Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baffled Hush

June 12 (Independence Day)

I was being pious and attending to the needs of my soul, when I chance upon my mobile with a text message from an unknown source.

'Hi Hush'

Curious, I scanned the history of that number.  Ahhhhhhh…

'Hey Kris, how are you?'

'I see na di mo pa dinelete yung number ko.  Ok lang. Ikaw?', was his message.

'Of course, why would I do that? :)  I'm doing good.  Kaw ba?', I lied.  White lie lang. :p

My mind travelled back to that night I saw him on the dancefloor with somebody else.  The guy he was dancing with turned out to be his boyfriend afterall and I kind of decided to delete his number.  I was thinking, what's the use of retaining his digits when the guy's taken already, right?  Or probably, I was just avoiding the temptation of punching the keypads and going out of my way to check on him.  Either way, I still deleted his number (and NO! I am not bitter, hmf).

I was hurled back to my present state when I felt my phone vibrate.

'Not rily.  We just broke up.  So im out sumwer'

Hmmmmm… My mind was racing, and my attention diverted from the liturgy that was ongoing.  Tsk tsk!! Bad Hush!  Still, I was plotting on how to respond to him.  Definitely, I was taken aback by this news, and admittedly, I still like the guy.  What does he want to imply with that message?  Does he need a shoulder to cry on, a warm hug to comfort him or a companion to, uhm, accompany him (?) during this darkest moment of his life?? hehehe I might be a bit overboard there, but, but, but!! Was it a sign that he still liked me and bridge whatever gap it was that separated us?

Then again, I was also musing, am I the spare tire that he could just replace the minute the other one got punctured?  The rebound gorgeous (hehe, sensha na ulit) guy he will run to whenever things go wrong with his current relation?  Or the boy-toy he could play around and show to his bf that he wasn't affected much by their separation??

What is he after?  Did he long for my passionate kiss and warm embrace when we cuddled after that first explosion of the year?  Or did he just want comfort s3x to avenge or cover up the hurt he was nursing? :(

I got tired of thinking.  I responded.

'Alam mo Kris, ilabas mo lang yan then after it will be ok.  Marami pa naman dyan na magmamahal at nagmamahal sa yo eh ^_^ I'm just a text away should you need me, i.inom natin yan!!'

I pocketed my device and turned my attention back to the priest.

*hush hush*