Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Brainers Please

My team is relatively new and for us to solidify our bonds, Ferns came up with the idea of having dinner and going out to a comedy bar last Friday.  Our newest recruit, Jechel, volunteered to treat the team in time for her birthday the following Sunday.

Early that day, I decided to email our big boss on our planned activities, and invited him if he could spare some time to join us.  I read his response late afternoon (as I was on whole day training), and he said that the idea was great but because of important timelines in his office, and as much as he would love to join us, he can't afford to.  Well, at least he knows of the effort I'm extending to the team. =)

The choice restaurant was John and Yoko, simply because it was my favorite dine-in place and Jechel had not yet tried it.  We ordered Japaella (yum yum), bacon-wrapped dori, shrimp tempura and that chicken (I think it was green chicken).  We had our share of bottomless drinks, which I simply adore since one can refill from blue ice tea to red or green (the latter not my type).

During the course of the meal, Jechel, with her childish ways, was trying to make something out of me and my staff, Marc.  Marc is your typical good-looking guy, basketball player, tall and fair-skinned. He even has a resident fan at the office, always grabbing the opportunity to say hi to him when Marc's around (simply pathetic) and Ferns even told me that this fan asked why is Marc always hanging out with us.  Naturally, ka-team namin sya, Ems.

Back to Jechel.  I told her that mas bagay kayo.  You're pretty and he's handsome, so bagay na bagay (I was tempted to throw in the cheesy lines, hinde kayo hayop, hinde kayo tao, bagay na bagay kayo, but I refrained myself from doing so hahahaha).  

Di ah, was Jechel's response.  Both Marc and Ferns just laughed at our silly ways.  Ba't nga ba mga good-looking ang hinire mo, Hush? asked Jechel again.

I looked at Ferns with a knowing smile.  At the back of my mind, I've always kidded myself that I plan to bring back the glory days of our bank.  Masyado na ata papangit hina.hire ng HR these days. hahahahahaha  But of course this was not all true.  Medyo lang.

I responded to Jechel, masyado ka naman bilid sa looks mo, iha! hahahahahaha Seriously, I've come to this stage that I am no longer looking for people who have got the brains and ambitions.  I have that already (I could see the looks on Marc, Ferns and Jechel vividly til now hahhaha).  I have come to realize that what matters most in an organization is great personality, something hard to find.  It will not always be hay days in our team and come a time that disagreements will arise, I need people who won't have egos to nurture, people easy to look at  when I become hot-tempered, and people I can approach to because their aura spells welcoming.  

Masyado mo naman kami nilalait, meaning wala kami brains?  laughs off Jechel.

Of course not!  I also take that into consideration but personality is my priority these days.  In fact, both Ferns and Jechel are CPAs and the former even has a masteral degree to boast and boost from Australia.  Marc came from a good school and I believe he has potential to succeed, but what ties them all is that they have great personalities.  =)

After our sumptuous dinner, we cancelled our trip to the comedy bar but instead watched Petrang Kabayo! hahahahaha  We were laughing at the edge of our seats and seemed we were in a comedy bar, but this will be another story.

Oh well, hushkins, they will be my diamonds in the rough.  Hush hush for now

Creek.. Creek.. Creek.. BED

I was scanning through my favorite blogs and I read  Discreet Manila's post on BED's work in progress.  Yuppie!  Something to be joyful about. =)  I love their teaser!! yum yum yum yum yum! hahahahha