Friday, September 10, 2010

Lazy Friday with Honey

Well, honey's bit off the weather lately and we just ordered Pizza Hut (he has a palm card so buy 1 take 1 pizza and free pepsi 1.5L hihihi) and watched Youtube the entire day (cable was dry and we had not bought dvds).

What caught our attention was Prince Poppycock's act on America's Got Talent. He's splendid! =) really love his act (and he is cute! hahahahaha) and the stage presence he creates is awesome.  Enjoy, my hushkins =)

Mr. Hush Hush's Imagery

I was having dinner at Abe with some friends when the staff of my colleague before brought up that I look like Jojo (whom I googled and later found out to be Jojo Alejar) hosting a late night talkshow.  That got me thinking.  I have always been compared to different artists but I really couldn't find any resemblance to this Jojo guy.. Is he wacky?  If so, then maybe we share the same traits.. He's not bad looking din naman. hahahahhaha
Our yearbook in the university had this whole page dedicated to 'celebrity-look-a-likes' in campus.. and I was part of it. hahahahahahaha That time, I was the Ariel Rivera and my picture was placed side by side with his! hahahhahaha Hmmmm.. I do know how to sing (no, hushkins, not that kind of singing!! let's talk about that some other time) but I hardly knew any of his songs! hahahaha Hmmmm.. maybe it was the necklace I wore.. or the hair that I sported that gave the editors the idea (mind you, I was not part of the editorial staff of our yearbook! hmf)

Then I became a Corporate slave.  I had this officemate before that we call Ate V (obviously for the reason that her name is synonymous with the famous Star for all Seasons) and her daughter came up to me and said (circa 2004), you look like Jed Madela.  Upon seeing the look on my face, Ate V then proceeded to explain that he was the newest singing sensation in the country.  I looked him up and there.. hmmm.. I do look somehow like him! hahahahahaahahaha (and I chose the best looking angle that I could search in google)  Ever since that comparison, I have been tagged to him, of late, I was walking out of Mercury Drug and a friend of a friend exclaimed, you look just like Jed Madela. Hay.
Wala lang magawa, hushkins. =)

In Gratitude

Ahhhh  I just love my new layout, hushkins =) It gives the umph that I need and describes what I want to convey to you, my hushkins... and I owe this a lot (and as usual hihiihi) to my great creative buddy, roripuff =) (and yes I have named him!! hehehehe)

Rori and I go back kindergarten days but I got to be close with him when we were at our second year in secondary education.  This was the time I was outcasted by my tender friends when I rebelled against my persona (meaning, I tried to court a gurl!! hehehehe hopefully I could blog about this phase in my life some time)  He had his share of straight friends and I thought I could be influenced by his barkada.   Alas, I was not! hahhahaahahahahah  I got back to my old habits.  

I really really wondered why Rori had sooo many straight friends then...  No offense, but he is one of us (Come on, he was artistic then, and artistry came with sailormoon pictures he drew and placed on the insides of his locker room!! hahahhahahahahahha).  Then I recall that it was his diskarte with flirting with the guys! Whattaf@*k!! hahahhahahahahhaahaha and even today, he lives to that image ;) Idol?? hahahahaha

Well, if you really, really, really love my layout, check, chat, poke, consult (with pay of course! hahahahaha I'm the only one he'll do things in gratis ;p) @ He really prefers multiply over facebook as the latter prevents him from showcasing his artistic being.

Hush hush for now **