Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wednesday - Narnia!

2nd day of my crash diet, este, mandatory leave. hehe

Went to the gym around 4pm and afterwards booked a ticket for the last full show of Narnia in 3D.  It was between Monsters and Narnia but the ticket receptionist recommended the latter (baka naman kasi mas mahal), but the better side of me heeded her advise.

Since I had time to kill, I roam around Galleria scouting for that perfect suit for our red carpet themed Christmas party.  There wasn't much to see, and I was a bit exhausted from the hour-cardio I had.  I decided to have my dinner (since I only had 3 bananas today, mind you), at Burger King.  The meal (Jr Whopper) was so-so, and wasn't worth the price I paid for.  I mean, I could have a better meal at Yoshinoya or Jade Palace for the same price.  Well, regrets come in late.

The theatre was basically empty and I feel I had the movie all by myself.  No noisy and nosy kids to mess up the dialogues of the film (gosh, Harry Potter was unbearable with all the kids around, and the reason why I didn't blog about it), or the sounds of plastic bags whenever somebody had to take out their food and later crample..  Good start. hehehe

Narnia, voyage of the dawn treader, is a feel good movie.  I haven't read the book so I had to relay on the plot.  The movie focused on both Edmund and Lucy, and a new character, their begrudging cousin Eustace, on their adventure yet again (well for the 2 anyway) to Narnia.  Peter (tsk tsk) and Susan (yehey!) were not major characters in this new film, but Prince Caspien (double yehey!!) was around to compensate for Peter's absence. hehehe  Prince Caspien never failed to excite me whenever the film focused on him and kinikilig ako, for lack of better terminology. hehehe

The highlight for me would be when Eustace turned into a dragon (ooops! sorry) and learned to accept that he is indeed in a place where a rat with big ears talk, invisible people exists and its ruler led by a lion.  Another one would be the ending, where Lucy realized that it was her last visit to Narnia.. I was a bit moved with this scene.

On the other hand, I was a bit disappointed with the 3D.  It wasn't 100% 3D and I feel I was short-changed with the ticket I bought, plus the popcorn and soda came in small package. Hmf!

Overall, it's a movie you may or may not watch.  Up to you really, I'm not a big fan but I simply had nothing to do up my sleeves for the day :)

For my perusal, here's what I ate today:
3 bananas
around 10 oranges (yung super maliliit at cute na oranges, hinde yung malaki ha, ok ka lang)
Burger King - Jr Whopper with Ice Tea, Fries and half-sundae (half lang! hmf)
Popcorn na small with small coke zero