Monday, May 30, 2011

The Simple Life at the Bukid

May 28
Rosales, Pampanga
(backgound: Drew belting his voice out with their karaoke!)

I'm stressed at work, so I decided to take the offer of Drew to go to his hometown province, Pangasinan.  I figured, it has been some time that I haven't made any spur-of-the moment decisions (besides the fact that he will pay for gas and toll! hihihihihi).  I needed some breather.

He picked me up at the office (ay ang tweet ) and I introduced him to Ferns.  Ferns texted later na magaan loob nya kay Drew.  Ok na yan for me. hehehe

We went to his apartment at San Andres in Manila.  Uhmm… No comment. hehehe :)  I thought that only his sister would join us in our journey, but to my mortification, his brother in law and his son, his nephew and his sister all crowded in!  Puttanesca, driver ako?? Hmf!!  That irked me a bit.. no a bit lot. 'Boy, pa.full tank, Drew san na pera??'

That was eve of Friday, May 27.  We arrived at 1.30am, Saturday dawn.  Took me only 3.5hrs at 140kph hehehe  I fueled my disgust through driving. hehehe

What greeted me was mud, caused by the earlier downpour.  He lives in the farmlands of Brgy Acop and no clear path to take me to his place.  I was beginning to regret that I  agreed to this arrangement, plus the fact that the place was pitch-dark!  Paranoia sat in and I really did think that his family was a pack of aswangs! sh3t! hahahahaha  I wanted to turn back Baby Blake to the comforts of metropolis.  I was breathing and thinking hard of my next action steps.

I was also weary and seeing that I had to sleep on the floor brought tears (no! they are not tears of joy!! hmf) to me. :(  I was beginning to feel depress, honestly, and there was no clear mattress, but only blankets to keep the cold floors creeping through my bones.  I sound soo maarte, but I can't help it :(

That night, Drew asked me if I was ok.  NO!!  I was not ok!! hmf!  Syempre, I responded, oo naman, through gritted teeth. hehehe  Then he hugged me (with all the nephews and nieces aged 3 to 4 looking through the blanket curtains!) and whispered 'Thanks, mahal for  all these sacrifices.  I appreciate what you did for me'  I melted. :p

The next day, we woke up around 8am for us to do some wet market!  My gosh!!!! I was dreading my next misadventure.  He brought along the chikitings and to my nightmare, they all started wailing when they wanted this, and wanted that! Puttanesca, leche flan!! Sabi ko na nga ba ayoko magkaanak eh!!  The good tito that he was, he granted all their wishes and that made me smile.  Drew was sooo caring towards his nephews and nieces.  Pang.papa material talaga. hehehe  Pogi points 2!

My stomach started to rumble and he took me to the carenderias within the marketplace.  Uhm.. ok.  I couldn't decide among the plentiful of viands they were offering, definitely not because they look sumptuous!  We settled with Aling Mary's (I think) because they had 2 stalls, so I thought that this might be the best among all the carederias :)  We ordered Bicol Express and something that was famous in Pangasinan (I forgot the name!).  I was right.  The food was yummy, and looks can definitely be deceiving. hehehehe 

Upon reaching his place, and since it's daybreak, Drew showed me the stretch of land his ancestors bestowed upon his family.  As far as the eyes could see, he proudly stated.  Mayabang din pala sya. 'Hanggang doon sa mga puno ng mangga sa dulo, sakop namin yan.  Gusto ko dyan magtayo ng bahay ko, sa may sagingan.', he proudly pointed.  'Bahain man lahat ng Rosales, pero dito sa amin, di kami binabaha', he continued.  I stared at him the whole time, with his eyes twinkling like a child boasting of one's toy, plus the manner he speaks, innocence written all over his words and beaming with every action he makes.  He then chased the chikitings around the backyard, giggling and kissing them.  He turned to look at me, smiled and beckoned me to come.  I looked down at my feet.  Hay.  Ayoko ng mud.. mudly in love. :p

Andrew: 'Lapid, padala nga ng silya sa may puno at kakain kami ng mangga' (Lapid, his grown up nephew, nodded)

A: 'Ate Vilma, eh yung bagoong naluto na ba?  Dalhin mo nga rito't para masimulan na namin kainin yan'  (The ate yelled back her response, oo na!)

Hush: 'Uhm.. masyado ka ata pala.utos rito'

A: 'hehe oo mahal.  Lahat ng gusto ko, sinusunod nila.  Ako nalang kaya tanging anak na lalaki sa sampung magkakapatid ng nanay ko, pagkatapos sumakabilang buhay kuya ko.  Syempre, aalagaan nila ako' 

He took off his shirt and proceeded to yell yet again:

A: 'Inay, saan na ba yung bola sa basket rito?  Makapaglaro nga muna habang nag.aantay.'

I don't know.  There's this manner that Ilokanos speak that I perceive as very demanding, no hint of calm intonations, but all straight and frank.  I still am not accustomed to it, no matter how much they (yeah yeah, madami na akong na date na Ilokano :) ) explain that my views are biased.  hehehe

A:  'Mahal, tara na, hinto mo muna yang internet mo at kain tayo mangga'

I gazed back at him.  His eyes do sparkle.  He offered his hands to help me up.

Sige, mahal, I responded, took his hands and had him led the way under the mango tree.

I could get used to this.. 

or maybe not! :p

*hush hush*