Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sabado Nights

For the past 2 Saturday nights, I hang out at (mag-thank you ka Jeff! hehehe) and the past 2 Sabado nights, matumal ang benta ng lola nyo. hahahahaha  Tuloy, I can't find any inspiration to blog about my pick-up line series. tsk tsk 

I'm beginning to doubt my prowess.  Am I getting too old for pick-up lines?  Does the crease-line show on my forehead? (wala naman ah)  Am I getting too familiar with the crowd? (yikes!)  Do I look pok-pok already?? (double yikes!!)

For tonight, I plan to shine and raise the phoenix (wag na muna dyosa baka masilaw lahat! hahahaha) in me! For tonight, I'll party til I dance weary!  Tonight, I'll drown my worries away with booze.  Tonight.. I hope my broken heart mends..

"If you stay for a while
Let me hold you tonight
Just open your eyes you will see the light

But stay for a while
Let me hold you tonight
Just open your eyes you will see the light shine 

You don't have to be frozen
You don't have to be broken tonight"

- Armin Van Buuren

To Pass or not to Pass

Bro texted me Tuesday.

'Good evening kuy.. ala man ghapon ku kapasar… :-('

My heart sank.

He had requested me to go to Quiapo to pray for his licensure examination, which I willingly obliged.  I had literally called the heavens for help..

I immediately called to console him.

'ok ra na bro. if dili meant sa imo ang licensya, then di meant..'

'mao lagi.. apply nalang ko nindot ug daku mo.sweldo na companya'

'pagcall center nalang bro. daku pa sya sweldo' (well, that's what I heard and they say it's easy to apply in one)

'mao pud ako huna-huna.. tabangi ko himo ug resume kuy ha'

'sure ba. basta kaw bro'

I don't know where he got it wrong. Last day of examination, I called to check up on him how it was, and he heaved that it was difficult.  I nonchalantly waved the idea, but now that results are in, reality smacks in the face.  My bro was a performer in school before, until around high school.  His academics went south but he excelled in basketball though, but I doubt if basketball would help him in the future.  His degree was decided by my father, which I naturally opposed because it was not my brother's will, but unlike me, my brother is the obedient type, no frills type.  I would say his tertiary studies was a rough road (and I guess, partly I kept egging him why he took such course),  and I wasn't surprise when he didn't pass on the first take.  His heart wasn't in on it.

But times have changed, and so have hearts.  This time, he wanted to pass, I can feel it and this time, I supported him, fully and even financially (no yabang intended here).  But I guess the Fates didn't will it this time.. maybe someday, but now, my bro will have to step forward his best shoes in this brutal jungle we all live in, without the necassary battle gear.  Who knows, he'll survive with just a knife in hand.. and my armalites behind :)

Hush hush for now.

Monday, November 22, 2010

How I spent Ex-Honey's birthday

November 20, 2010.

I still miss him.. I guess.

It's HIS birthday and when the clock struck 12mn, I had my message ready to send already.

'Happy Birthday!! :) may you have all the blessings this world has to give and I wish you all the happiness your heart desires :) take care always'

Effort. hahaha

His reply was:

'thnx. bday gift ko? ;p'

To which I countered:

'Materialistic ka. tsk tsk'

'Sige badtripin mo bday ko!'

Hay.  Can't he distinguish that it was a joke?  Half-meant anyway.  But I really didn't have a gift for ex and for the first time in weeks (when I was thoroughly considering what to give him), I realized, I couldn't care if I had one.

'Punta ka seaside dampa ha maya' he texted.

We had plans that day.  We were to view a condominium for sale in Mandaluyong and decide if we could share ownership.  The unit was nice, loft-type and the amortization bearable if divided between us, but I had that nagging feeling that doing a partnership with an ex is not worth investing in, emotionally.  What if I had someone over, wouldn't that be awkward that ex is around, or worse, what if he had someone around?  Besides, the not-so-good traits about ex would surface, the 'screams' when he would not have his ways, the stubborness.. gack! the idea was horrific!

