Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Hunt (Pick-up lines Chapter 3)

Eve to Hallow's eve.

The line going inside Nakpil street snaked all the way to it's parallel end.  Happy men chattering, well, happily while enduring and waiting for their turn to get in.  Save for a handful of maidens (puttanesca, ano gawa nila rito? witness? hehehe), men in black predominated the scene.  The Black Party.

Only one way going inside Malate.  Darn.

To-toot.  It was Carlo.

'San na you?'

I replied, 'We're still queuing outside.  Kaw?'

'I'm already in.  Kita nalang tayo sa labas ng O-bar'

'Pa'no ka nakapasok?  Haba ng pila.'

'Saw a friend and he knew the guys at the entrance.  Will wait for you here'

I look at Ferns with an arched eyebrow.  Nauna ang puttanesca, and we thought he was somewhere else and will just catch up.

I pleaded, 'Gawan mo naman paraan para makapasok kami agad'

Response, 'di ko kasi friend yung nasa entrance, kung friend ko yun, mag.fa.favor ako, antayin ko nalang kayo rito'

'Heh.  Ganyan ka ha.  Walang pansinan mamaya! ;p'

No choice.  Ferns and I had to deal with being part of the masses (hahahaha! mga dyosang nakikihalubilo sa kanilang nilalang! hahahaha).  Hmmm.. an opportunity to scrutinize the men around us.

Some wore white, hmmm.. black party po eto.  Lots of eye-candy abound us, but twice the ugly ones! hahahaha Ferns and I kidded, puttanesca, bawal dapat ang pangit, pero sige na nga, Halloween naman eh. hahahaha  We thought if fire raised Malate that night, a significant portion of the gay population would be wiped off! hehehe  On one side of the line, a guy in white was being a prat on the phone, 'ayoko pumila, sunduin mo ko rito'.  Well, dear, you'll have to wait until the line subsides. hmf.  Then there were Caucasians who cut in on the line, apparently blind on how long the line was.  But, cge na nga, mga visitors naman eh. hihihihi

Finally, we got in.

Carlo met us, 'Inom na kayo Tanduay Ice'.

I raised an eyebrow. 'Hmf!  Pinapila mo kami!  Libre mo kami ng Ice'

Carlo chided, 'Kaw naman mas mayaman eh.  Bili ka na'

Hmf again.  I guess that was true hahahahaha. kidding. =p

Ferns was giddy. 'Let's go inside'

'Dami tao sa loob', Carlo complained.

Still we went inside.  Carlo begged off as he had to work early the following day.  Kevs. 1.30am.

The place was crowded, literally, shoulder to shoulder.  If I had a faint heart, well, I would have fainted. hehe  but we thrive on, eager on what awaits us. :)

I saw Jaydee, Rori's friend, dancing on the ledge.  Hmf.  I added him on FB, and until now it's still pending.  Double Hmf!!  I personally thought he was a looker, but contrary, he was not (sour grape!).  Honestly, he wasn't, and he wasn't tall, 5'2" the most, paarte-arte pa sya.

I chug a bottle of Ice.  No one particularly interesting.  Another gulp.  Hmmm.. the dance beat starts to reverberate in my ears, it was playing Club can't handle me.  I was starting to dance to the beat, then out of the corner of my eye, I saw Paris, a fling of my past.  He saw me.  Musta?

I shrugged.  'I'm ok' (pa-demure effect).

'Who you with?'

'Ferns'.  He was so close, I could smell him.

He looked at me, I looked at him.  We kissed.  That's it.  He moved on.  One down, how many more to go? hehe

We moved to the bar.  Ferns was giggling, 'Stop please'.  Apparently, someone was groping him, actually, more like a couple.  Touchdown si parekoy. hehe

The guys passing by were so close, again, you could smell them, hmmm.. Eternity.. Pleasures.. Happy.. aba! may nag Light Blue.. hmmm.. ewwwww! Axe ba yun?? *choke choke*

Another Ice.  I popped mint into my mouth.  Another guy passed by, this time with a second glance at me.  I stare back.  He stopped at his tracks.  I smiled, he approached me.  He danced in front of me, pelvis touching.  I didn't complain.  Hmmm.. the guy looked chinito, but moreno, not really my type.  He drew his face close to mine, he started to bite my upper lip.  I didn't prevent him.  Then he chew my lower lip.  He's a good kisser, I started to reciprocate, I can sense he liked it.  (Secret no. 2 hushkins, always carry mint, you'll never knew who'll you'll end up kissing =) ).
'Let's have sex', he drooled.

