be the 'snotty' type so my attraction won't progress if I don't do anything about it.

(*na-nana-na na naa.. na-nana-na na naa.. I stay in love wit u*)

Hush: you look snob (oh diba, direct to the point ako! hahahaha)

chinito: (taken aback) why?

H:  you're dancing alone and haven't you noticed that guys are glancing your way?

C:  that doesn't mean they're interested in me (doing a pouty lip) and besides, no one particularly got my interest

H:  hmmmmm.. well I am interested in you, you're cute (hahahahaa kinilig ako sa pouty lip nya and nag-goosebumps ako sa sinabi ko!! hahahaha)

C:  you're cute also.. and you dance like Gary V (smiling)

H:  ahhhhh.. you were checking me out also!!

C:  kapal! (and he gave me a tap on my cheek)

(*na-nana-na na naa.. na-nana-na na naa.. I stay in love wit u*)

We danced the night away and exchanged numbers. =)

His text message when I arrived at my condo was 'I had a great time, Mr. Gary V'. that brought a sheepish grin to my face. hehehe

Hush hush for now, hushkins *