'Who would occupy the master's bedroom, with the cr on the second level?' I asked.

'hmmm.. I would.. please' putting on that puppy-eye look that I fell for.  Why did I bother asking? hay.

'Then that would complicate things.. maybe its not wise to invest now.. maybe you should save first and buy a prime condominium instead', I suggested.

He pouted.  I tried to ignore him.

We went to Quiapo after, I had promised my brother that I'd light a candle for him to guide him in his licensure examination.  I had no intention to bring Blake to that place, but I was feeling weary to commute that day (I had barely 5 hours of sleep as I left the office at 2am Saturday), so I decided to bring him along and ex mentioned that we'll just park at Isetann to be safe.

'Do you know the way to Quiapo?  I only know how to go til St Jude, if we use Shaw', I asked.

'Let's just use Taft then cross Jones Bridge, I think'

'You sure?'  Ex had the penchant to be sure of things, but end up doubting.

'Wag mo lang ako sisigawan ha, remember whose day it is today' he retorted.  I mean, who wouldn't get frustrated when you relay on someone for directions but can't be relied?  Aber! 

Somewhere along Taft, he said he'll just take a nap, which raised the temperature in me despite the full-blast aircon.  I controlled myself.  Temper, temper. hay.  I glanced over at him, with his Versace shades on.  He does look good at his age.  He gained back his old weight, after losing it some time ago.  I'm beginning to miss his company, the talks we had inside Blake.. =( hay.

We didn't get lost, thank heavens, but Quiapo.. well, Quiapo is Quiapo.  Crowded.  Isetann's parking entrance was very inclined and the passage way very very narrow.  Ex wondered whether the developer of both Shangri-la Mall and Isetann were the same.. hmmm.. it did looked similar.

We were greeted by loud screams when we entered Isetann, but it wasn't directed at us. hehehe  Apparently, Coco Martin (the Coco Martin), was around and ex hurried to catch a glimpse of him.  Ayyy… sumama sa kacheapan! hehe  though I was straining myself not to go over the balcony to have a peek at him myself! hahahahaha hirap magkunyari! hahahaha

Every so often, ex would stop to look around and tinker with the merchandise on the way to Quiapo church.  I had to constantly remind him, Church muna tayo ha bago tayo tingin ng goods ha.  He always gets excited when he finds something that interests him, and later despises it because of so and so defects he notices.  I recalled one time we went to SM Home World and because he couldn't keep his hands still, he broke a piece of decor, which nobody saw except me.  He looked ghastly that time and I pretended to be oblivious of what happened and stuck around, pretending to examine another decoration.  

'Baby, nabasag ko yung isang decor, alis na tayo please'

'Alam ko kaya nga ayoko umalis eh hahahaha'

The look on his face was priceless. hehehe and still he keeps on touching things.

Back to Quiapo.  The Church had that serene effect on me, partly because of the worshippers.  It's the same feeling I get when I visit Sto. Nino in Cebu, but of course, I'm biased with the latter.  I couldn't find where you can lit the candles and pray over them, and the guard told us that its sold outside.

I approached one vendor, and I noticed that she had signs written over her candles.  Red for the Nazareno, green for money, peach for studies/examination etc etc.  I decided to buy the peach candles.

'Wag ka bumili rito, di yan Catholic'

'Eh san ako bibili?  I don't see any candle-lit place inside the church'

'Basta wag ka bibili'

'Hay naku! Magpahula ka narin dyan!! Di ka nakikinig' was his angry protest when I bought the candles still.

'Do you have to raise your voice over me?'

'Eh kasi di ka nakikinig!'

'Eh san ako bibili ng candles eh sabi nga nasa labas, gago!' I was beginning to heat up again.

'Gago ka dyan, araw na araw ko ginagago mo ako!' was his angry outburst.

Hay.  Does it always have to end in an argument?  I pacified myself and ate my pride.

