Saturday, December 24, 2011

Seriously?? (Panday 2)

Seriously??  Did the producers actually think that they can get away with copying the characters in Clash of the Titans??  Scorpion used to ride on the way to Medusa's lair, and the Cracken??  How much more if we actually get to see the movie??  Maybe Zeus and Hades will make an appearance also! hahaha 

Sh3t lang. 


Friday, December 23, 2011

Processing NBI clearances

After embracing cloud 9 the past days, reality hurled me back upon processing the needed requirements for my next endeavor.  Facing me on a piece of paper were words that made me squirm.. NBI CLEARANCE.

Not for anything else (I know I don't have any record or name-sake! hehe), but the lines in those centers could take forever!! .. and the 'systematic' way of doing things there makes me shiver. hehehe

Armed with my former Slimmer's World ID, I replicated what I did 3 years ago, and headed to Megamall. hehehe I was thinking, if I could go in early ahead of the masses, I will be first of the pack and finish early! *evil laugh* bwahahahaha!

'Sir, wala na po NBI center rito.. mga 5 months na pull-out na sila'

Puttanesca!! The evil plan immediately backfired! hahahahha

'Try mo sa Parksquare 1, pre.  10-5pm daw, tinanong ko sa guard dito', texted Ferns.

So, ok.  I will just head to that place early the following day.

The next day.

'Ay sir, na pull out na ang NBI rito.  Nasa Robinson's Galleria na'

What??  Time check. 8.20am.  I hurriedly hailed a cab and proceeded from Makati to Ortigas.  Good thing, the driver was swift! It took only 10 minutes. hehe

Along the way, I was scheming ways to outwit the masa.  I checked my wallet if I had with me my Gold's card, alas it was not there.  I will try to force reason with the guard to allow me in since I am a member.  Hmf.

Then I found out that all those schemes were useless. hahaha  The guard handed me a priority number at the entrance.  166!! At 8.30am??  

Needless to say and with nothing left to do, I form part of the queue, all hapless! hahahaha  Apparently the center opens at 8am, but giving out of priority numbers start at 7am.  The center only caters to 500 applicants a day and operates from 8am to 5pm only, and though you may have NBI data before and it just needs renewal, everything has to start from scratch, due to a new system in place.  So what happened to our old data?? Tsk tsk! 

Other data:
Cost of cab from Makati to Galleria:              Php 107
Cost of NBI clearance:                                        115
Cost of cab from Galleria to Makati:              Php 110
Price of Ministop drink:                                        35
Ballpoint (simply because I forgot!)                       17
Equivalent hours consumed (830am to 1030am)  4,658!!

Char lang =)

*hush, hush*

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I wanna be like my fave celebrity!

Very helpful tips in how to look like your favorite celebrity! ^_^  I gape at the alternative use of primer that he used, surprisingly! hehehe

Promise, I'll try this tonight! hahahaha

Morning, hushkins!!

… and did I mention that he's cute?? hehe

*hush, hush*

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Art of Interviews

photo from here

I have always taken pride that I can select a good candidate among a roster of applicants during interviews.  After five years of observing and conducting these interviews, from the simple 'so tell me about yourself' to the more intimidating 'if you were to sell this pen to me, how will you convince me' and even to the more technical data of suspense accounts and how it clears in the books, I have a good grasp on who feeble, who exaggerates or simply tells the truth.

.. but what if the tables were turned?

Locked-up in a boardroom, sitting across a big boss, or worse, surrounded by top-tier management officers in a panel discussion, how do you win them to hire you?

The qualities that I look for in a person then comes to mind and I place myself in my interviewer's shoes and apply the things I learned.

Image.  I value image.  I beg to disagree that I am being discriminatory but coming in for an appointment without combing your hair or not in a business attire is a NO-NO.  I always kid my friends that if I can't win them with my brains, I win them with my looks.  Do everything to look nice, jab a bit of powder, spray some perfume, iron that shirt, shine those shoes, cause trust me, image spells the difference between getting hired or not.  I know a very popular clothing line who simply hires a gorgeous guy in every boutique so as to attract customers only.

English.  In the industry that I work in, good command of English separates me from the applicant sitting besides me.  I hate it when a question is thrown in English and the response come in the local tongue.  Horrible.

