Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Romeo's Planet

After so many months of abstinence, I visited G4M, or what is now known as Planet Romeo.  I could never get used to the name and I find G4M easier to pronounce than PR, but hey, that's not the point of my blog tonight.  When I re-activated my account, lo and behold who I saw.. Ex-honey.

I just couldn't describe how I felt about it, but it was weird, and because I couldn't get over it, I'm going to write and try to digest why I felt weird about it.

I first met Ex through this channel (and first seen him in Bed, but that's another story), and back then we had agreed that we deactivate our respective accounts because, and ideally, we had each other.  I've always believed that G4 is a hunting ground and I could attest that will always be the cause of quarrel between 2 persons who've decided to commit to each other.  I kept my end of the deal.

Curiosity got the better side of me and I should have listened to old lore that curiosity kills the cat, because came December of last year, when I opened my account, he was there.  His lame excuse then was he was seeking for clients for his photography work.  He retorted, why was I also online and responded to really check if he kept his other side of the bargain, which was rebutted to trust issues, etc etc.  We decided to settle amicably.

When the road became tough for us sometime May of this year (which happened to be our anniversary), and we were on that cool off stage, Ferns showed me something which will forever scar my broken heart.  Ex online @ PR.  Ferns said he had seen him online for some time now and that he just kept mum about it and thinking it was the demise of our relationship that time, it was better that he showed it to me, so I too can move on.  It was the most terrible thing I felt.  I never thought Ex could move on that fast and I felt betrayed.  That night, I cried myself to sleep.

and because I had wanted to save the relationship (sayang kasi, one year na), I lowered my pride and asked him if it was he that was online.  Of course, he denied it and that it was some poser of his.  I wondered aloud why a picture taken from my condominium was also posted on that account, which was very recent and he couldn't give any right justification.  Ex later turned his fury on Ferns, pakilamera, 'who's he to be saint when he also goes online in PR even if he has a bf' and all the nasty remarks he blasted on Ferns.  That wasn't the issue at all.  I couldn't care less what Ferns does with his life, but mine's should be attended to.  Up to this day, I understand why Ferns detaches himself from Ex, I couldn't blame him.

Now that murky waters have cleared, and nobody to account to (Ex should not deny that it was him this time around, as he posted a new pic with his newly bought diamond necklace), I'm not sure if PR would be the right venue to start building my life.  Maybe a good hunting ground, but this time, I'll be more cautious.

Hush hush for now.