Saturday, December 25, 2010

My SMC day - Mewi Christmas, Hushkins!

Location: Baguio City

I decided to accompany Ex-honey off to his hometown, Baguio City for the Christmas season.   I had not much to do in the metropolis coz I have work after the 25th, so I figured going home to Cebu for the holidays would be onerous and expensive on my end.  Now that I'm part of the SMC gang (go figure), totodohin ko na ang pagiging malamig ng Christmas ko. hehehe  I'll make up to my family next year, promise. :(

A lot of my friends have been asking me why spend this day with Ex.  I honestly don't know. Do I still have feelings for him?  Yah, definitely, but not of love and lust.. uhm, probably I could reconsider the last part. hahaha Kidding.  For once, I just want to go with the flow.  No hidden agenda, just plain adventure.  I also would like to feel, just for once, how the summer capital spends its holidays.  Cold. hehehe  So what I'm feeling now is cold physically and emotionally, so in time, I'll come to appreciate the warmth that special someone may give to me someday. weeeeh :)

I'll end on this note (SMART bro sucks here in Baguio) and wish every one of my hushkins a merrily merry Christmas!!  May you enjoy this day and treasure the love ones besides you. *Hugs*