Monday, September 26, 2011

Three Birdies and One Night (Pick up Lines Chapter 16)


Text message.

I checked my clock.  1.30pm.

'Hush, uwian na kami. Susunduin mo ba ako?'

Ronald.  18 years old.  Spare me, I know.  Me.  Cougar.  Sariwa kasi eh. hahahaha  

'Oh.  I thought I was supposed to pick you up at 2.30pm.  Ba't ang aga?'

'Eh, dinismiss kami ng maaga eh'

'Cge, give me 15mins to prep up and will call you when I'm at the University'

There's the thrill running down my spine.  Excited.  We were to watch Hachiko on my home theatre.  He had said his classmates were talking about it.  Hay.  I saw that movie, like 2 years ago.  Good thing, I had a pirated copy.  So I invited him over.  It was technically our 3rd date.  He passed my trophy-bf requirement. ^_^

15 minutes later.  He got inside Blake.  I was reminded back in college when I dated an elementary student.  Grade 6 din naman eh.  Rush of adrenaline. hahahahaha

'Wala ba ako kiss?', I asked.

Looks to his right, and to his left.  Pokes me and kissed me.  I chuckled. hehehe

As expected, he cried over the movie.  As prepared, I had with me a glass of water, box of  chocolate and a shoulder to lean on.  He cuddled, I embraced him.  I whispered, 'it's alright, everything's fine.  I'm here.'  Cheesy.  Sh3t! hahahahaha

We slept hugging.  Sleep lang.  hahahaha

7pm.  Another text message.

'What time are we going to meet?'

Daniel.  28 years old.  Call centuh supervisor.

'I'm just having dinner with my brother.  Around 9pm.  Meet you at the drive way fronting Hermes, G3'

Kissed Ronald awake.  Nibbled on his lower lip.

'Your dad might be looking for you.  Time to wake up'

Dropped Ronald off at his place.  Kissed goodbye.  Promised will watch No Other Woman this coming weekend (sh3t again, excited ako sa movie na yan!! hahaha).  Hurried back to my place, took a bath, waxed my mane, and patted my porcelain skin with Studiofix.  Perfect. :p

Accompanied Daniel at Persia Grill.  He blabbered about the kebabs and how it's his favorite place.  I yawned.  He asked if I'll be staying over, I made up an excuse that I had a sudden luncheon with a friend the next day.  He seemed disappointed.  I said, I could still go over at his place.  His face lightened.  

Somewhere in Evangelista.  We watched tv, but I was getting agitated.  He was waiting for me to make a move.  Honestly, he was a far-cry from Ronald, but I was game that night.  I kissed him, finally, I was going to use the giveaway.  Goodie.

Daniel hesitated.  He said he was not prepared and it was a long time since he last did it.  I swooned 'it's ok, I'll be gentle'.  He pleaded next time.  I said no and gave him my multi-million smile.  That did it.  He relented. bwahahahhahaha :)

He gushed.  'You're soo cuddly.  Sarap mo yakapin'

Tell me about it.  Pwede ba HOT naman next time?  Hay.  

He was clinging to me.  I was drained.  I don't know.  There's something about guys at the onset that expressed their fondness towards me that turns me off.  Weird.

3am.  Text message.

'San ka?'

Paulo. 26 years old.  HR head of a Company based in Alabang.


'Really, what are you doing there?'  Paulo lives within the area also.

Ignored him.  He texted again.

'I'm in Malate.  Alone.  Synder.  I think I'm drunk'

'Do you want me there?'


'Ok.  Give me 15 mins'

'I'm no good for you, Hush'

Drama.  Zipped my pants on and drove off.  

I came, I conquered and I left.

'I'm here.  Is Synder the bar going to Bed?'

'Yah.  Inside by the bar'

Paulo is hitched.  Or forcedly hitched.  His boyfriend left his apartment, and out of sympathy, Paulo offered his place, fell in love and now regrets his decision.  The poor guy was just an agent, and frankly Paulo was shelving out more than what he can chew.  Talk about money.  It destroys relationships.

'You know what Hush, I'm so confused.  I'm stuck in a situation where I know it's not right, but that it's also not fair to him (his boyfriend)'

'You said before that fair is a subjective word'

He went silent.  I prodded on.

'Talk to him.  Tell him your frustrations.  If he goes berserk, he's no good.  Leave him.  If he understands, then stay.. even to my detriment'

Paulo gazed on me.  I wrapped my arms around his midrib.  I hugged him.  Tight.

I gazed back at him.. then we kissed.

'Oh, Hush.  I shouldn't be doing this.'

'Then why'd you texted me?'

'This is so wrong'

'How can it be wrong, when you know that I am the right guy for you?'

*hush, hush*