Monday, May 30, 2011

The Simple Life at the Bukid

May 28
Rosales, Pampanga
(backgound: Drew belting his voice out with their karaoke!)

I'm stressed at work, so I decided to take the offer of Drew to go to his hometown province, Pangasinan.  I figured, it has been some time that I haven't made any spur-of-the moment decisions (besides the fact that he will pay for gas and toll! hihihihihi).  I needed some breather.

He picked me up at the office (ay ang tweet ) and I introduced him to Ferns.  Ferns texted later na magaan loob nya kay Drew.  Ok na yan for me. hehehe

We went to his apartment at San Andres in Manila.  Uhmm… No comment. hehehe :)  I thought that only his sister would join us in our journey, but to my mortification, his brother in law and his son, his nephew and his sister all crowded in!  Puttanesca, driver ako?? Hmf!!  That irked me a bit.. no a bit lot. 'Boy, pa.full tank, Drew san na pera??'

That was eve of Friday, May 27.  We arrived at 1.30am, Saturday dawn.  Took me only 3.5hrs at 140kph hehehe  I fueled my disgust through driving. hehehe

What greeted me was mud, caused by the earlier downpour.  He lives in the farmlands of Brgy Acop and no clear path to take me to his place.  I was beginning to regret that I  agreed to this arrangement, plus the fact that the place was pitch-dark!  Paranoia sat in and I really did think that his family was a pack of aswangs! sh3t! hahahahaha  I wanted to turn back Baby Blake to the comforts of metropolis.  I was breathing and thinking hard of my next action steps.

I was also weary and seeing that I had to sleep on the floor brought tears (no! they are not tears of joy!! hmf) to me. :(  I was beginning to feel depress, honestly, and there was no clear mattress, but only blankets to keep the cold floors creeping through my bones.  I sound soo maarte, but I can't help it :(

That night, Drew asked me if I was ok.  NO!!  I was not ok!! hmf!  Syempre, I responded, oo naman, through gritted teeth. hehehe  Then he hugged me (with all the nephews and nieces aged 3 to 4 looking through the blanket curtains!) and whispered 'Thanks, mahal for  all these sacrifices.  I appreciate what you did for me'  I melted. :p

The next day, we woke up around 8am for us to do some wet market!  My gosh!!!! I was dreading my next misadventure.  He brought along the chikitings and to my nightmare, they all started wailing when they wanted this, and wanted that! Puttanesca, leche flan!! Sabi ko na nga ba ayoko magkaanak eh!!  The good tito that he was, he granted all their wishes and that made me smile.  Drew was sooo caring towards his nephews and nieces.  Pang.papa material talaga. hehehe  Pogi points 2!

My stomach started to rumble and he took me to the carenderias within the marketplace.  Uhm.. ok.  I couldn't decide among the plentiful of viands they were offering, definitely not because they look sumptuous!  We settled with Aling Mary's (I think) because they had 2 stalls, so I thought that this might be the best among all the carederias :)  We ordered Bicol Express and something that was famous in Pangasinan (I forgot the name!).  I was right.  The food was yummy, and looks can definitely be deceiving. hehehehe 

Upon reaching his place, and since it's daybreak, Drew showed me the stretch of land his ancestors bestowed upon his family.  As far as the eyes could see, he proudly stated.  Mayabang din pala sya. 'Hanggang doon sa mga puno ng mangga sa dulo, sakop namin yan.  Gusto ko dyan magtayo ng bahay ko, sa may sagingan.', he proudly pointed.  'Bahain man lahat ng Rosales, pero dito sa amin, di kami binabaha', he continued.  I stared at him the whole time, with his eyes twinkling like a child boasting of one's toy, plus the manner he speaks, innocence written all over his words and beaming with every action he makes.  He then chased the chikitings around the backyard, giggling and kissing them.  He turned to look at me, smiled and beckoned me to come.  I looked down at my feet.  Hay.  Ayoko ng mud.. mudly in love. :p

Andrew: 'Lapid, padala nga ng silya sa may puno at kakain kami ng mangga' (Lapid, his grown up nephew, nodded)

A: 'Ate Vilma, eh yung bagoong naluto na ba?  Dalhin mo nga rito't para masimulan na namin kainin yan'  (The ate yelled back her response, oo na!)

