Thursday, September 1, 2011

Carwash (Pick Up Lines Chapter 15)

24hr Carwash

The heavy rains over the weekend left Blake messy and dusty, and since the sun took a peek that day, it was time for his bath and headed straight to my suki.

I had to wait for a good 20 minutes for my turn, and when I got off, I noticed a black BMW hatchback pulled next to mine.  Aba, aba! Talo si Blake! hahahaha Choowee Blake :)

I tried to take a peek at the driver.  He was young, gahd, he even looked 18 years old, curly black hair, pinkish white glow, mestizo, had those geeky black glasses on, simple white shirt over black shorts.  Casual yet he stands out.  I tried to ignore him and hurried towards the lounge sofa and proceeded to take hold of the TV remote controller and scanned channels.  Ahhhhh.. Gossip girl was on. hahahaha  Imagine the look on the other drivers! hahahaha ;)

He followed inside and sat behind me.  Hmmm… curious also with Blair Waldorf?? hahahaha or Chuck Bass?? :)  The rest showed disinterest and read the papers instead. hehe  Sorry.  VIP.  Chos! hahaha

After a bit, I got out to check Blake.  He was almost done, and I was standing alone in front of Blake when the guy stood next to me.  Imagine that his BMW was serviced besides the car behind me, i.e, far.  Uhm, ok.  My heart skipped a bit. hahaha Exagg! hehe

He then proceeded to check out my car.  Darn. Kinabahan ako, I was anticipating his eyebrow to raise and words of criticism to come out of his mouth.

Guy: 'Nice seats.  Mind if I take a closer look'

Sheet.  English. hahahahaha

Hush: 'Sure.  Have a look' or was it better to say, take a closer look?? hahahaha Kaba much.

G: 'Ganda.  Did it come with the car?'

H: 'Nope.  I had them custom-made, just here in Mandaluyong'

G: 'Where?  Seatmate?'

H: 'Yah, how'd you know??'

G: 'I wanted mine made' , points at non-tinted hatchback.

H: 'hmmm… nice ride.  Eh, why'd you want it made, the seats are cozy enough' (kunyari unimpressed.  Char!!)

G: 'coz I get lazy cleaning it up. (chuckles)  It's so much easier if it's leather, but, the problem with my car is that the airbags are at the side, so they told me it's hard to do'

H: 'Ahh. Ok.  You live within the area?  Haven't noticed you around here'

G: 'Pasig, but I frequent this place.  I'm just visiting my auntie'

H: 'Ahhh.. Student?'

G: 'Yah, medschool.  UE'

H: 'At Recto??  You drive that thing there?  I don't even bring my car at Quiapo!'

G: 'I know right.  I even lost one of my mags while parking outside.  My shift was at 7am til 8pm, and when I got back, wala na'

H: 'Man, that's crazy.  You park along the streets??' (oh diva, nakikisabay sa pagka konyo! hahahahah)

G: 'If I can't find a slot inside.  Usually, I shelf out to the guards to park inside the campus.  Then, then, I just had to remove my tint.  The MMDAs keeps bugging me on what's inside my car, and ask for ID! So better have it removed so they can just peek'

H: 'But that's exposing yourself, especially if you drive late at night'

G: (shrugs) 'Ganun talaga.  I take the Fortuner with me pag ganoon'

Natahimik ako.  Aah. ok. hehehe Blake was done already.  

As I pulled out of the garage, I noticed him staring at me.  I smiled and put my shades on.  I soooo wanted to wave at him and send him flying kisses, but I took a grip of myself.  hahahaha Next time.  He said he frequents my suki.  I'll just stumble upon him.  And then, I could get his number :)  Char! 

There's something about him.. and his car! hahaha

*hush, hush*