'Wag ka na magalit, magkaka.wrinkles ka nyan!  Punta na tayo Isetann ulit' was my attempt at humor.


We were both hungry from walking.  I was craving for KFC and suggested that we eat there (because I was afraid to try other restaurants there, seriously).  He noticed some restaurant beside KFC (I forgot the name, trust me its forgettable!).

'Dito na tayo eat'

''Ayoko dyan, parang di masarap'

'Hmmm.. anong araw ba ngayon?'

I was about to blurt, Saturday, but I realized that wouldn't be a good reply.  I just shut myself and be the obedient guy that I have always been to him.  hay.

Well, it turned out to be a bad decision.  The food was not good and their turon was horribly dry.  I won't set foot in that restaurant ever!  

Ex said that his friend, Ian, couldn't make it to dinner.

'Sinu-sino ba ininvite mo?'', I asked.

'kaw, si JM at Ian lang'.

I had the hunch that JM wouldn't be able to make it also. 

'Pamasahe na nga lang tayo', Ex said.

We had foot spa first.  Ex wanted a guy masseur when he caught glimpse of a guy employee there.  This is still inside Isetann (bongga!  Isetann beauty ko the whole day! hmf!).  I didn't make a big deal of it.  When the guy masseur came, he went straight to me, instead of ex, and I saw at the corner of my eye, his indignant face.  I laughed and told the guy that ex preferred him as his masseur and that I'll settle for the lady therapist.  The guy had a cute body, but not my type.  Masyadong mukhang top. hehehe

Ex wasn't content with the foot spa, he wanted to have a body massage with the therapist.  I just shrugged and said, ok, I'll just sleep while I wait for you.  I wanted to rest because I only had 5 hours of sleep and beckoned that night. hehehe

'So how was it?', I asked.

'Magaling sya magmasahe'

'Mukha nga.  By the looks of it, mukha nga mapupudpud na paa mo'

'Nag.aral daw sya'

'So did anything happen during the massage?'  I can't believe I was actually comfortable having this kind of talk with him.

'Wala nga eh.  Nahimas ko lang yung sa kanya, pero yun lang.  Pero maliit na tao sya'

I laughed.

'Nagtext si JM.  Di daw sya makaabot sa dinner at 1130pm pa kami kita'

I was right.

'May ka sex guro yun, as usual', I suggested.

You see, that I couldn't understand.  If a friend, a close friend for that matter, is celebrating his birthday, wouldn't you drop whatever you're doing to cheer him on his big day?  I would do that.

'Sa Malate ko nalang sila i.treat', ex said.

'Wow, bait mo sa mga friends na yun noh?  Pero bf mo dati, inaaway mo'  I couldn't help myself.  He grew silent.  I guess I made my point.

We ended up having dinner at Huey Ying in seaside to ourselves.  I had fun, honestly to share his big day with him.. I was kind of sympathetic towards him also, despite his effort to put aside the idea that his 2 closest friends that day, weren't there to celebrate it with him.  It was also kind of sad for me.  I wanted to reach out to him and hug him passionately, but I withheld myself.  It was not the time to be sentimental about it.  That kind of love borders on pity and I don't dig that.

'Do you miss me, Ex?'

He didn't reply for a minute.

'Di ko na inisip yan kasi nagtataxi na ako ngayon'

Ouch.  I guess that pretty sums up everything.

Hush hush for now.**

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Lost Hero

I first got addicted to Rick Riordan's books via the Percy Jackson series, more on after I saw the movie.  I found the lead cast who played the role cute (!), a motivating factor for me to watch the movie, and it didn't fail to entertain me :)  I now have all the 5 Percy Jackson books and I highly recommend em :)

Last October 28, I saw at Rockwell's Fully booked that Rick has released a new one, titled 'The Lost Hero'.  I was curious and read the appetizer at the back and noted that the book intertwined the characters in the Percy Jackson series with that of the new characters here.  It was like the Hardy boys meet Nancy Drew type of books that I sooo adore! hehehehhe