Whoa!  Bilis naman nito.  'hhhmmmm.. now?'

'Yah, now, my place in Pasay'

'You top or bottom?', I queried.

'Top'.  tsk tsk.  I am top also.

'Maybe later.  I still want to dance', was my excuse.

'Ok.  Give me your number.'

'Say what, you give me your number, and I'll text you'.  He obliged.  He said his name was Rico.  Two down.

I danced.  Then another guy passed by.  He looked familiar and I was tipsy (I had already 2 bottles Ice and 2 bottles Gilbeys).

'You looked familiar', I said with a mischievous smile.

He smiled back, 'really?'

"Yah, you were at Palawan last week, right?'

He blushed, 'Yup, but I can't recall seeing you'

'You're cute'

'So are you.'  He was flirting back.  We danced and I kissed him.  He was Nathan and I gave him my number this time.  Three down.

After Nathan left, Rico came back.  He asked why I still haven't texted him.  I alibied, I did, maybe Globe wasn't working well.

Ferns and I scouted the place.  Still very crowded but everyone was having fun.  I saw some cute guy, a bit petite, but fair-skinned, with dewy eyes.  My type, bottomesa hehe  He was being cajoled by someone to dance.  I sensed that John (I forgot his name now, so let's call him John) didn't like the guy and out of nowhere, I felt that it was my duty to save John. hahahaha  I stared at John intensely, he sensed it and saw me.  I motioned for him to dance with me.  HIs partner looked at me, I arched an eyebrow (tapang) and John snaked his way towards me.

'Hi', I put on my mischievous smile again.


We danced.  We exchanged details to which I can't recall.  We ended up kissing.  Four down plus one point for being mang-aagaw. hehehe


I was having a ball dancing.  It was now playing Let me see your underwear.  

I saw two guys dancing.  Apparently I liked the feeling of being mang-aagaw and I wanted to try again.  I put in my stare at the guy I am interested in.  Still the same features as John, but this time, the guy had dimples.  Cute.

He noticed, but still didn't let go of his partner.  Hmf, apparently, my technique's not working.  I extended a hand, gesturing him to take it and dance with me.  Still ignored.  Ouch.  I smiled devilishly.  He smiled back.  They were now dancing beside me, him facing me and his partner's back at me.  I gently manipulated my hands behind the cute guys back.  He didn't stopped me from doing so.  The partner noticed.

He asked, 'Excuse me, do you know each other??'

I smiled innocently, 'Yup, we're high school buddies', saying it loud enough for the cute guy to hear.  He smiled back and nodded.  He was playing along.

The partner responded, 'Really, from which school??'

I was shouting, 'Ateneo' and grabbed the cute guy away from him.  I started dancing with him, and the partner went away.  I was soooo bad. hehehe 

'Swabe', he was grinning from ear to ear.

'Impressive, ey?  I'm Hush, your just-found-out highschool buddy'

'hahaha, I'm Lemuel'

'I love your dimples'


'I'm not!  You're hot'


'Can I kiss you?'

'I don't kiss on my first date', Lemuel was being pakipot.  Challenge again.

'Well, I'll be an exception to your rule, I'm a good kisser'

I drew my face closer to him, trying to sense if he'll avoid my lips.  He didn't.  I gently nibbled on his upper lip.  He didn't stop me.  I went for the kill and kissed him.  He kissed back gently.  I placed in my tongue and he played with it.

'haha you're naughty', he teased.

'I'm not.  I'm a good boy', I chided.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his partner staring at us.  I could just imagine his thoughts on 2 highschool buddies making out on the dancefloor.  Kevs.

'You always get away with this?' he asked.

'No, this is my first time and you're lucky coz I did it to you! hahaha' I lied. hehehe

We danced some more and exchanged numbers.  Five down.

Happy Halloween, hushkins! ;p

Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Brainers Please

My team is relatively new and for us to solidify our bonds, Ferns came up with the idea of having dinner and going out to a comedy bar last Friday.  Our newest recruit, Jechel, volunteered to treat the team in time for her birthday the following Sunday.

Early that day, I decided to email our big boss on our planned activities, and invited him if he could spare some time to join us.  I read his response late afternoon (as I was on whole day training), and he said that the idea was great but because of important timelines in his office, and as much as he would love to join us, he can't afford to.  Well, at least he knows of the effort I'm extending to the team. =)

The choice restaurant was John and Yoko, simply because it was my favorite dine-in place and Jechel had not yet tried it.  We ordered Japaella (yum yum), bacon-wrapped dori, shrimp tempura and that chicken (I think it was green chicken).  We had our share of bottomless drinks, which I simply adore since one can refill from blue ice tea to red or green (the latter not my type).

