Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sweet Valley Confidential

Fully Booked

I have this penchant to head off to bookstores while a storm is brewing in the metropolis.  With no electricity, and Macky getting low on his batteries, I went straight to Rockwell.  Had lunch at Via Mare with good buddy Sheila and decided either to watch a movie (Friends with Benefits) or have a cup of coffee.  

Sheila (calling Shang Cineplex): 'Miss, showing na ba ang Friends with Benefits?'

The other end: 'Not yet, ma'am'

S: 'Not yet or not anymore??' (in a self-righteous tone!!)

'Ay sorry ma'am.  Not anymore'

Well, it turned out that it was yet to be shown.  At kinorrect pa talaga ng mabait kong kaibigan yung kinausap nya! Pagka nalang!! hahaha

Well, to dilly-dally with time, we went to Fully Booked.  While Sheila headed straight to the magazine section (typical!), I immersed myself with the top-sellers for the week.  Then this caught my fancy..

Sheeet!! After 10years (per the narrative), Elizabeth and Jessica are back!! hahahahahaha I used to, or rather still, love Sweet Valley! hahahahha  It seems that Elizabeth and Jessica had a rift and that Elizabeth is now based in New York and Jessica still remained in sunny California.  Jessica misses her twin sister and wants to patch things up, but Elizabeth can't forgive and forget the betrayal Jessica did to her..  and she wants revenge.. she wants blood!! A 360-degree turn on who used to be the goodie-toe-shoe lady :) Yuppie!! 

On the downside, it's still hardbound, and it costs Php900.  I'll wait for the soft-bound copy nalang. hehehehe

Hay.  Brings back soo many fond memories!! ^_^

*hush, hush*

Monday, September 26, 2011

Three Birdies and One Night (Pick up Lines Chapter 16)


Text message.

I checked my clock.  1.30pm.

'Hush, uwian na kami. Susunduin mo ba ako?'

Ronald.  18 years old.  Spare me, I know.  Me.  Cougar.  Sariwa kasi eh. hahahaha  

'Oh.  I thought I was supposed to pick you up at 2.30pm.  Ba't ang aga?'

'Eh, dinismiss kami ng maaga eh'

'Cge, give me 15mins to prep up and will call you when I'm at the University'

There's the thrill running down my spine.  Excited.  We were to watch Hachiko on my home theatre.  He had said his classmates were talking about it.  Hay.  I saw that movie, like 2 years ago.  Good thing, I had a pirated copy.  So I invited him over.  It was technically our 3rd date.  He passed my trophy-bf requirement. ^_^

15 minutes later.  He got inside Blake.  I was reminded back in college when I dated an elementary student.  Grade 6 din naman eh.  Rush of adrenaline. hahahahaha

'Wala ba ako kiss?', I asked.

Looks to his right, and to his left.  Pokes me and kissed me.  I chuckled. hehehe

As expected, he cried over the movie.  As prepared, I had with me a glass of water, box of  chocolate and a shoulder to lean on.  He cuddled, I embraced him.  I whispered, 'it's alright, everything's fine.  I'm here.'  Cheesy.  Sh3t! hahahahaha

We slept hugging.  Sleep lang.  hahahaha

7pm.  Another text message.

'What time are we going to meet?'

Daniel.  28 years old.  Call centuh supervisor.

'I'm just having dinner with my brother.  Around 9pm.  Meet you at the drive way fronting Hermes, G3'

Kissed Ronald awake.  Nibbled on his lower lip.

'Your dad might be looking for you.  Time to wake up'

Dropped Ronald off at his place.  Kissed goodbye.  Promised will watch No Other Woman this coming weekend (sh3t again, excited ako sa movie na yan!! hahaha).  Hurried back to my place, took a bath, waxed my mane, and patted my porcelain skin with Studiofix.  Perfect. :p

Accompanied Daniel at Persia Grill.  He blabbered about the kebabs and how it's his favorite place.  I yawned.  He asked if I'll be staying over, I made up an excuse that I had a sudden luncheon with a friend the next day.  He seemed disappointed.  I said, I could still go over at his place.  His face lightened.  

Somewhere in Evangelista.  We watched tv, but I was getting agitated.  He was waiting for me to make a move.  Honestly, he was a far-cry from Ronald, but I was game that night.  I kissed him, finally, I was going to use the giveaway.  Goodie.

