Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beautiful Nightmare

Rori and I were talking aimlessly at his biga adventures and how it went south, when he mentioned how come I haven't updated my blog lately.  Unsaon nimo pagdaghan ug hushkins kung di ka magsulat? Hmf.  I told him that I'm just using my honey's MAC and I only get a chance to update it if he's around, so that would mean only on weekends.. and those weekends are spent catching up with honey also.  Rori said, why won't you buy yourself one then?  

I am not tech savvy, and I find pure joy just going to the gym and watch TV.  I had no reasons to buy a laptop and this is why I spent huge on my LCD TV because it's my past time (aside from it looks good and added pogi points. hehehehe) But apparently, I need one.. I'm addicted to blogs lately and I've spent a lot of my free time at the office reading through various blogs.  It is indeed insightful.  I thought that blogs were for people who have no life... (now, now, huskins, don't raise those eyebrows yet hehehe, there's a but here somewhere) but it's either that I have no life also, or I was dead wrong! hehehe

I don't want any laptop.  I'm aiming for the Macbook Pro =) and they say that if you wish for something, you aim for the heavens.  Oh diba, this will be my wish list this Christmas =)  and I'll save up for this beauty. hehehe  I read somewhere that if you place a picture of the thing you aspire for and you view it everyday, it will materialize.  I've done this with Baby Blake and nothing wrong with doing it again for the mac.  Now, I'm thinking of naming this gadget also, what do you think, hushkins? =)

just deal with it

I went to pick up Sho who just came from the US.  She texted me that Cathay would arrive at 7pm, so I took my time driving given she would have to pick up her baggage, check in customs and other protocols.  Cars would honk at my slow pace (40kph) and I'd honk back and laugh to myself, kevs mo diha!  Go and fly your cars! hahahaha  Despite my slow pace, I still arrive at NAIA 1 early at 7.10. Haaaay, so I parked Baby Blake (that's my car hehehe) and went about finding things to do.  The airport is really old and needs upgrade.  The waiting lounge was despicable, to say the least and I imagine waving to the guests arriving just like how tagalog movies portray them, banners and flags galore. hehehehe I chuckled to myself.

I saw Jollibee's signage and decided to go up the lounge.. diri nalang ko mag.standby.  If the guard calls my attention for not ordering anything, I'll give him the umph and order sundae.. hehehe P30 ra bitaw.  When I got to Jollibee, it had no tables and chairs!! piste, di ko ka standby da, na-anticipate sa management ang mga tao pareha nako. hahaha  I won't buy nalang. hmf at least the 2nd floor of the waiting area had aircon, magpabugnaw nalang ko diri.

Honey was not texting me because he wanted me to pick him up at Taguig then go home to Ortigas before I pick-up Sho.  I told him it would be a waste of gas, he said he's not feeling well and can't afford to go elsewhere.  Told him, ka nalang kasi I already committed to pick up my friend.  Nagalit ba naman?? Piste ning gugmang-g-atay!

Neways, it was 8pm already and still no text from Sho.  I scouted the area and noted that there was a Kopi Rotti store.  I'm not a big fan of Kopi, it's too ordinary for my taste and the price isn't worth it... but because I had nothing to do, I give it a try.  I ordered their Kopi bun with coffee.  I sunk the bun into the coffee, hhhhhmmmmm... not bad. hehehe first impressions don't last. hahahaha masarap pala if partnered with coffee. 

Finally, Sho texted me at 9pm that Cathay was delayed in HK and just like I imagined (since bawal pumunta sa arrival area) I waved at her from the waiting lounge. Sho! Sho! I'm here! 

We got to Baby Blake and we drove off.  Sho was gone for 3-weeks and she had lots to update.  She went to the MET (since she's an arts buff), Statue of Liberty,  the waterfalls which I forgot, it was her dream vacation.  I envy her but was proud at her at the same time.  It's enthralling to see people reach their dreams =)  She said US was worth the Pxxx thousands she spent... this part I thought twice.  I don't think I'd spend that much for a trip. hehehe I want to see the things that I spend on.

We dropped by Seattle's Best at Newport City.  It was our favorite coffee shop.  I had my regular coffee mocha and she had tea.  We had this conversation:

Sho: alam mo before I left, naki-eavesdrop ako sa mga neighbors natin 

Hush: you're really close to them noh?  I just go to my unit and kevs nila. hehehe  I am a hermit. tsk tsk  so unsa chika?

S: do you recall the kompare tenant of our lessor?  he was complaining about his water bills also.  It seems that you are not the only one noticing the huge amount charged every month.

H: really?  I can't fathom why I am being charged P500++ when I'm the only one at my place, save for the weekends that honey comes to sleep.  Back in my old condo, I was only incurring P200++, and it didn't go beyond P300 even!! and the shit that the lessor said about dividing it by 30 days and it's immateriality. Hello, that's not the point.

S:  I know, what's the rationale of having a meter outside our units and the water company sending out one bill to them right?  Why not send out separate bills to each of us?

H:  Yah! so how much was his kompare's bill?

S:  His was P1.5k and you wouldn't believe our neighbor with the Cruze Chevy.  Hers was P2.5k a month!!

H:  whaaattt?? Unreasonable, she's living alone also!!

S:  Exactly!  My bro and I have renewed our contract and we were told that our fixed water rate will be amended to reflect the actual charges also..

H:  My, I'm definitely moving out once my contract ends

S:  The Chevy owner did say that the monthly rent for her unit didn't change, even if she's been at her place for 2 years already.  So she's guessing that's the lessor's way of increasing rent.  That's why when she bathes, she takes her time since she's being charged that amount hahahhahaha  Then the kumpare mentioned maybe the lessor's water bills in building up his mansion is being included in our charges!

H: hahahahhahaa

S:  So even if they are kumpare, they back-bite.

H: and I thought I was the only one having a problem with our lessor

S:  and did you notice the sported-up civic you thought had a cute owner but realized he was old to have that kind of car?  They left. They were apparently charged 2 months parking and water bill.  They opted to forfeit their P25k deposit.

H:  Shit. sayang naman.

S:  You can't blame them.  It's their building, and the way they run it is Pinoy-style, if you can't deal with it, leave.  They won't take care of their tenants because they are banking that their place is near Makati and they won't run out of potential clients.


That is so not-right, hushkins, right?  But we have to deal with these realities.  Life is shit, but on how we deal with these shit that we learn and grow.  I have decided to move out of my condo unit in the hopes of saving up, plus I was paying Blake's monthly amortization.  I realized that there will always be trade-offs, and it's how you play these if you want to have a win-win outcome.  This is why, I'm saving up for my own condo unit.  By then, I'll have no one to answer to.  In a nutshell,

deal with traffic (play your fave music while driving. dance if you have to)

deal with delays (find something to eat! hehehe)

deal with realities (play the game and don't stop short)

Hush, hush for now, hushkins *