Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pretty White Liar Hush :p

June 26, 2011
somewhere in Mandaluyong

I woke up to the persistent ring of my mobile.  I grappled blindly to where the sound came from.  Sh3t!  Who the h3ll calls me up at this deadly hour??  Well, literally the sun was up and about, but because I had black-out curtains in my room, it seemed like it was still 3am. hehehehe

I groaned.  It was Shiela!  Darn, it was not even a guy!  Hmf.

'Unsa bayet??', I uttered.

'Magdungan ta mass?  Dungan ta mass ha, then kuyogi ko adto Healthway sa Shang kay ghilantan ko gabii and pa-check-up ko', her voice reverberated over the loudspeaker.

'Leche flan, you woke me up for that??'

'Tulog ka pa??  I thought the white party last night didn't push through'

'Yah, it didn't so I wore black'

'Hahahahaha pumunta ka pa rin?'

'White party or not, rain or shine, I needed to go out.  Yah yah, let's cut the chase and I'll accompany you to Healthway after hearing mass.  You drive Blake.  Now let me get some sleep'

'Hahahaha see you later bayet!'

I hung up.  Then I tried to get some sleep.  I couldn't.  Sh3t!  My head still aches from the 6 bottles of Ice last night.  I rolled endlessly and covered myself up with my comforter, but still, my senses were wide awake!  Hmf.

I checked my phone.  Shiela's messages occupied most of my inbox.  Wow, she was not only satisfied with messaging me, she had to call and wake me up! hmf again!

Then I saw Drew's message.

'Mahal, saan ka kagabi?'

Uhm.. I needed to gather my thoughts.  I got out of bed and fixed myself some Lipton milk tea.

Think, think, Hush.  I did went to Malate last night.  I had planned to tag Drew along, but lately, I wasn't feeling much of his companion.  I don't know.  He calls me mahal and I call him the same, but still, the feeling is incomparable with the way I felt before with Marxus.  It's not that intense, pampalipas oras lang.

I tried to recall what happened last night.  

The streets were crowded and I intentionally parked Blake away from the main road so Drew won't be able to see that I was there.  Yes, the white party was postponed (which disappointed me a teeny bit, because I fussed with the outfit I wanted to wear, white tank top, over capri denims and red stilletos and curling my Clooney-cut hair was no mean feat!! hehehehehehe :p), and I was only informed by Carlo around 11.30pm!  Technically, he did texted me around 10pm, but for heaven's sake, I was having my beauty sleep!! hehehehhe  Since my mind was already set for Malate, we pushed through with the plan, but instead, we both wore black :)

I was cautious not to stand-out from the crowd, but given that a lot still wore white that night, I can't help it :(  We immediately proceeded to Chelu, exchanged beso-beso with Jeff and was pleasantly surprised that at 12.30am, the place was packed!  Sea of men who wore red, white and black danced to the beat, plus factoring in that Chelu had already a 2nd floor!!  My, my, business must be very very good :) (though I did wish that there was a balcony to look down to…)

Back to Drew.  I carefully drafted my response.

'Dito lang ako kagabi sa bahay, mahal.  I was reading the book I bought yesterday'

I inhaled deeply and anticipated his reply.  I vividly remember scanning the crowd if Drew was there.  I was bracing myself for some confrontation but thankfully, none happened.  Only Carlo saw the guy he was dating at the scene, but that's another story :)

'Weeh.  Di nga.  Nakita ka ng mga kawork ko kaya'

'Huh?  Saan?'  Man, it's hard to lie, especially if you still carry a hangover.  Darn.

'Sa Malate daw'

Hmmm… too generic.  I might get away with this. hehehe

'Nge.  Di kaya natuloy white party dahil sa bagyo.'  Well, I am still sticking to facts.

'Yung kasama ko sa work, kasama nya mga tomboy, nakita ka daw nila sa Chelu'

Uh-oh.  No wonder the dudes kept staring at me and one even tried to approach me.  I thought they were just admiring me and was plotting ways to turn her down should she continued and beg for my attention.  Hahahahahaha  Assuming! hahahahahahaha :p

'Hahahhaha talaga?  Galing naman nya.  Nakita nya ako habang nasa bahay lang ako while reading my book!'  Ok ok, this is partly true.  I did read the book, before going to Malate! hmf.

'Nakasuot ka nga ng itim eh'

Tsk tsk!  Time to divert the conversation.  I am already at the hot seat.

'Eh kaw mahal, ano gawa mo kagabi?', was my lame retort.

'Napagod ako sobra kaya nakatulog ako ng maaga, mahal'

'Ahhh… di ka ba nagcelebrate for passing your examinations yesterday??  Sayang naman..'  Now, it was him we were talking about. hehehe

'Hinde mahal eh.  Sobrang na drain ako'

So there, we continued with other topics and forgot about his officemates seeing me.  Come to think of it, I only met a handful of his officemates and really can't believe that they still recall my face-value, since it was just on one occasion that I got to do this.  Am I that, uhm, gorgeous?? Weeeeh… malayo na sa kwento :p

I am not good at lying. hays.

*hush, hush*