CV.  Swerve away from the items enlisted in the curriculum vitae.  The interviewer knows how to read.  I expound on the experiences I had, highlights in my career, inserting inputs I gathered/researched on the Company then correlate with the experiences I had (e.g., I've come across that your Company has started to implement SAP, and I understand how it is difficult to do start-up on the balances as previously experienced in XXX, but this very manageable).  This works wonders!

Weapon.  CPA or plain accountant?  Cum-laude or plain graduate?  Experienced in a multinational organization or local group?  Humility aside, the advise given by my mama before to come prepared for battle have reaped its rewards.

Different.  Do something unique that will retain in the interviewer's mind.  Maybe present your CV using an Ipad? (This I plan to do some day! hahahhaha) But be sure it's to your advantage.  I clearly recalled an applicant before, and this always works, when asked on how well she knows Microsoft Excel, she gave herself a 9 out of 10 rating, and subsequently I asked her to teach me to do vlook-up and macros.  hahaha!!  I caught her dead!! Now, that was different, in a bad light :)  So be careful.

Enthusiasm.  I always end the interviews with 'I look forward to working with you'.  This will delight the interviewer that I have embraced the idea to work for the organization I applied in.

Oh well.  I hope I was able to enlightened a few of my hushkins :)  I am finally seeing the light at the end of the dark tunnel.

*hush, hush*

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Startled Hush

Punchline QC

After dinner at Cafe 1771 and drinks at the Reserve, me, Vinz, Shiela and her cuz from States headed up to Punchline to get some dose of laughter (over Laffline since we are a fan of Wacky Kiray hehehe).  It has been ages since I visited the place and not much has changed physically (Anton Diva even lamented how 'modern' their cathode ray tube are! hehe).  

As expected, we were tickled to our delight, and didn't get any 'tirades' from the performers despite us being seated upfront! hehehe  It was fun, fun, fun and I want to apply what Kiray threw out to one lady.. like, duh, you are sooo difficult, ikaw ay sooo mahirap. hahahahaha!  Love, love his tactics :)

… and the best part of all, while waiting for the valet attendant to get Blake, Vinz bought roses from some random vendor and gave it to me and smack me in front of Shie and her cuz.  hahahaha puttanesca! kinilig ako! Sh3t! 

ang sarap lang gumising pag ganito nakabungad sayo. hay
*hush, hush*

Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Wishlist no. 2

Glorietta 5

While waiting for my baby for our weekend date, this was my Christmas wishlist, that, at the end of the day, I bought. hahahhaha

madami na kasama sa loob ni Blake! hehe

Couldn't wait for someone to give it to me! hmf :)

*hush, hush*

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Christmas Wishlist no. 1

My bag's zipper broke this morning :(

I found this as good excuse to buy a new one. hehehe  

So off Fernan and I went to Glorietta to scout some bags, found some good ones at Girbaud.  They even had a buy one, get another item at 50% off.. but they're really not sturdy enough, and I want also a place for Macky..

Then my eyes caught sight of heaven. hehehe Exagg lang.

Love at first sight :)

Start na ng Christmas shopping!!! hahahaha

*hush, hush*

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Proud dada

Baguio City
November 19 to 20

A week into our monthsary, me and my baby decided to go uphill and spent the weekend at Baguio City.  I heard it was 13 degrees, and what better way to escape the heat of the metro  than bask in the cool air of the summer capital? :)

So after Friday night's gig at Bed, we took on the long journey ahead.  The drive provided venue for us to get to know each other better, and though I can manage to reach Baguio in 4 and a half hours, I decided not to.  We never ran out of things to talk about, from simple sights he saw (he would suddenly point at houses he liked which would divert my attention from the road! tsk tsk!) to memories I had over the places we passed by.  My baby was so excited about this trip and that served as my caffeine despite us not having slept from Friday's work, then dinner at Contis and gimmick at Malate.

Show me Baguio, baby ^_^
I prefer taking Kennon over Marcos when climbing up, and the sunny weather took away my anxieties in using that road.  Besides, the coveted Lion's head is a must for first timers like my baby.

Until now, I still don't know how to mask out face-pics on my Macky. hay
After about 6 hours, we reached Baguio and rolled down Blake's windows to breathe in the scenery :)  I booked our hotel where-else but only at Camp John Hay.  No other way to enjoy Baguio than to smell fresh pines! 

