Tuesday, March 8, 2011

When I see your face (pick-up lines Chapter 8)

May 9, 2009
Bed. 1am.

"San ka banda?", I texted.

"Sa may stage, I'm with friends", he responded.

We were to met up that night.  After a month of being textmates, it was only then that I'd get to see him, as fate may have chanced upon us that night.

"Ok, puntahan kita dyan"

We became acquainted with each other via the defunct G4M.  Time would erase my memory on who messaged whom, but my initial reaction when I saw his face was, "sh#@t! sya ata yung naka sayaw ko last February nung may nag-pick.pocket sa cellphone ko".  Still, I entertained him, probably out of curiousity, plus he was gorgeous.  He later would boast that he looked like Will Devaughn hehe

When I saw him, I felt backing out.  He was surrounded by his friends (and he stood out from the pack) and I was intimidated.  I summoned my courage and said hi.  Aba! Nod lang ang napala ng beauty ko!! Dispirited, I went back to where I was stationed (near the aircon, matutunaw na kasi MAC ko, hehehe).

"Oh, san ka na?", he texted.

"I went back to my place.  Papalamig ako, masyado mainit dyan sa dancefloor"

Ok was his only response.  So I guess, he wasn't interested in me.  


The crowd was already in celebratory mode when I chanced upon this guy in front of me.  He was swaying his hips in front of me, with blue frog taking it's toll on me, I began to respond.  He turned around and we continued to dance.

Ralf: 'Hi'

Hush: 'Hiya!' (masyado ata napalakas hehe)

R: 'You're cute'

H: 'I know' (sh#t! ang yabang ko! hehe I was frustrated and I welcomed any compliment)

R: 'You wanna go to my place?'

H: 'Where?'  His face was so near mine, I could smell the alcohol he drank.

R: 'Makati, kaw ba saan ka?'

H: 'Ortigas..'  

Ralf was about to kiss me when my peripheral vision caught someone staring at me.  It was he-who-ignored-me.

H: 'Sorry.. my boyfriend's back'  

I left Ralf, taken-aback by my sudden change of heart.  I hurriedly scurried towards him.

H: 'Hi Marxus.  Nice to see you here!' (was my lame greeting)

M: 'Oh bakit di mo tinuloy paghalik sa kanya?'

H: 'With whom?' (was my pathetic response)

M: (pinpointing) 'That guy in shock'

H: 'Oh. THAT guy. He's nothing. Care to have some blue frog?' (effort to have that puppy-eyed look)

M: 'Smart move.  Nag.aantay lang ako if hahalikan mo sya, then alis na ako'

H: 'Nah.  I would rather kiss you'

He let me kissed him that night.  That night I met my Honey.  Marxus.

I never knew that after 20 months, he would leave me for good.  We parted ways last November 8, but we remained good friends.  He remained my constant movie-buddy, we would argue which movie to watch, often, it was I who relented to his requests (coz mostly I want to watch the Tagalog flick hehehe he was traumatized with Kimmy Dora)..   I spent Christmas with him after that.  We went up to Baguio again this January.  He was supposed to be with me for the last Panagbenga, but he was already hospitalized. We were supposed to move-in together after my contract expires on April.. 

He often kidded, if he passed away, will I cry.. I would respond, no.. But events would cruelly twist to this day.. and my heart bleeds of his loss.. and I cry a thousand buckets that no amount of words could comfort..  I lost a partner today.

This is my ode to him.  Bubhye na please… ;(

Hushkins, please can you say a short prayer for his safe journey?  That would be very much appreciated..