During the course of the meal, Jechel, with her childish ways, was trying to make something out of me and my staff, Marc.  Marc is your typical good-looking guy, basketball player, tall and fair-skinned. He even has a resident fan at the office, always grabbing the opportunity to say hi to him when Marc's around (simply pathetic) and Ferns even told me that this fan asked why is Marc always hanging out with us.  Naturally, ka-team namin sya, Ems.

Back to Jechel.  I told her that mas bagay kayo.  You're pretty and he's handsome, so bagay na bagay (I was tempted to throw in the cheesy lines, hinde kayo hayop, hinde kayo tao, bagay na bagay kayo, but I refrained myself from doing so hahahaha).  

Di ah, was Jechel's response.  Both Marc and Ferns just laughed at our silly ways.  Ba't nga ba mga good-looking ang hinire mo, Hush? asked Jechel again.

I looked at Ferns with a knowing smile.  At the back of my mind, I've always kidded myself that I plan to bring back the glory days of our bank.  Masyado na ata papangit hina.hire ng HR these days. hahahahahaha  But of course this was not all true.  Medyo lang.

I responded to Jechel, masyado ka naman bilid sa looks mo, iha! hahahahahaha Seriously, I've come to this stage that I am no longer looking for people who have got the brains and ambitions.  I have that already (I could see the looks on Marc, Ferns and Jechel vividly til now hahhaha).  I have come to realize that what matters most in an organization is great personality, something hard to find.  It will not always be hay days in our team and come a time that disagreements will arise, I need people who won't have egos to nurture, people easy to look at  when I become hot-tempered, and people I can approach to because their aura spells welcoming.  

Masyado mo naman kami nilalait, meaning wala kami brains?  laughs off Jechel.

Of course not!  I also take that into consideration but personality is my priority these days.  In fact, both Ferns and Jechel are CPAs and the former even has a masteral degree to boast and boost from Australia.  Marc came from a good school and I believe he has potential to succeed, but what ties them all is that they have great personalities.  =)

After our sumptuous dinner, we cancelled our trip to the comedy bar but instead watched Petrang Kabayo! hahahahaha  We were laughing at the edge of our seats and seemed we were in a comedy bar, but this will be another story.

Oh well, hushkins, they will be my diamonds in the rough.  Hush hush for now

Creek.. Creek.. Creek.. BED

I was scanning through my favorite blogs and I read  Discreet Manila's post on BED's work in progress.  Yuppie!  Something to be joyful about. =)  I love their teaser!! yum yum yum yum yum! hahahahha

Monday, October 11, 2010

♀Of being Bullied and Ostracized ♂

Hushkins, I want to join in this campaign (kasi feeling artista din ako! hahahaha).

Seriously, it is indeed alarming that a lot of the suicides in the US is caused by bullying against LGBT.  Acceptance is still an issue, and i thought that the US is already open-minded to our lifestyle.  It brings back memories of my younger years.. of how I was bullied also.. and ostracized.

Those were the years I'd like to forget.  Though it was not that horrific that I have nightmares, but still, those left scars in my life.  I've always wondered why my classmates picked on me.  I'd come from recess during high school and I'll notice that my back pack was stepped on with footprints on it (I still feel tingles whenever I recall these situations).  I'd have a hard time in fitting in, whenever there were group assignments, I'd always end up with the same circle of friends (meaning, gay circle) and not with the other teams.  I was scared that they won't allow me to, and having grown up in an all-boys school and stuck in the honor section since grade 4 until I graduated high school, I was basically stuck to the same classmates.  One time, I became buddy with Dicky (yes, his name was Dicky and I had no cognition that time what it was meant otherwise), and we talked a lot.  I think we got close because of a task I helped him with.  His close friend, Tony, teased him to me, that we were a pair, and from there on, Dicky treated me differently =(  Dicky in turn joined alliances with Tony and tease me endlessly and torture me emotionally.

When things turned to a different page, when I decided that maybe, just maybe, by being a man and try courting a girl during my second-year in HS, the harassment would stop, I was wrong.  Then, my so-called friends (well some of them anyway), back-bited me and even discouraged me with sayings like 'once gay, always gay' or 'acting lang yan'.  I felt lost.  Where do I fit in?

