Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Girl Trouble

No.  Not me, hushkins. hehehe

It's my little bro.  He was online in FB and naturally I said hi and asked on how things are in Cebu.  Ok daw (so much for effort hehehe) and he asked how things are with me, and my new mac.  I said I'm immensely enjoying it, yet need to be cautious on my spendings thereafter.

He suddenly turned serious.  He said he is having trouble with Venus, his more than 6-months girlfriend.  Apparently, he's getting tired of her tirades, that he can't understand her of late.

I queried what kind of tirades are we talking about.

Everything.  'Gagmay na sayop ako buhaton, bikil dayon (little things I neglect, big deal towards her), but if she's the one at fault, it's as if nothing happens.

Does she apologize?

NOPE.  All capital letters was his response.

Oh.  Then you need to talk things through with her.

She won't listen.  I even plan to end things with her.

No, I countered.  Go someplace quiet where you can have a lovely dinner with her.  Discuss with her your concerns.  Tell her that you need to work things out with her, that this is becoming a concern.  Tell her that she needs to understand that your priority now is your review studies, that it is essential that you pass that licensure examination, that such petty things need not bother you.

I won't get affected, he responded.  Maybe a day or two after the break-up, then I'll bounce back.  Besides, it isn't interfering with my studies.

No, talk to her still.

What if she doesn't listen?

Then it's high time you cool things off with her.  More time to think if it's worth the relationship you're both into.

You're right, kuya.

You're young, little bro.  You are gwapo, and you need not worry of girls.  They'll come running to you once you get that license.  Seriously, it's a man-eat-man world out here, you better come prepared.

I know, kuya.  I need to sleep now.  I'll keep you posted on what we discussed.  I'll text you.

We ended on that note.  Aside from being a good brother to little bro, I can't help but feel flattered that he asked for my advise on his girl troubles.  I'm touched, hushkins =)