Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Lost Hero

I first got addicted to Rick Riordan's books via the Percy Jackson series, more on after I saw the movie.  I found the lead cast who played the role cute (!), a motivating factor for me to watch the movie, and it didn't fail to entertain me :)  I now have all the 5 Percy Jackson books and I highly recommend em :)

Last October 28, I saw at Rockwell's Fully booked that Rick has released a new one, titled 'The Lost Hero'.  I was curious and read the appetizer at the back and noted that the book intertwined the characters in the Percy Jackson series with that of the new characters here.  It was like the Hardy boys meet Nancy Drew type of books that I sooo adore! hehehehhe

I was fascinated and immediately purchased it (plus Fully Booked plastic-covers the book for you for free hehehe).  I was transported back to a place of demi-gods, gods and goddesses, both of Greek and Roman style (*hint hint!*), the battles they fought and, naturally, won and the twists and plots that never failed to amaze me. :)  The book also has an index to it describing the gods and goddesses, and their respective Greek  and Roman name (e.g. Aphrodite and Venus etc etc) and after 21 days (hey!  I'm not a slow reader, I just wanted to savor the adventures in the book hmf!), I finally finished the book :)

I highly recommend the book and I can't wait for book 2, per advertisement, the release of which will be Fall of 2011. hmf! ang tagal!

Wow, after all these years, I am still a book geek. hehehehe