I was fascinated and immediately purchased it (plus Fully Booked plastic-covers the book for you for free hehehe).  I was transported back to a place of demi-gods, gods and goddesses, both of Greek and Roman style (*hint hint!*), the battles they fought and, naturally, won and the twists and plots that never failed to amaze me. :)  The book also has an index to it describing the gods and goddesses, and their respective Greek  and Roman name (e.g. Aphrodite and Venus etc etc) and after 21 days (hey!  I'm not a slow reader, I just wanted to savor the adventures in the book hmf!), I finally finished the book :)

I highly recommend the book and I can't wait for book 2, per advertisement, the release of which will be Fall of 2011. hmf! ang tagal!

Wow, after all these years, I am still a book geek. hehehehe 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Because today was a holiday and my boss was kind enough not to request me to go to office, I had planned to do my laundry and go to Alabang.  Heck, I have no better things to do and going on long drive calms and soothes me.  I told Ferns if he was up for the drive and that he could show me where Golds is at Alabang.  He agreed.  Hay, hirap maging single ulit, I need to find ways to preoccupy myself than think about ex-honey.  Hmmmm..

I had Blake bathed and scrubbed before I fetched Ferns and off we went to Alabang.  I was giddy.  The last time I was in that area was when I was courting Ron, a guy from San Pedro.  I even texted him that I'll be working out in the vicinity and if he had time, we could catch up.  He just said he'll check.  Well.  I don't need to have my hopes up. hehe

On the way, Ferns talked about his latest flings (with an 's').  Malandi talaga ang bruha.  I think he was entertaining 3 guys, hmmmm, make that 4, simultaneously.  'Bakit ba, single ako', he retorted.  Sa bagay.  He was really hooked with a particular guy from Baguio and I told him to text him 'kayat ka'.  'What does that mean?' he asked. 

'Basta, text mo'  This was the pick-up line I used when I was courting ex-honey.  Effort! hehehe

Ferns got a response from Baguio guy, 'gusto mo ako?'

Ferns replied, 'ay hinde, kaw ang may gusto sa akin'.  Bruha talaga! hahahaha

When we got to Alabang proper, I thought I was driving the right way when I noticed that we had turned towards the marketplace.  Puttanesca, mali ata napasokan natin, Ferns.

'Diretso ka nalang, I'm sure there's a way out'.

So umikot kami, and we saw yummy kargadors roaming about.  We were literally having fun with the eye-candies that abound us.  Though they were more of Ferns type, as I prefer mine fair-skinned. hehehe  We didn't mind the detour at all.

Upon reaching Golds, I thought to myself, not bad.  The place looks nice.  It wasn't crowded like Glorietta nor was it puny like Galleria's.  It had a nice view and the locker room was big, plenty of room to walk around.  I like it here.  I might be seeing myself coming here over the weekends (sheet, that will cost me 130 toll, gas and parking hmf).  Effort. hehehe but the best part were the boys. hehehehe  na-excite ako bigla.  I don't know.  There's something about the place that made my heart beat.  Sheeet, and kutis mayaman pa! hahahahahaaha

I did my usual sets and of course, the much anticipated event, sauna-time! hahahahaha  When I entered the dry sauna, natutuwa ako that even here the conversations were Taglish.

'So have you seen so en so here'

'No eh.  I think he works out at his new condo already.  I heard they have gym that's malaki!'

'Talaga.  Ako nga, I have plans to shift din eh.  Pero I want to do boxing muna here.'

Kakatuwa.  I felt like a child gaping at something I like. hahaha wala akong malisya rito, puro lang amazement. hehehe or did my being probinsyano took over?? Hmf!! hehehe

One thing I noticed though that this particular branch didn't have were toiletries.  The shower rooms were big but they had no liquid soap and shampoo unlike the other 2 branches I've been.  That will be a checklist once I revisit the place.