Hush: 'Uhm.. masyado ka ata pala.utos rito'

A: 'hehe oo mahal.  Lahat ng gusto ko, sinusunod nila.  Ako nalang kaya tanging anak na lalaki sa sampung magkakapatid ng nanay ko, pagkatapos sumakabilang buhay kuya ko.  Syempre, aalagaan nila ako' 

He took off his shirt and proceeded to yell yet again:

A: 'Inay, saan na ba yung bola sa basket rito?  Makapaglaro nga muna habang nag.aantay.'

I don't know.  There's this manner that Ilokanos speak that I perceive as very demanding, no hint of calm intonations, but all straight and frank.  I still am not accustomed to it, no matter how much they (yeah yeah, madami na akong na date na Ilokano :) ) explain that my views are biased.  hehehe

A:  'Mahal, tara na, hinto mo muna yang internet mo at kain tayo mangga'

I gazed back at him.  His eyes do sparkle.  He offered his hands to help me up.

Sige, mahal, I responded, took his hands and had him led the way under the mango tree.

I could get used to this.. 

or maybe not! :p

*hush hush*

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Awaiting Chedeng's arrival while watching Showtime

Hmmm… I have been under the weather for 2 days already and been home alone.  Andrew knew of my situation and cooked Carbonara, packed in a plastic container and gave it for me to reheat today.  Awwwwwww… isn't he sweet? hayst. 

Masarap pala magkasakit :) hehehehe


Her performance at the Music Awards is simply astonishing!  This is probably inspired by that Japanese guy's video on youtube, nevertheless, amazing! :)  This must have cost her a fortune!

uhm… but the song.. I am not still feeling it.  I find it all noise, rather than tune and lacks luster :p

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bothered profusely

I've had a crush on him from the time I saw his picture from a common friend of ours.  The Aussie friend blatantly described him, oh kana sya, he is bayot uy!, mixing her Aussie twang with Bisaya.  Cute.  I mean the way my friend enunciated those words. hahahaha :)

I officially met him in BED (no, the club! well, I wish hehe) by February of this year.  He was  with a friend, who I initially thought was his better half, as Chantelle (Aussie friend) had mentioned that he was hitched.  I scrutinized his companion then, and remembered clearly exclaiming to myself, it was exaggeration that he was hot, he is not! hehehe  Turned out he was just a friend of the guy.  Then my eyes wandered over to the guy I saw on the picture.. ahhh.. my type.  Tall, chinito, fair-skinned, intelligent (CPA, love my own hehehhe), 23 years old (young! hehehe), lives in Mandaluyong (no proximity issues) and definitely gay. hehehhehe :)  I definitely like him.

It's not natural for me to add up guys on Facebook, but I was not able to resist. :) I clicked on his profile and devoured (??) all the information I could get my hands on.  He accepted my friend request and from there, we were constant chat mates every Sunday.  It was there that I subtly asked for his number:

Hush: 'Gimik this saturday, join ka!! :)'

K: 'Sa malate ba?  Kaka.gimik lang namin sa Palawan2 last night with Bogs'

H: 'Who's Bogs?'

K: 'hehhehe kala ko na introduce ko na kayo.  Yung BF ko'

Ahhhhh.. hmf.

H: 'ahhh oo nga.  Well text me if you want to join us. 0917 696 6969.'

K: 'ok. Will do'

He joined us that night, but what was ironic was, Aldrin bought along a guy he dated, and Ferns was with Vic, his then-boytoy.  So, it turned out that it was as if we were having triple dates, which I felt self-conscious about.  I didn't want him to feel that it was a triple date and tried to elude him as much as possible.  Hay.  I should have been sweet instead! tsk tsk!

I have always loved challenges, and the idea that the guy has a partner excited me to my very core.  Somehow, I sensed they were on shaky grounds, based on stories he tell, and the manner we exchanged text messages.. or maybe it was just my imagination.  Nevertheless, I restrained myself from flirting too much with the guy and even joined him and his boo on one occasion to Palawan2.  His boo is ok, pa.tweetums effect.  I distanced myself and seldomly texted the guy, unless he initiates first.  hehehe

Then, 8 hours ago, I saw the post above in his FB account, then all  sensual  feelings rushed forth and I was giddy.  I called him up (atat lang) and asked whether he was ok, and that he shouldn't worry coz he should know that I have shoulders to cry unto.  Very drama, actually, but I mean it. hmf!!  He wouldn't divulge the reason why he broke up with his boo, only vague statements about words spoken but not shown (tama ba, paninindigan sabi nya eh. facebook chat emoticon confused) and how he has been waiting for it for a year already and still nothing.