But these did not falter me from pursuing and proving to the world that I can make it.  Never did it occur to me to commit suicide.  No, no, no.  I thought then that I love myself too much to do that.  I stood up to these bullying and  Rori would know that I did retaliate when I was aggravated.  I knew then that it was Tony's idea to step on my back pack.  So what I did was to cut the sling off his Lacoste bag. hahaha I could just imagine the look on his face when he saw his expensive bag useless (I did like that bag).  Then, I also threw one of my classmate's scientific calculator in the toilet.  Trivial things that avenge the hurt that they did.

So, hushkins, stand up!  Stand up to these abuses.

Cause there's,
There's a light in me,
That shines brightly,
They can try,
But they can't take that away from me
From me

- Mariah Carey

Hush hush for now 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Honey Monthsary!

Today marks the 17th monthsary that me and honey have been together.  We met officially on May 9, but honey didn't like 9, so we decided 8 is a much better number.  8 marks infinity, no beginning, no end.  The road we chose isn't easy, and the pride we had to eat was big for swallowing, but the sweetness after digestion is well worth it. =)

Admittedly, he's the longest partner I've ever had.  I did promise to take care of this relationship, as long as it was worth fighting for (drama).

Love you, honey. ♥ ♥ ♥

PS - I'm still waiting for your HEAT treat. hmf. hehehehehe

location: Blenz Coffee, Megamall

My Baby Mac*

No words. purely yabang lang, please bear with me. hihihihihihihih


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

People are People (part 1)

I first gained exposure in dealing with people when I was with San Miguel.  I didn't consider my stay with PricewaterhouseCoopers as dealing with audit clients tend to be one-sided, these clients have vested interest in me.  My clients were in their best behavior when i was around, afraid that I might issue a disclaimer to their financial statements! They treated me to lunch, showed me their records upon request, I was their VIP, so to say.  It was with San Miguel that reality smacked me in the face.  That I was no longer somebody's guest.. that I was a mere employee of a big multinational company.

As an auditor, we tend to be idealistic.  What is written per GAAP is the rule, so naturally, I applied my learnings with the biggest manufacturer of liquor in the country.  It started with the expense reports of our salesman.  As a finance personnel, you review the expenses incurred by these frontmen in our industry, and I disapproved some of these claims (e.g. claiming of lavatory expenses, in short, trip to the cr at a posh establishment in Cebu), to the ire of these guys.  These expense reports are approved by the sales manager and routed to finance for final checking and disbursement.  One time, their sales manager called me up, and told me 'Are you Hush?' 'Yes, sir' was my response.  'Who are you to disapprove the expenses that I approved??'.  It was a blow to my face.  I immediately ran to my finance head and laid down the cards why I did such a move before that sales manager could call her up.  It was with my finance head that I got moral support, she explained to me that what I did was correct, that we are the check and balance of the organization.  Without her, I would have been demoralized.  With this strong foundation implanted in me, I learned I would have to face more intimidation as I stepped up the Corporate ladder.

Since the economy that time was bleak (hmmm.. I think this still applies now hehehe), there were rumors that the finance organization in our division for both Visayas and Mindanao  were to be merged.  Employees were biting their nails and when the Company offered early retirement, majority of them availed, my head being one of them.  So the Company was looking for someone to step up to her shoes, and I was picked together with a Davaoeno lady to vie for that position.  She had with her 4 years work experience in the Company while I only had a year, but she didn't have any exposure to the manufacturing aspect of our Company and this was the critical advantage I had over her and my winning streak that landed me the coveted role (plus I did dress to impress the Corporate bosses, she didn't even donned a blazer!).  The day after, she tendered her resignation, and I was crippled with one leg for our Mindanao operations.  My boss in Manila said to let her go, and that she might be emotional over the outcome of the promotion.  If people decide to leave the organization, let them be, it is futile to hold on to somebody who you know have grudges already.

Manning the VisMin Finance was hard.  Literally hard.  I had to work from 8am to 12mn, to catch up on deliverables.  I learned what it was to be a Corporate slave, flying back and forth from Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Boracay and other parts of VisMin, but what took a toll on me was the morale of my team.  I had only 1 staff in Mindanao, 1 in Western Visayas, 1 in Eastern Visayas and 3 in Central Visayas.  I knew at the back of my mind that they want out, but I had to find ways to persuade them not to.  Staff were crying with the undeserved poundings of sales personnel and I had to set discussions with these people.  Logistics was unbearable and couldn't account for the variances in inventories and meetings were always a debate on the whys and whens of the problems faced by the Plant.  Aside from this, my boss took a 'liking' in me and decided to send me out to Manila to attend a court hearing (the defense attorney even asked: 'how old are you?', I responded, '24'. 'Aren't you young to be handling the Finance Division?' which was of course objected by my lawyer hehehe).

