Monday, October 10, 2011

Suplado (Pick-up lines Chapter 17)

Somewhere in Mandaluyong


'Where to in Malate?'


'Ok great then. 12?'

'Make it 1.  Party doesn't start until then.  See you'

Jion.  Half-French, half-Pinoy.  Works at UN in Makati.  Stocky, but definitely cute.  Met him through Mother PR weeks ago, but it's only now that our schedules crossed.

1am.  Chelu.

'Where are you?  I'm already here dancing', he texted.

'Parking.  Be there in 5'

'Ok.  I'm just by the wall near the bar'

Despite the drizzle, the place was overflowing with happy people :)  I scanned the crowd, Vic had decided to join me and Ferns that night, and he said he was there already.  I texted both to "act" as if we just met there.  

I got my Ice and turned my attention to the nearest table.  Somewhere along my peripherals, I saw Jion… and Les!  He is so over this place!! Hmf.

Les: 'Hush!!  You're here'

He was excited as a puppy.  He knew that this was my party ground, he goes to Bed and Obar but never Chelu.  Haist.

H: 'Yah, I know right?'  

He grabbed my waist and zoomed in for a big smack.  I was literally standing in front of Jion!!  Sh3t!! How do you explain that to him later??

L: 'Aba.  Wala ka na tiyan'

He was rubbing my belly.  I was also literally sucking up air. Sh3t! Ang hirap! hahahahaa   

L: 'You know my place, right?  Well, it got flooded during Pedring and my car drowned'

My mind suddenly became attentive to him.  Sayang naman ng BMW nya!! I felt sad.  I'm sooo materialistic! hahahahahaha

H: 'Ay oo.  Roxas ka nga pala noh? Sayang naman.  Did you have it fixed?'

L: 'Di na.  I bought a new one'

H: 'What car?'

L: 'Audi'

Life is soooo unfair!!  I decided to excuse myself to contemplate on this. hehehe Drama lang.

When I got back, Les was not around, my opportunity to strike a conversation with Jion.  The alligators were already lingering around him, and it seemed that it took him forever to approach me.

H: 'Hey.  You're Jion right'

J: 'Uhuh'

H: 'How come you didn't text me?'

J: 'I did.  You wanna see the thread?'

He grabbed his Iphone4 and showed it to me.  I also showed my E72 with the broken keypads. hahaha Levelling lang. hahahaha

H: 'So why didn't you approach me then?' (Pa-demure effect ang puttanesca!)

J: 'How can I when I see the guy that I'm supposed to meet is kissing someone else??'

Silence.  Guilt.  hehehe

J: 'Honestly, you want me to do that also? Man, I can go and kiss anybody.  It's just that I'm behaved.'

The British accent was heavy, despite him being French.  I lavet!! hehehe  He wasn't fuming mad, it was actually cute seeing him this way :)

H: 'Sorry.  It was just that this guy kissed me to my surprise.  I didn't mean that to happen.  You have mesmerizing eyes, you know.  What color are they?'  (shift gear!!)

J: 'Really?  They are just brown.  I got it from my father'

Then Les came back.  To make a long story short, I introduced him to Jion, and they sort of clicked together, and no, not romantically.  They were so engrossed in their conversation, I think about Europe (really) that they didn't noticed that I slipped away to join Ferns and Vic.  Sad :(

Vic: 'Check him out, Hush'

I turned my gaze towards the guy he was referring to.  Medium-built, cropped hair, sleepy eyes and matangos ilong.  He looks like Jericho Rosales! hehehehe

H: 'Go and introduce yourself'

I couldn't believe he went with my advise.  He headed straight towards the guy and whispered something.  Hmf!  I hate him. hahahahaha  Naunahan ako!!

Vic was all over the guy, dancing behind him, talking to him, but the guy seemed nonchalant.  Vic came back to where we were at.

'Oh, did you get the guy's name?', I asked.

'Yah. Vince'

'Introduce mo ako sa kanya, Vic', I pleaded. hehehe

'Nah.  Suplado'

Hahaha So Vic wasn't Vince' type.  Glee! hehehe

I lost track of my interest for Vince, as I was pre-occupied with both Les and Jion getting along well.  Double hmf!!

The night was fast approaching twilight and I was dancing to Papi, oh well, I noticed I was the only one dancing to that beat :p hehehe  

Ferns nudged me, 'Hush, to your left'

I swayed to my left.. and there he was Vince.  Besides me.  She3t! Now's my chance. hahaha

H: 'Boy, you are cute!!'

I caught him offguard.  Good.  Strategy worked.  Typically, if you just say hi and ask for a guy's name, a trophy one especially, the guy wouldn't mind you.  Look at what happened to Vic.  You must have an element of surprise to get the guy's attention :)  Enough of the lecture.

H: 'I've been eyeing you for some time'

He smiled.  Darn.  

H: 'Where are your friends?'

V: 'They left me.  They were not my friends.  I came here solo. They just wanted to accompany me.. eh ang panget naman if I turn them down, right?'

H: 'hahahaha ikaw na ang good samaritan!  Whew! What a relief then'

V: 'Why?'

H: 'Cause I really thought you were with that guy.. now I have a chance!'

I then flashed my Close-up smile :)

V: 'hahahahaha'

He gazed at me for a long time.

V: 'Yah, I did notice you.'

H: 'So how come you aren't dancing??'

V: 'haha so do you want me to dance like this??'

He proceeded to dance goofily, raising his hand in the air and mimicking an idiot. hahaha Gahd!!! Help me.

H: 'Tell you what, I'll take you home'

He looked puzzled.

H: 'Nooo.. I don't mean to sound it that way, I'll take you to your place.  It's getting late, makikita na foundation mo!'

V: 'Kapal ng mukha mo! hahahaha'

I raised my hands in an act of surrender.

H: 'hahaha ok, ok.  We might see that it's foundation day here after all!'  (with my arms spread around the place)

V: 'sige, tapusin ko lang tong yosi'

.. and it turned out he wanted to go home to my place, without much convincing on my end. hehehe  and he was hung! hahahaha hugely hung! hahahahaha

PS - Bakit ganoon, except for one, all the bottom guys I've dated are well-gifted!  tsk tsk. hahahaha

*hush, hush*