I called up Rori to seek for advise, and he said to give it time.  Maybe it's just a phase in their relationship (sh#t ka!!) and that they may still be able to resolve it (puttanesca!!), afterall, they have been at it for a year already (leche flan!).  Hmf. hmf. hmf.  I hate him, and yeah, those are words that I will heed, as much as I would love to go to his office and play nota, este, DOTA with him.  I will learn that game, I swear!! 

I am confused.  Hay.  But I promised myself that the next time he falls, I'll be there to catch him tenderly :) weeeh 

*hush hush*

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Peeved Hush :(

May 18, 2011.
Hush Place.

I came home late after a date with Secret, and a bit exhausted from the 30-minute drive from Cambridge Village where he resides.  Ang layo!! hay.

I opened Macky, checked my FB account and noted that a friend posted pictures of their recent trip to Chinatown.  Out of nowhere, my blood temperature rose and texted rantingly the guy:

Before you insist your mediocre thoughts on me, please ensure that you get your data correct.  It's pathetic to dislodge you from these pretense.

I lost my cool.  

All my emotions ran down the drain when I recalled earlier the messages we exchanged.

G: 'Morning, Hush'

H: 'Aptirnun po'

G: 'Gutom ako, i'm craving for siomai'

H: 'Hmmmmm… aha man siomai diri?'

G: 'Sa Ongpin'

H: 'Ongpin is soooo not right.  Binondo is the right term'

G: 'What makes it not right?'

H: 'It sounds so probinsyano! hahahaha  Nobody uses Ongpin these days'

G: 'No.  There are still people using Ongpin and I don't believe you'

H: 'And what makes you say that?!'

G: 'Well, first and foremost, my officemates call the place Ongpin, rather than Binondo.  A Chinese doctor friend of mine calls it Ongpin also, Ongpin is the street name, while Binondo is the city, so Ongpin is within Binondo, and lastly, why would I rely on somebody who is not even a native to this place??'

I was struck speechless.  I couldn't send a response and I didn't realize that it was dangerously confined at the back of my mind, because when I saw the pictures posted in FB that dawn, it came back with a vengeance, and knowing that he was well awake that time, I immediately send out this message:

Fyi.  The restaurant you ate in, Wai Ying, is at Benavidez Street, BINONDO.  Not Ongpin, BUT Benavidez, BINONDO.  I may not be a native of this place, but I've been to more locations than any of those so called acquaintances of yours.  Che!

I woke up to his reply:

I just arrived at home.  I"m sorry Hush, what I said was offensive.

I don't know.  I decided to write my thoughts.  I guess, my nature of not to be outdone has gotten the best in me.  I realized that what started out as a harmless remark on my end (calling him probinsyano indirectly) may have affected him also, and as any ordinary mortal would react when being named, would retort back by labeling you also.  I guess, it's my fault also.  

I'm still deciding whether to respond to his text or simply ignore it.  Hayst.

*hush, hush*

Monday, May 16, 2011

Secret Name (Pick-up lines Chapter 11)

May 14. Saturday.

I had promised myself to spend some quality time alone at home, just lying around in bed, and not picking up my phone, so leave a message after the tone, coz I swear I'm not doing anything (play Lazy Song by Bruno) hehehe!

Totoot.  Totoot.

Oh.  I grabbed my phone, Mikey might be texting. hehehe

Hmf.  It was just Carlo.  Double hmf.

'Ate, walang gimik mamaya?'

Hmmm… Should I yield in to temptation? hehe

'Shobe, text mo si Ferns'

'Eh, nakipagdate ang sister ko sa MOA eh.', he responded.

'Hmmm.. si Mateo texted also if wala bang gimik.  You feel like going out kahit wala si Ferns?', I asked.

'Haler! Oo naman noh.  Kahit tayo lang 2, pero kaw na bahala sa pagtext sa kanila, ate'

Hmf.  Inutusan ako ng bruha.


Turned out, it was only I and Carlo who went out that night.  The rest of the pack had their own business to do, but I was thinking, it was payday weekend and I surmised that a lot of people would be trooping to Malate that day.  Yehey!


Turned out that my premise was correct afterall.  The bar was packed! hehe Nice. :)  

I noticed that they improved the layout of the bar.  The DJ's booth, which used to be on the right side on the way to the lavatory, was moved to what was once the lounge area on the left side.  It gave way to a more spacious dancefloor :)  The owners have also added laser lights on the booth, and though not as high-techie as BED, it will pass for the P250 entrance you pay for.

