Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Valentine Bearista - US version (102nd edition)

cuddling in my sofa
 Ex's friend came to visit Manila and we met him up at Bayview Hotel, along Roxas Boulevard.  I was wondering why he was staying at that place, then I realize, it's just across the US Embassy, so if anything happens to him, he'll just cross the street and complain. hehehehe

As I've blogged before, I'm not a huge fan of the female version of the Starbucks bearista, but since there is no male version released for the month of hearts, I had no right to complain as it is a pasalubong :) hehehe  I gladly accepted the gift with open arms.

The US version is similar to that released in Asia. The main difference is the former carries a love letter, addressed to "the one I love", while the latter had warmers on.  Well… it's tooooooo girly :) hehehehehehe

Happy Valentine's again!! :) mwah mwah!!


Free Starbucks Via only today!! :)

Location: Starbucks Manila Bayview Hotel

I started the day right by dropping by at a Starbucks coffee shop and to my surprise, they are giving out free sachet of Starbucks Via, everytime you purchase a cup of coffee.  I haven't tried their VIA brand and I'm looking forward to stirring one at the office :) and the barista was kind enough to give out 2 sachets to me. Yehey! :)

 Go and grab one, only for today, Happy  day, hushkins! :)