Ang sarap lang gumising to this view from our bedroom, hugging someone I love
I took him to places and we dine in restaurants that only Baguio can offer.
50s diner

50's Gangsta-gangsta.  Unbelievably plenty at Php130.  Sulit!

Packed Session road
I love this bulb fixture of Cafe Zola

Interiors of Cafe Zola
Gimik @ Nevada Square.  Baby peeing at someone's car. bad baby!
Wright Park, the Mansion and the pond (I think that's the name)
Mine's view while sipping strawberry taho :9
bought strawberry, ube jam, alfajor at Good Shepherd
All these within 2 days and one night stay :)  Quite a feat, I must say!  We just had to sleep 2hours on our first day and 4 the next day..


Seeing the joy on my baby's face… priceless :)

*hush, hush*

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Not an avid fan of Bench.. but something tells me I wanna buy the boxers with the printed star upfront. hehehe

Excited. hehehe


*hush, hush*

Monday, November 14, 2011


Mactan Cebu International Airport

What should have been an easy-breezy fly-in, fly-out engagement took its toll when my Cebu Pac flight back to Manila was delayed (8pm to 11pm)… and I thought it was only PAL these days!!! geeesh!

Oh well, good thing, I read in the local papers that the Son of Neptune is out, and bought it immediately at Fully Booked here at Ayala.  This should be exciting and interesting as Percy Jackson woke up in a different world, that of Roman gods/goddesses :)

*hush, hush*

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Banat Mo!

Starbucks Villar

They say that when a person is in love, they tend to get mushy and messed up. hahaha I'd say I tend to be corny and cheesy! hahahaha ^_^ Please pagbigyan nyo na ako. bleh.

--- o ---- o ------ o ------

While goofing around at my place:

H: Baby, ano nagustuhan mo sa akin?

V: Uhm, cute ka kasi.. at mga linya mo sa akin *laughs*

H: Hmf.  Bakit hinde hot man lang?? Masaya na ako doon!!

V: (laughs)  Eh, bakit ba? hahaha eh ano yung pick-up line mo sa akin??

H: .. uhm.. hey, you are cute! hehehe

V:  Di mo matanggap na gwapo ako kaya cute lang nasabi mo!!

H: hinde talaga!!

--- o ---- o ------ o ------

While texting me:

V: Dada, ang pawis ko na.  Naglalakad lang ako from ospital to ospital.

H: Wawa naman baby.. Ako, baby, di ko akalaing mabubuhay pa ako..

V: Bakit, dada?

H:  .. nasa iyo kasi PUSO ko.

V: ewww dada ewwww

--- o ---- o ------ o ------

At Malate with friends:

Carlo: Ikaw ba, Vinz, honest ka kay Hush??

V: Hinde.

*na-shock at biglang natahimik ang grupo*

V: I can't guarantee that I'll be completely honest with him, particularly in my line of work.  Hinde ako honest.  Pero loyal ako.  Loyal ako kay Hush.

*puttanesca, biglang pinasa ang corona ni Carlo at klinip pa!*

--- o ---- o ------ o ------

While driving to Alabang to meet him up:

V: San ka na, dada?

H: Sa puso mo..

V: Banat mo!!

hehehe moaaaniing! 

*hush, hush*

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Show Me.. Baby

Somewhere in Mandaluyong

Woke up to a splitting head-ache over last night's party.  It was afterall, 2 nights of non-stop partying for my dear friend, Fern's birthday!!  At the strike of midnight last Friday, we cheered for another year of great friendship and closed it with a bang last night ^_^

… and this song keeps reverberating in my mind.  I can't help but dance to it's beat, while waiting for my baby Vinz to wake up..

Gising na please.. gutom na ako :(

mwah, mwah! Love, love my baby

*hush, hush*

Friday, November 4, 2011

Another great Mash-up

I've always loved the way Sam Tsui's mouth enunciates every word he sings.. and how wide they can spread! hahahahaha ^_^

This is one great mash-up after his hit before.  

Do you think he's PLU?  The effort that his 'pal' Kurt makes me want to hug and welcome him. hehehehe 

*hush, hush*

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just for Laughs

Makati Office.

