Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Because today was a holiday and my boss was kind enough not to request me to go to office, I had planned to do my laundry and go to Alabang.  Heck, I have no better things to do and going on long drive calms and soothes me.  I told Ferns if he was up for the drive and that he could show me where Golds is at Alabang.  He agreed.  Hay, hirap maging single ulit, I need to find ways to preoccupy myself than think about ex-honey.  Hmmmm..

I had Blake bathed and scrubbed before I fetched Ferns and off we went to Alabang.  I was giddy.  The last time I was in that area was when I was courting Ron, a guy from San Pedro.  I even texted him that I'll be working out in the vicinity and if he had time, we could catch up.  He just said he'll check.  Well.  I don't need to have my hopes up. hehe

On the way, Ferns talked about his latest flings (with an 's').  Malandi talaga ang bruha.  I think he was entertaining 3 guys, hmmmm, make that 4, simultaneously.  'Bakit ba, single ako', he retorted.  Sa bagay.  He was really hooked with a particular guy from Baguio and I told him to text him 'kayat ka'.  'What does that mean?' he asked. 

'Basta, text mo'  This was the pick-up line I used when I was courting ex-honey.  Effort! hehehe

Ferns got a response from Baguio guy, 'gusto mo ako?'

Ferns replied, 'ay hinde, kaw ang may gusto sa akin'.  Bruha talaga! hahahaha

When we got to Alabang proper, I thought I was driving the right way when I noticed that we had turned towards the marketplace.  Puttanesca, mali ata napasokan natin, Ferns.

'Diretso ka nalang, I'm sure there's a way out'.

So umikot kami, and we saw yummy kargadors roaming about.  We were literally having fun with the eye-candies that abound us.  Though they were more of Ferns type, as I prefer mine fair-skinned. hehehe  We didn't mind the detour at all.

Upon reaching Golds, I thought to myself, not bad.  The place looks nice.  It wasn't crowded like Glorietta nor was it puny like Galleria's.  It had a nice view and the locker room was big, plenty of room to walk around.  I like it here.  I might be seeing myself coming here over the weekends (sheet, that will cost me 130 toll, gas and parking hmf).  Effort. hehehe but the best part were the boys. hehehehe  na-excite ako bigla.  I don't know.  There's something about the place that made my heart beat.  Sheeet, and kutis mayaman pa! hahahahahaaha

I did my usual sets and of course, the much anticipated event, sauna-time! hahahahaha  When I entered the dry sauna, natutuwa ako that even here the conversations were Taglish.

'So have you seen so en so here'

'No eh.  I think he works out at his new condo already.  I heard they have gym that's malaki!'

'Talaga.  Ako nga, I have plans to shift din eh.  Pero I want to do boxing muna here.'

Kakatuwa.  I felt like a child gaping at something I like. hahaha wala akong malisya rito, puro lang amazement. hehehe or did my being probinsyano took over?? Hmf!! hehehe

One thing I noticed though that this particular branch didn't have were toiletries.  The shower rooms were big but they had no liquid soap and shampoo unlike the other 2 branches I've been.  That will be a checklist once I revisit the place.

Yun lang, hushkins.  Natuwa lang ako sa Alabang Golds.  hehe

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