Friday, May 6, 2011

Mama's Boy

I'd like to share the post I made in FB last April 23, during my mama's birthday.

I could never imagine my life without my Mama.  She is the pillar that make up who I am today :) I am proud to be a mama's boy and have always adored how rational (and irrational hehehe) she could be with her advises, and even if me and my brother tend to let those words pass through the other ear, it will always reverberate inside my mind. I may not be in Cebu, but I appreciate the effort she does to visit me here, and constantly check on my situation. It is true that a mother's ♥ is unconditional :)

To all mothers out there, advance HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! :) *hugs*

*hush hush*

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