This made me roll-over amidst my month-end proceedings here at the office! haha

*hush, hush*

Monday, October 31, 2011

I Found Love


Hope everyone had fun at the Black Parteee!! ^_^  

Well, I had my share of dance and rhythm at Doce. hehehe

Happy Hallow's Eve everyone!!! 

Love, love, and lots of love everyone! ^_^

*hush, hush*

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Alabang Town Center

So I see myself sipping a monster float while patiently waiting for Vince to finish his round of doctors for the day.  I wanted to catch up with him for this week as I am scheduled to fly to Cebu for the long weekend (darn, I'll miss the Black parteee! hmf) and the next time I'd get to see him would be the weekend after.  Haay.

Yes, hushkins, me and Vince hit it off.  I like him, he likes me, so we took it to another level.  We spent each day before I left for KL, and spent the entire weekend after that, doing nothing but cuddling at home.  hehe

He passed my trophy bf requirement, a lot has said he looks like Ecko Rosales, and his officemates now compare him to this Manuel Chua guy, who I honestly don't know.  Google would tell me that he does have similarities with the guy, but I like my Vince more. hahahahaha plus, plus he has a full set of hair :p hahahaha

What drew me to him was his simplicity.  We can dine just about anywhere, and if I am not the maarte kind, he wouldn't mind making pungko-pungko somewhere. He does not have any insecurities (for a 24 year old kid), no angst over past experiences (none of that sh3t!), values his job more than anything else, has a career path ahead, a sense of direction, yet he maintains his inner child (he still likes Mirmo, that anime character. hay).  Plus, plus, he cuddles me everytime we are inside Blake, in my place, he is full of lambing, which I really, really like.. and no, he does not take it in bad light if I reciprocate back.  

.. and here's the but.. but.. I am afraid as there could be proximity issues.  His job entails him to travel and meet up with doctors, and who knows, saang lupalop ko sya mahagilap next?  I value communication and physical contact, and though the former may be addressed, I am a bit concern of not seeing each other as frequent as I want them to be.  I don't know.  I am just taking things in strides now..

On a brighter spectrum, here I am, finding myself a couple of towns away from the metro.  Trying to make things work, and eagerly waiting for us to watch Praybet Benjamin. hahaha  hmf.

I never thought I'd fall in love in a club :p

*hush, hush*

Friday, October 21, 2011

Truly Selamat Datang

This post will be more of an informative travel blog on the best things to do and see in Malaysia, truly Asia.  Char. hahahaha

I feel that taxis and car for rent are given incentives if they take their passengers to this place, Beryl's.  This was our first stop from the airport, and I had joy in taste-sampling their chocolates, especially the tiramisu variety.  It was hilarious to see Sheila grimaced when I handed her their chili chocolate!! hahaha it was fun.  Price: MYR87 for 1 kilo.  At Genting though, their chocolates are packed in affordable boxes starting from MYR5 to MYR30.  Not bad.  MYR1 = Php14.

Famished, we trudged down to Nando's, which is not really a Malaysian restaurant.  I ordered Peri-peri chicken (hottah hottah!), with corn and potato salad.  Setback at MYR25.  


Bukit Bintang (I think it means Walk of Stars) is the place to be if you want to shop.  I basically hopped from Berjaya to Suria to Pavilion, and even visited their BB mall.  hehe Bought Bonia passport holder (MYR191) and Philosophy shirt and shorts (MYR270) and Giordano pasalubong buy 2 shirts at MYR85.  I don't want to start what my friends bought, they are a whore!! hmf.  For cheap thrills, there is the night market at Chinatown, and prices start at MYR6 for those set-keychains.  Ahhhh.. the joys of shopping! ^_^

I forgot what festival the country was celebrating (addendum: it was the Diwali festival hehe), but every establishment had this cute portrait on the doorsteps, which I later learned to be made of rice grains!  Neat, ey? :)  This was taken at the Berjaya.

For those who fancy sightseeing (which I realized I am no longer a fan of, must be the age!!), Batu Caves and Genting Highlands are the place to visit.  The former has no entrance fees but the transportation will cost you MYR90.  Beware of monkeys though, they are naughty!! Hmf.  I was hanging on to my necklace for dear life! hahahahaha

Genting Highlands is so-so.  It's their Disneyland equivalent, but once you've been to Disneyland or Oceanpark, Genting will seem mediocre.  The facilities isn't well-maintained, and the painting on the Resorts World hotel have started to peel… plus the.. uhm.. basta! hahaha Bring a jacket though, coz I didn't and gahd knows I froze while wearing my skimpy pek pek shorts! hahahaha sh3t! hahahaha  Ride-all-you-can is at MYR62 (expensive!!), while MYR30 for only indoors activities.  I suggest you skip both and just tour the shops and rides inside, and take pictures.  It's not really that amazing, trust me. 