We took our Ice and proceeded to the dancefloor and check the guys out.  I saw Kris and killed the butterflies that were lurking in my stomach.  He was dancing with this tall guy (which contrasts his petite size!) and he was not even half as handsome as I am! hmf. Bitter. hahahahahahaha sensha.

Amidst the crowd, somebody was making his way to the dancefloor.  He sported this Justin Bieber hairdo, a bit longer, and had a V-line shirt that teasingly showed his chest.  He paused, scanned the area and caught my eye.. and lo-and-behold!  He smiled at me :)  Yet he was followed by a semi-kalbo guy who tapped his shoulder and began dancing with him.  Hmmmmm… must be his partner.

I looked at Carlo.

'Wag.  May boyfriend yung tao.'  Apparently, he can read my mind.

But what bugged me was the guy I was interested kept glancing at me while dancing with his partner.  It was obvious that he was not attentive to his partner's sways and struts, and from time to time, teasingly smiled at me, as if to say, save me from him!  It was so hard!!  Decisions, decisions, decisions! hmf.  I let them be.. it was sooo tempting.  Hay.

At the bar.

♫ If your an animal then tear up the floor , Break a sweat on the floor  Yeah we work on the floor 

I was thumping my feet to JLo, mesmerized by the laser lights and enjoying the soothing effect of Ice.  I was having a blast!  It was good to be back on the floor. hehe  I realized that Bieber was staring at me the whole time.  He was just lurking on the side of the post and when he saw that I took heed to his stare, he smiled.  Tantanan mo nga ako. hehehehe Assuming! hahahaha I reciprocated with a flashing, wide grin.  Tingnan lang natin. hehehehe

He slowly made his way towards me, and pretended to just pass by me to grab some drinks.  I didn't play his game and ignored him.  He passed by me again and when our cheeks were inches part, turned to smile at me again.  This time, I drooled, Hello :)

A: 'Hi'

Hush: 'I've noticed you for some time now'

A: 'Yah, on the dancefloor.  I kept smiling at you, but you wouldn't approach me'

H: 'Coz you were with your partner.  I didn't want to be an ass'

A: 'Oh that guy.  He was nobody.  Just wanted to dance and I obliged'

H: 'Really?'

A: 'Yah'

H: 'Hmmm.. you look familiar, have we exchanged mobile before?'

A: 'Might be.  It was snatched a few months ago, so I lost all my contacts..'

H: 'Awww…' Then I fished for my phone if it was still there.  Hehehe It was still in my pocket. hahahaha Paranoid. 'So how do I call you?'

A: 'I'm Andrew :)'

H: 'Call me Hush.  Text me. 0917 696 6969.'

He smiled and hurriedly saved my number.  I kissed him.  He said he was about to go home coz he had duty at 6am that day.  Good thing he got my number then. hehehe


Carlo and I scouted the area once more and ended again on the dancefloor.  He nudged me.

'Look to your left.  Chinito guy.  My type'

I turned my gaze on the guy Carlo described.  My, my, my.. my type din. hahahahaha

'Dance with him then', I encouraged Carlo.

'Eh ang layo nya eh'.

'Sige, ako nalang'

The wonders that alcohol brings. hahahaha 

H: 'Hello there'

S: (startled, hello there ba naman introduction ko!) 'Hi'

H: 'What's your name?'

S: 'Secret'

Sh3t sya.  Pa.secret.secret pa syang nilalaman.  I whispered to Carlo, 'Secret daw name.  Lecheflan sya!'

Not to be discouraged, I plowed still.

H: 'Why secret?  Is giving out one's name a secret these days?' 

Yan, British twang na yun! Hmf.

S: 'Nope! My name's not Secret!' He laughed.  The place was already noisy and I was tipsy.

H: 'You said it was Secret!' I accused.

S: 'I said, Seigfred! S-E-I-G-F-R-E-D, Seigfred!'

Ahhh.. Seigfred pala.  hahahahahaahha :) kala ko my charms were running out that night.  Lasheng na pala ako. hihihihihi

He said he was working for Makati Shangrila, second in line to the front desk.  I didn't know what that meant, until later.  He said that they are responsible for taking up reservation calls, wake-up time etc etc.  I couldn't remember the conversation we had as I was pretty much intoxicated, but the one thing I didn't forget to do was get his number. Hihihihi  Cute kasi sya. :)

H: 'Uwi na ako'

S: 'Sige'

H: 'Wala ako goodbye kiss?'  