Yun lang, hushkins.  Natuwa lang ako sa Alabang Golds.  hehe

Saturday, November 13, 2010

If you could read my mind

If only music could describe how one feels, this will be it for me 

♪ If you could read my mind love
  What a tale my thoughts would tell 

    Just like a paperback novel  

  The kind that drugstores sell

  ♪ When you reach the part where the heartache comes 
       The hero would be you 
   Heroes often fail 

  Never thought I could feel this way 
  And I've got to say that I just don't get it

I don't know where we went wrong  
     But the feeling's gone and I just can't get it back 

hush hush, hushkins

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chapter Close

I thought saying goodbye to the person I lost connection with won't hurt.. that it would be a breeze, say out my piece on why things aren't working out and why we should remain as friends, and not lovers… but it did.  I cried.  I practiced my lines perfectly while driving from Rockwell to Ortigas, but that didn't do any help.  I still cried in front of honey, I had to get some tissue before I delivered my lines.  Good memories of him swept me in the face but I know I did the right thing.. well.. I do hope I did the right thing.  I was waiting for a sign and the heavens gave it..

Bye bye honey..  I did love you.. so much.. but it just didn't work out :(  Another dream squashed..

Heaven's blessing ;)

I never thought that there would be a part 2 of The Hunt, but apparently, the heavens were pouring graces that night :)  4.30am

I was drunk already.  I was dancing like there will be no tomorrow, reminiscing the good old days of carefreeness and carelessness.  I feel like dyosa that night, particularly when I tempted guys with partners to dance with me and successfully made them leave their partners.  I was sooo bad, but it felt good.

Out of the corner of my eye, Ferns seemed interested with a particularly kalbo, but because he was playing pakipot, I knew I had to do something.  I grabbed the kalbo guy and whispered loudly, 'Hi, you look cute. My friend Angelo (Ferns' screenname) is interested in you.' 

He smiled back, 'Really?  My friend Eric is interested in him too' and points to a dark-skinned, you-would-know he's gay guy.  I looked at Ferns.  He grimaced.  He knew that Eric was into him, but he's simply not his type.

I turned to Mike. 'I doubt he likes your friend. hahaha kayo nalang, mas bagay kayo'

'hahahaah Angelo seems aloft, but cute, but.. I don't want to offend Eric'

'Trust me, Angelo likes you better'

But because Mike was afraid that Eric might get offended if he danced with Angelo, Mike stayed a safety distance away from Angelo.

'Tell you what, I'll get your number and I'll text you Angelo's number.  Angelo likes to be courted and you better be the one to make a move', I yelled (loud music was blasting from the speakers).

'hahaha ok' and smilingly gave his number.

That's where I noticed the cute guy accompanying Mike and Eric.  He was silently sipping his juice (??!), with a cute Oakley glasses on, wearing a grey (later learned it was green tsk tsk) shirt and had a whitish-pinkish complexion and very chinito.  Sayang, I couldn't make a move towards him as I was still dancing with Lem.  Marunong naman ako rumespeto sa kasayaw ko. hahahaha

I thought it was the end of me and that Chinito guy.  Wrong :)

----- o  -----  o  ----------  o  -----------

Hushkins, I'll end on this note, coz I'm pretty sleepy already.   I'm so yawning already :)  Night night! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

It's beginning to feel like Christmas

Along Paseo de Roxas (very near my workplace (wink, wink)
On our way to grab some dinner at Glorietta, I can't help but admire the beautiful facade that Makati has turned into :)  Christmas decors adorn Makati and Paseo de Roxas, depicting dropping icicles or, since we are in the Philippines, rain. hehehe 

It is truly beginning to feel like Christmas.. hopefully a happy one for all of us :)

Will be posting more beautifully decorated spots in the future hehee

Makati Ave

Thursday, November 4, 2010

96th Edition Bearista ☼☼

It's Christmas-y as Starbucks released it's season's edition bearista. :)   It wears  green and red scarf around it and has a cute black hat.  This is the guy bearista, a female one comes along too, but I didn't buy it coz its too.. hmmm.. female and pretty. ehehhe  This one's too cute to pass up.