Petronas, or KLCC (KL Corporate Center) is still best viewed at night.  It is such a lovely sight.  The building below is their 'Central Bank', it equals in elegance also :)

… and tada!! For the last part, and the thing that I enjoyed most.. :) Clubbing on Saturday!! weeeeeh :)  So I decided to go to MarketPlace along Jalan (which means road) Yap Kwan Seng, near the Australian embassy..

.. to be continued :p

*hush, hush*

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I never thought I'd fall in love in a Club

The lyrics speak for itself :)

 I never thought I'd fall in love in a club
      The more I get of you, I can't get enough
I won't be letting you leave here alone 
  So can somebody please let me know.. 


*hush, hush*

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hush - Truly Asian

Somewhere in Mandaluyong

So here I am, frantically packing my luggage for my trip to KL tomorrow, 10am! hahahaha

This has been a planned trip way back in July with my San Mig friends comprised of a couple, two ladies and me.  Needless to say, I'm the only gay guy, and the need to explore the city is swallowing me whole!  Haay.

The natural thing to do is do research on the hip scene of KL.  The initial bar that attracted me was Liquid Bar, but good thing, good, good thing, I consulted Mother PR and the guys in KL said it was "non-operate" already. hehehehe Whew!

So I am left with 2 choices:  Blue Boy and Marketplace.  The first bar seems to patronized by older men (and no, I am not counting myself in on that market! hahahahah) since this establishment has been in the area for some time.  Now, the guy I chatted with has highly recommended Marketplace as the place to be for the chic gay guys in KL.  I asked if they play house music, and he confirmed that the bar does play this and now I am reading forums on this.  So far, so good :) hehehehehe

Well, there would be the normal sightseeing and shopping, but I am ecstatic on the barscene tomorrow!  Really!! hehehehehe Ma-apply nga pick-up lines ko doon :)

*hush, hush*

Monday, October 10, 2011

Suplado (Pick-up lines Chapter 17)

Somewhere in Mandaluyong


'Where to in Malate?'


'Ok great then. 12?'

'Make it 1.  Party doesn't start until then.  See you'

Jion.  Half-French, half-Pinoy.  Works at UN in Makati.  Stocky, but definitely cute.  Met him through Mother PR weeks ago, but it's only now that our schedules crossed.

1am.  Chelu.

'Where are you?  I'm already here dancing', he texted.

'Parking.  Be there in 5'

'Ok.  I'm just by the wall near the bar'

Despite the drizzle, the place was overflowing with happy people :)  I scanned the crowd, Vic had decided to join me and Ferns that night, and he said he was there already.  I texted both to "act" as if we just met there.  

I got my Ice and turned my attention to the nearest table.  Somewhere along my peripherals, I saw Jion… and Les!  He is so over this place!! Hmf.

Les: 'Hush!!  You're here'

He was excited as a puppy.  He knew that this was my party ground, he goes to Bed and Obar but never Chelu.  Haist.

H: 'Yah, I know right?'  

He grabbed my waist and zoomed in for a big smack.  I was literally standing in front of Jion!!  Sh3t!! How do you explain that to him later??

L: 'Aba.  Wala ka na tiyan'

He was rubbing my belly.  I was also literally sucking up air. Sh3t! Ang hirap! hahahahaa   

L: 'You know my place, right?  Well, it got flooded during Pedring and my car drowned'

My mind suddenly became attentive to him.  Sayang naman ng BMW nya!! I felt sad.  I'm sooo materialistic! hahahahahaha

H: 'Ay oo.  Roxas ka nga pala noh? Sayang naman.  Did you have it fixed?'

L: 'Di na.  I bought a new one'

H: 'What car?'

L: 'Audi'

Life is soooo unfair!!  I decided to excuse myself to contemplate on this. hehehe Drama lang.