I pouted.  He heeded.  Obedient boy din pala si Seigfred. hehehe

Til the next chapter, hushkins.

*hush, hush*

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Of Peacocks and Dragons (Pick-up lines Chapter 10)

May 13
Friday the 13th

Mother beckoned me to open my account and aside from the usual messages I received (may place ka, S3x tayo; punta ka rito, inom tayo; etc etc), one stood out in particular.

Mike: 'Hi Mike here from Libertad, how are you?'

Hmmmm… I checked his profile.  Wow! Ulalam! hehehe :) 23 years old, young and virginal :) hehehe  Top, hmmmm… minus points, tsk tsk.  But what truly caught my attention was his ideal mate:

attracted to a guy who Does not have any trace of Like us. (ung tipong ndi maganda ang katawan, tapos hindi fitted mga suot sakto at tama lang) and a damn smart guy would be on the top of my list. 

Hmmmm… I looked at myself.  Che!  Porke't wala akong topless picture, minessage nya ako?? Hmf.  Maka seek advise nga kay Mugen on how to enhance my good genes. hehehe

I gave the poor guy the chance of his life and replied:

Hush: 'Hey MIke from Libertad :) I'm doing good, prepping myself for work. kaw?'

M: 'Nice.  I"m at work now :D  where you workin at?'

H: 'Makati.. wow! may PR sa work mo? hehehehe
         lemme guess where you are in Libertad.. CGS?? hahahahahaha ;)'

M: 'Yeah! asa profile ko naman eh.. hehehehe sa makati rin ako, anong company?'

I paused to take my shower then and give the guy some teaser moment. hehehe

H: 'Just got out sa shower :) tsalap. hehehe
     me? I work at Paseo de Roxas, corner Villar street :) kaw? saan ka work?'

M: 'Sa eco plaza ako hehehe, uo nga eh sarap maligo mainit.. :D san ka sa manda?'

H: 'ang init nga. :) Sa labas ng manda, hinde sa loob. hehehehe :) corny noh T_T hahahaha
     Sa *tttooooot toooot* manda here :) hmm… where is eco plaza? Anong company if you  
     don't mind me asking ..'

M: 'hahahaha natawa naman ako kahit corny hehehe :D Teletech.. kaw ba? kakalipat ko lang dito'

Ay. pa-cute.  Hmmm.. call center agent, ganda guro ng boses nito :)

H: 'ah.. me? Ay oo nga pala, ako lang pala kausap mo! hahahaha kala ko kasi nasa conference tayo hahahahaha  :)' (hmf! pa-cute din ako! :p)

    'I work for $#$Bank, the $#$ that never sleeps, ika nga. hahahaha I do paperworks and   
    all the boring stuff that an accountant has to live by! hmf. hehehe
     Why'd you leave your previous employment? Greener pastures? heheh :)'

M: 'The account was complicated for me and stressful, along with that I'm sick and tired working at night.  and my account has more accounting than you do I guess.  Quickbooks accounting software was my previous account.. :D'

H: 'Aw.. yah.. working at night does have its bad effects.. good thing for me, the latest I go home is at 2am.. and I get to work late also, so not much pressure on my end :)

     hahaha nasuka ka sa accounting? hehehe eh imagine me taking up the course the entire collegiate years! haha and I live by that profession :)

     so what do you do now in Teletech? You do technical stuff?? hehehe *nagpapacute lang* hahahaha'

M: 'loz :D yeah! telecom would be my forte..
     yeah! reconciliations, creating invoices, estimates.. etc.. sucks! 
     aarrrrgggghhhh… what time you'll be out tonight? let's meet if you don't mind :D'

Hmmm… bilis ah.  He might think I'm easy to get. hmf! :p

H: 'Cge, let's exchange numbers, mine's 0917 696 6969.. I'm logging out, gotta got to office to pay for rent. heheheh :(

    Btw, I noticed you have peacock feathers on your tattoo, but it's the chinese dragon character you have on.. curious lang. '

M: 'Yeah! it means dragon.. coz I was born year of the dragon.. :D that was the first one that I got on it.. second is the peacock feather.. 091S %$%$#@'


I drove up to his condo and we initially decided to lull around his condo's clubhouse but I assessed that he was  ok to take home. hehehe  I normally text Rori who I date with and the details in case something bad happens (knock on wood!!).  I texted Rori, hmmm.. he seems ok and I can take him down should he decide to pull something naughty. hehehe :)

Mike: 'I like the way how you call me Mikey.. only a few people call me that'

I turned to him and stared intently.