Love love love my collection :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

☺ Tweet Tweet ☺

Makati Office.  Nov 1.



It was honey. 

It was month end and I was rushing things to meet timelines.  I was engrossed with the reports that I forgot to respond to him.

'Matagal ka pa ba sa office, baby?'

Every month end, I usually go home around 1 to 2am.  It was still 1130pm, too early, besides I had some issues that need to be resolved immediately.  I was busy following through queries left unresolved via Microsoft Office Communicator.  I find OC very useful and saves lots of overseas phone bills. 

'Medyo hon.  Month-end eh.'

'Mga what time mo ko sundin, baby?'

I normally fetch him up every first day of the week so he could sleep at my pad the entire week.

'Give me an hour or two.. ano gawa ni honey habang walang work?' (I was being pa-cute)

'Nagmalling si honey, then nakita nya na close pala ;(' (We were doing baby talk hihihi)

'Ahhh..' was my short reply.  I was again concentrating on my work.

'May surprise ako kay baby =)' 

'Talaga?  Ano yun?' was my nonchalant reply.

'Basta surprise nga eh.  Ma.ha.happy si baby.'

'Hehe"  was my oblivious response again.  Month-end and I need to submit everything by 12mn.  Bwisit na timelines.

'Text mo nalang ako pag pa-uwi ka na ha'


-o -- oo -- oo -- o -

Fast forward.

'Baba ka na.  I'm here na'

'Ok baby'

It was drizzling outside.  Honey came down from his condo wearing a beige trenchcoat.  Fashionista??  He was sporting his new glasses made of wood.  He bought that at People are People, but the trenchcoat I can't recall.

'Bago coat mo?' I demanded when he entered Baby Blake (my car's name).

'Hinde baby.. kasama kita when I bought this'

'Parang hinde.  Shopping ka na naman!'

'Hinde noh.  Kasama kita nito noh.  Anyways, my surprise ako sayo.'  He was being pa-cute.

'Ano-ano yun?'  I was acting like a dog eager for his bone, tongue hanging out! hahaha

Honey took something out from his manly bag (manly but more of gayly hahaha).  Hopia.

'Ano yan??' I said indignantly.

'Hopia.  Di ka man lang happy'. He was pouting.

At the back of my mind, hopia??  Ano yan, hopia like me too?? Ngek.

'Ngek', unable to suppress my disappoint. 'Lagay mo please ulit sa bag mo, maya kainin natin'

'Hmf, di ka man lang na happy'  

Then honey took something out again from his ungodly man bag (hehe).  It was still in a plastic shopping bag.  

'May surprise ako ulit'

Honey pulled out the content of the plastic bag.  A shirt.  A muscle shirt with intricate designs on it.

'Yan mahilig ka sa mga bar shirt, binili ko for you'.

I was struck speechless.  Honey seldom does that.  I didn't know what to say.

'Di ka man lang mag.thank you' he was glaring at me.

'Hahaha thank you honey. I love you honey.'

-o -- oo -- oo -- o -


One of my colleagues, Jechel, read my palm last Friday and we bought up again her results prior to the events above.  She mentioned that I am one simple guy that don't complicate things (e.g. if somebody requests me to accompany him/her, I immediately accomodate that request, without ifs and buts).  She also read the lines side of my palm that I love too much, and in loving that person, I expect too much and in the end, I get frustrated with their shortcomings.  Jechel said that it's not them who has a shortcoming, but I who needs to improve on that aspect, that I need to lower those expectations, because the people I love, the people I care for, are also humans, and as humans they also have their limits.

Insightful and true.  Maybe I should lower my expectations.. haaaaaay.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ferns is Single

Hushkins, Ferns is officially single and I'm posting his picture if somebody out there will be interested in him.  I am being a bugaw to him, just give me 20% commission if you can secure him! hahaha kidding.

He's sad and he wants to move on from his ex.  Message me if you're interested. ;p

hush hush for now ♥ ♥ ♥