When I got back, Les was not around, my opportunity to strike a conversation with Jion.  The alligators were already lingering around him, and it seemed that it took him forever to approach me.

H: 'Hey.  You're Jion right'

J: 'Uhuh'

H: 'How come you didn't text me?'

J: 'I did.  You wanna see the thread?'

He grabbed his Iphone4 and showed it to me.  I also showed my E72 with the broken keypads. hahaha Levelling lang. hahahaha

H: 'So why didn't you approach me then?' (Pa-demure effect ang puttanesca!)

J: 'How can I when I see the guy that I'm supposed to meet is kissing someone else??'

Silence.  Guilt.  hehehe

J: 'Honestly, you want me to do that also? Man, I can go and kiss anybody.  It's just that I'm behaved.'

The British accent was heavy, despite him being French.  I lavet!! hehehe  He wasn't fuming mad, it was actually cute seeing him this way :)

H: 'Sorry.  It was just that this guy kissed me to my surprise.  I didn't mean that to happen.  You have mesmerizing eyes, you know.  What color are they?'  (shift gear!!)

J: 'Really?  They are just brown.  I got it from my father'

Then Les came back.  To make a long story short, I introduced him to Jion, and they sort of clicked together, and no, not romantically.  They were so engrossed in their conversation, I think about Europe (really) that they didn't noticed that I slipped away to join Ferns and Vic.  Sad :(

Vic: 'Check him out, Hush'

I turned my gaze towards the guy he was referring to.  Medium-built, cropped hair, sleepy eyes and matangos ilong.  He looks like Jericho Rosales! hehehehe

H: 'Go and introduce yourself'

I couldn't believe he went with my advise.  He headed straight towards the guy and whispered something.  Hmf!  I hate him. hahahahaha  Naunahan ako!!

Vic was all over the guy, dancing behind him, talking to him, but the guy seemed nonchalant.  Vic came back to where we were at.

'Oh, did you get the guy's name?', I asked.

'Yah. Vince'

'Introduce mo ako sa kanya, Vic', I pleaded. hehehe

'Nah.  Suplado'

Hahaha So Vic wasn't Vince' type.  Glee! hehehe

I lost track of my interest for Vince, as I was pre-occupied with both Les and Jion getting along well.  Double hmf!!

The night was fast approaching twilight and I was dancing to Papi, oh well, I noticed I was the only one dancing to that beat :p hehehe  

Ferns nudged me, 'Hush, to your left'

I swayed to my left.. and there he was Vince.  Besides me.  She3t! Now's my chance. hahaha

H: 'Boy, you are cute!!'

I caught him offguard.  Good.  Strategy worked.  Typically, if you just say hi and ask for a guy's name, a trophy one especially, the guy wouldn't mind you.  Look at what happened to Vic.  You must have an element of surprise to get the guy's attention :)  Enough of the lecture.

H: 'I've been eyeing you for some time'

He smiled.  Darn.  

H: 'Where are your friends?'

V: 'They left me.  They were not my friends.  I came here solo. They just wanted to accompany me.. eh ang panget naman if I turn them down, right?'

H: 'hahahaha ikaw na ang good samaritan!  Whew! What a relief then'

V: 'Why?'

H: 'Cause I really thought you were with that guy.. now I have a chance!'

I then flashed my Close-up smile :)

V: 'hahahahaha'

He gazed at me for a long time.

V: 'Yah, I did notice you.'

H: 'So how come you aren't dancing??'

V: 'haha so do you want me to dance like this??'

He proceeded to dance goofily, raising his hand in the air and mimicking an idiot. hahaha Gahd!!! Help me.

H: 'Tell you what, I'll take you home'

He looked puzzled.

H: 'Nooo.. I don't mean to sound it that way, I'll take you to your place.  It's getting late, makikita na foundation mo!'

V: 'Kapal ng mukha mo! hahahaha'

I raised my hands in an act of surrender.

H: 'hahaha ok, ok.  We might see that it's foundation day here after all!'  (with my arms spread around the place)

V: 'sige, tapusin ko lang tong yosi'

.. and it turned out he wanted to go home to my place, without much convincing on my end. hehehe  and he was hung! hahahaha hugely hung! hahahahaha

PS - Bakit ganoon, except for one, all the bottom guys I've dated are well-gifted!  tsk tsk. hahahaha

*hush, hush*