Hush: 'Ows.  Who used to call you Mikey? You're ex? hehehhe'

M: 'Sira.  My elementary buddies.. (looks around at my place) you sure you don't have the habit of bringing your dates at home??'

H: (winks) 'Lucky you.  You're the first that I took home' Well, technically, he was! hmf. I just moved in here last April.. hmmm.. but there was this other guy.. and the guy before that.. never mind! hmf. teheee

I continued, 'so where is this Quickbooks company?'

M: 'Stream..'

I nearly choked on my water! 

H: 'Etelecare?'

M: 'Yup.'

and I started naming names.. blah blah..

M: 'hahaha yah, I know them! Grace even paired me up with Christian, but I know that Christian has a partner who's working in Cebu now'

H: 'No. Davao.'  Puttanesca! how small could this world be. and to think that Christian guy he was talking about has a common friend with me who I used to date also! hmf.

M: 'So tell me how you became acquainted with these guys' He had that smile that could easily melt me. Hay!

H: 'Basta.. I once dated somebody from their group.. but what matters is now, right?' I gave him my multi-million peso smile :)

M: 'Wow! Wow ha! You really know how to maneuver things'

H: 'hahahaha and more than what you could think of.. my Ulalam…' I gave him my most sultry voice. hahahahaha

and we kissed.

Aren't peacocks the prettiest?? hehe

The end.

*hush hush* for now :) 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hushed Wednesday

It got me around 12nn to get my ass up from bed and make myself some brunch.

The temperature in my room is just too perfect and I was wrapped in my favorite comforter.  I just didn't want to get up yet.. not just yet. =)  I want to savor every bit of peace I was enjoying.

My bladder was shouting out and I was forced to evacuate the warm abode and yanked the door open.  I was surprised that the sun was already at its highest peak and my sofa was basked in glorious sunshine. there is no sign of rain.. finally the storm has come to pass.

I made myself some nice toast (hehehehe actually, grabbed is more like it) and stirred my favorite milk tea, Lipton Original.  Dipping and dunking the toast into my warm drink is definitely heavenly.  Each bite is excruciatingly blissful, and toast melting in my mouth is purely sinful! hehehehe :9  

I switched open my tv and tuned to V to complete my midday ritual.  The sound from the speakers surround my living quarters and recoiled on the walls of my sanctum.  This is the life and today I shall enjoy my leave :) hehehehehe 

Finally, I feel rested :)

*hush hush* for now.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mama's Boy

I'd like to share the post I made in FB last April 23, during my mama's birthday.

I could never imagine my life without my Mama.  She is the pillar that make up who I am today :) I am proud to be a mama's boy and have always adored how rational (and irrational hehehe) she could be with her advises, and even if me and my brother tend to let those words pass through the other ear, it will always reverberate inside my mind. I may not be in Cebu, but I appreciate the effort she does to visit me here, and constantly check on my situation. It is true that a mother's ♥ is unconditional :)

To all mothers out there, advance HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! :) *hugs*

*hush hush*

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sweet Kiss (Pick-up lines Chapter 9)

April 16.

Crowded as usual.  I was wearing my Zara sequined Superman shirt (na hinde sale! hmf! hahaha yobong) and sprayed myself with La Roue de La Fortune luxuriantly.  Paired with my Mossimo jeans and Cartier bangle, I eyed myself at the mirror.  Looking good, Hush. :)  I looked at my shoes, ok.  Simple and black Adidas.  Well, people will just step on it and cleaning it off will be a breeze.

