Friday, June 24, 2011

The Throne of Fire (Kane Chronicles 2)

Price tag: Php 375
Fully Booked Greenbelt5

Rick Riordan's Throne of Fire is book 2 of the Kane Chronicles, which explores the world of Egyptian gods and goddesses.  Book 1 (The Red Pyramid, and which I have) took me 4 months to finish!  It was a wishlist gift last December and I was only able to wrap up it up April of this year.  It was that uninteresting to read!!!  Aside from the fact that I know nothing of Egyptian gods and goddesses (unlike the Greek and Roman supernaturals), the use of 2 characters narrating their points of view (the use of "I") was never my thing.  This is why then, I had preferred Sweet Valley Twins over Sweet Dreams. hahahahaha Sh3t! hahahaha

So I had to review blogs to check whether this book is worth purchasing (book 2 of the The Lost Hero is still due this October 2011 and I am so pumped up on this), given the trauma beset on me by the Red Pyramid.  I stumbled upon one that caught my fancy, Bookzone4boys, and he narrates how the Throne of Fire is far better than its predecessor :)  That convinced me enough to trot down to Greenbelt 5 (in the midst of typhoon Falcon blazing the streets of Makati) and grabbed my hands on it.

Firstly, I really like purchasing at FullyBooked.  Aside from its cozy ambiance (mostly have Starbucks in their stores - oh, oh, oh, I saw a cute barista in their Greenbelt5 store hihihihi), the attendants are so accommodating!  I didn't bother to look for the book and they showed it to me, plus, I really like that they offer free plastic book covers for every purchase.  No hassle on my end :)  I like my books taken cared of :)

Also, FullyBooked has a wide array of books compared to National Bookstore (I used to get confused between Powerbooks and FullyBooked) and those hard find ones are usually at FullyBooked than at National Bookstore.  A good example is the Throne of Fire, all branches of National still do not have this book!!  Hmf.

Anyways, this is not a review of FullyBooked pala. Hihihi

So there you are hushkins.  This book will accompany me through my stormy night and will  keep you posted if it's worth the read or not :)

*hush hush*