One time, a staff of mine approached me that he was not able to accomplish his task.  My mind was full of things and in my annoyance, I literally did the work for him, having Lloyd stand at my side to see how simple it was to do.  Lloyd then lamented that how come he is not that good enough to do such task and when he sees me doing it, it seemed simple enough..  My heart melted.  I was not considerate with him, that I didn't take into account that he was just a fresh graduate, and despite him being a CPA also, he didn't have the training I had over the years.


I learned that the most difficult task in any organization is not the worksheets and computation that you do, it's the people.  I've outlined the basics.  People tend to intimidate you when they know they have something that you don't, and get emotional when things don't go their way.  We need to persuade them when matters go amiss while considering that each individual have their own unique profiles. 

I'm not a people-expert, but it's noteworthy to review on my experiences when the the time comes when I need them.

My Manila encounter next.  Believe me, Cebu and Manila orientation is way way different.

Hush, hush for now*

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hush is One =)

October 4 marks my first month as a blogger. =)

Not bad.  It is indeed a good medium for my thoughts, an outlet for my frustrations, an excuse to be busy, manner to sharpen my skills, channel to connect to people, instrument to share ideals and reality and among other else, an expression for my love.  This is of course, in no particular order. hehe

Warm feelings, hushkins* 

Saturday, October 2, 2010


'I don't believe in love; I believe in fucking. It's honest, it's efficient. You get in and out with the maximum of pleasure and minimum of bullshit. Love is something straight people tell themselves they're in so they can get laid, and then they end up hurting each other because it was all based on lies to begin with.'
  Brian Kinney, queer as folks

Sometimes I'm inclined to believe in Brian.  I often think that gays don't know how to love, that we let our balls rule our hearts, and not the other way around.  That everything revolves around lust, of satiating the need for flesh, that emotions are traded when the next cute guy comes along.  The need to troop down to Malate and check every guy's ass, dance and flirt, and though we are tagged as 'in a relationship', we excuse ourselves that we are just merely accompanying a lonely friend, or catching up with old acquaintances.. and when a hottie passes by, our eyes wander and we wonder, were we much in a rush to get hitched, or entertain the idea of why not be a cheat?

Whenever me and honey do malling, it's always certain that I see his eyes check out every dude that we encounter.  I don't mind (because I do the same thing), and I've come to accept that it is part of a complicated relationship that gays get into.  Probably if honey was my first bf, then I'd make tampo and be the cause of a petty fight, but it isn't just worth it.  Besides, it's not as if we are able to reach climax by staring at the guy!  I do know that some couples take measures on this, such as Fern's bf.  They had a huge fight when Fern's attempted to lock gaze at a certain cutie at the Mall of Asia.  Since then, they opted to do malling in Glorietta. hahahahaha

Do you guys check each other's mobile phones?  We don't.  Again, to avoid meaningless fights.  I don't want to initiate something which I am also guilty of.  It started when I was entertaining this cute barista and honey got hold of my cp and read it.  I did some alibi, which was pathetic, and ever since, we agreed not to mind our respective cps.  Hmmmm, unfortunately, I can't keep my hands to myself and often when honey's not looking, I checked his mobile, and though my heart aches at the flirty messages of hi's and hello's and queries of his whereabouts, again, I'm not that innocent.

Then, some gay acquaintance told me earlier that he does have a plan to wed a GIRL and bear offsprings.  I asked why?  His answer was simple.  'Who will take care of you when you or your partner gets old?  Admittedly, I love to suck but let's face it, we won't be young forever.'  So does this mean that our relationship is just superficial?  

So why do I continue to succumb to the idea of being in a relationship?  I don't know.  Look at Justin's perseverance to Brian in Queer.  But then again, it's just a series, for goodness sake! =(

Love. Lust and ... Lost.  Hush hush for now*

Friday, October 1, 2010

Love the weather

It's nice to love love the weather today, not too rainy, nor too sunny.. it's damp, but manageable.  It brings out the good mood in me =)

Here's wishing to a good Friday to everyone! 

Hush hush for now, hushkins!