The Jooh Shaas were with me that night.  Carlo, Ferns and his new found love, Ecko, Aldrin and his boytoy, Red.  Aldrin looked good that night, and he glanced at me helplessly. hahaha He so wanted to flirt and dance but Red kept him on chains.  Honestly, Red was so into him that it was bordering being pathetic.  I turned my gaze at Ferns.. hmmm.. Ecko was the guy he replaced for Vic.  Vic was your ideal partner, works at Shell, travels to New York to visit his parents, runner, kalbo, flawless skin, fashionista, won two-straight years as Mr. something at his company's themed party.  Good catch, I would say.  On the other hand, Ecko is just barely legal (18), had that Justin Bieber hair, helping out with his mom's business, does some part-time modelling and wears eyeliner. hehehehe :)  I've always asked why.  Ferns had noticed that Vic restrains himself from opening up to him and he had that manner that we noticed, in carrying his beer, he was grasping it with both hands!! hahahahaaha uhm, ok.  So he does not want the girly-type that I look for.  Ecko, as he asserted, treats him like a baby, despite Ecko being the baby! hahaha  :p

Back to me.  So much has happened for the last couple of weeks that I needed to drink and dance.  I looked around to see if there were potential catches that night.  There were some that I fancy, but I guess, they didn't fancy me. hehehehehe :)  shet, sayang ang effort ko tonight.  Tsk tsk.

Carlo did not do well either.  He always locks lips with somebody whenever we go out, no matter how deplorable the guy is, as long as he has the body to compensate it with.  He reckoned he was tired from attending earlier with his new business and didn't feel up to it.  I was still talking with Carlo when somebody stood beside me, stared and grinned stupidly.  He was wearing a checkered polo and it hugged him fittingly.  I discarded him and continued to talk with Carlo, but my peripherals told me he was still staring at me.  I looked at Aldrin and he motioned to go and flirt with the guy.  He gave the thumbs-up sign.  Hay. (feeling! hahahaha)

Hush: 'Hey you'

Mark: 'Hi' (can't you turn off that stupid grin?)

H: 'So who are you with?'

M: 'A friend.  He's over at the stage dancing with somebody.  I left him'

H: 'Why'd you leave him then?' (sh@t, I was fishing! hahahaha)

M: 'coz that somebody talked with my friend and my friend seemed to like him so I left them at peace. hahahahaha'

He studied me carefully.  I gave him my coy smile.

M: 'So who are you with?'

H: 'My friends' (then I pointed at the table where they were at)

M: 'Man, ang dami nyo ah.'

H: 'di naman.  You haven't mentioned your name'

M: 'oh. hehehe sorry, My name's Mark (again??).  You are..'

H: 'Hush.  Call me Hush'  (we were now dancing)

'So why were you smiling at me?' I continued. (kapal)

M: 'huh?  I was looking at my friend over there! hahahaha' (which was indeed past my back. sh#t! hahahahahahaha)

H: 'oh'  (I stopped dancing. hahahaahaha awkward na! hahahaha)

M: 'why'd you stopped dancing?  I like it..'

H: 'oh' (nagustuhan ng footah. hehehehe)

M:  'hmmm…. you have a cute smile..'  (wala na, happy na ulit :) )

H: 'hmmm…. can I kiss you?'

M: 'hmmm.. not in front of your friends!'

H: 'and why not?  They wouldn't mind!'

M: 'hahahahaha sige'

We kissed.

Mark looked at me amazed.

M: 'Ba't iba lasa ng bibig mo.. matamis.. sarap sya'

H: 'hahahaahha' (imagine me throwing my head back. hehehehe  His tasted Red Horse, yuck. hehehe)

M: 'pwede isa pa?' (Now he is in my hook. hihihihi)

H: 'game!'

M: 'wag na tayo rito, nakaka dyahe sa mga friends mo. samahan mo ko'

H: 'ok…'  

I acted hesitantly.  He tugged at me and I tried to look apprehensive towards my friends for good measure. hehehehe

He couldn't get enough of my kiss.  He kept on asking why it tasted different and I kept mum. hehehe  My secret (though I forgot if I mentioned it in my other posts) is SMINT.  Always bring along a pack, you'll never know who you'll end up kissing :) hehehehe

M: 'Do you want to come home with me?'

H: 'Where?'

M: 'Las Pinas'

H: 'hahaha ang layo!'

M: 'Bakit, taga saan ka ba?'

H: 'Ortigas'

M: 'Ok lang yun..'

H:  'Saka na..'

We exchanged numbers and he promised he'd text me.  He did, but the thing is, I was not so into him. hehehe He looked top and I don't dig top guys :)  He promised he'd fetched me up every Fridays and bring me dinner, and he did it on a Wednesday, rationalizing that it felt like a Friday since there will be no work on the succeeding dates.  It was sweet of him, but I don't know.  My heart is not into it .. yet. hehehe

I just want to flirt and dance for now :)

*hush hush*