Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Love for Armpits (New Lay-out)

June 28, 2011

I am pleasantly surprised by my new lay-out :)

I called Roripuff last night to gossip on the latest activities in Cebu, especially those of my crushes. hehe  Parang high-school teeny-boopers lang.  We talked how one of them, RD, was already hitched (darn) and tried without success to scan through my FB comments I had on the picture of them together.  Stalker lang. :p

Then I came across at how plain my blog looked, and what happened to your creative-director side of the deal?? hmf.  He asked whether I wanted to reinstate my old look, with the candles stuff.  I said, no, that seemed eons ago.

Worn out, the day got hold of me and I slept at 9.30pm!! I could not remember the last time I slept this early!!! hehehe 

So now, I am out and about at 4am, reading my book, checking out other blogs and of course, viewing my own :)

I like my layout, Rori :)  It depicts my lust love for armpits and the forthcoming postponed white party that I kinda prepared. hmf.  Isip ko pa kung mag.drag ako.  Trip-trip lang. hehehehehehehhe :p  Punta ka na kasi rito para you can see why I am excited. hihi

*hush hush