Daniel hesitated.  He said he was not prepared and it was a long time since he last did it.  I swooned 'it's ok, I'll be gentle'.  He pleaded next time.  I said no and gave him my multi-million smile.  That did it.  He relented. bwahahahhahaha :)

He gushed.  'You're soo cuddly.  Sarap mo yakapin'

Tell me about it.  Pwede ba HOT naman next time?  Hay.  

He was clinging to me.  I was drained.  I don't know.  There's something about guys at the onset that expressed their fondness towards me that turns me off.  Weird.

3am.  Text message.

'San ka?'

Paulo. 26 years old.  HR head of a Company based in Alabang.


'Really, what are you doing there?'  Paulo lives within the area also.

Ignored him.  He texted again.

'I'm in Malate.  Alone.  Synder.  I think I'm drunk'

'Do you want me there?'


'Ok.  Give me 15 mins'

'I'm no good for you, Hush'

Drama.  Zipped my pants on and drove off.  

I came, I conquered and I left.

'I'm here.  Is Synder the bar going to Bed?'

'Yah.  Inside by the bar'

Paulo is hitched.  Or forcedly hitched.  His boyfriend left his apartment, and out of sympathy, Paulo offered his place, fell in love and now regrets his decision.  The poor guy was just an agent, and frankly Paulo was shelving out more than what he can chew.  Talk about money.  It destroys relationships.

'You know what Hush, I'm so confused.  I'm stuck in a situation where I know it's not right, but that it's also not fair to him (his boyfriend)'

'You said before that fair is a subjective word'

He went silent.  I prodded on.

'Talk to him.  Tell him your frustrations.  If he goes berserk, he's no good.  Leave him.  If he understands, then stay.. even to my detriment'

Paulo gazed on me.  I wrapped my arms around his midrib.  I hugged him.  Tight.

I gazed back at him.. then we kissed.

'Oh, Hush.  I shouldn't be doing this.'

'Then why'd you texted me?'

'This is so wrong'

'How can it be wrong, when you know that I am the right guy for you?'

*hush, hush*

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Be Careful where you Eat!!

Gusto ko tuloy kumain ng hotdog this early mawnen! hihihi

Moooooaaaaaning!! ^_^

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Homebuddy Hush


Can't believe I stayed whole day yesterday at my pad!! hahaha ^_^

Now I'm rearing to go off.. to Tagaytay! I wanna think, think, think!

Think about my reaction if a girl wants to marry me.. 

I'll probably do this! hahahahahaaha

Thank God You Blew It!

'Boy, I must've been outta my mind
So when I think of the time that I almost loved you
You showed your ass and I saw the real you

Thank God you blew it
Thank God I dodged the bullet
I'm so over you
So baby good lookin' out

I wanted you bad
I'm so through with it
Cuz honestly you turned out to be the best thing I never had
You turned out to the best thing I NEVER had
And I'm gon' always be the the best thing you never had
I bet it sucks to be you right now'

and it SUCKS big time to be YOU right now! hahahahahaha ^_^

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bachelor Bash

World Trade Center

So ok.  I am guilty.  But you can't blame me.  The tickets were free and I was curious.  The traffic was scary passing through Buendia and the line was dead-long, but we persevered.. 

For this..

.. and this..

.. and this.. (gahd! I couldn't believe that my hands automatically grabbed hold of my E72 and pointed at the stage!!)

I wanna take up capoeira :( Puttanesca!

.. but first things first, what am I supposed to do with these???  

Please teach me.. do I lick or do I stick it?? hahahahaha ^_^

*hush, hush*

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tsunami Aftermath

.. and now the videos have begun to sprout! hahaha ^_^

There were others posted in Twitvid but the owner refuses to share it in blogger! hmf.  I'm still trying to convince him as of presstime! hihihi

Monday, September 12, 2011

Libog ko (in Bisaya please)

San Miguel Ave

We had just came from Chelu.  Our Aussie friend, Chantelle, was back for an engagement and we took her to Malate, gahd knows why we took her there.

I look over to the passenger seat.  He was tired from the night's party.

Hush: 'Chan, can you pass me the pillow please'

Chan was telling me that she had chocolates for me and we were on our way to drop her off to Oakwood.  I miss her, she is sooo bubbly and energetic, given this wee hour.

Hush: 'Un.lan oh, para di ka maglisud ug katog while we drop off Chantelle' (Un.lan is pillow)

We reached at a stoplight.  I stole glances again at him.  He was telling me earlier that he really liked the chocolate cookies I bought for him in Cebu.  At the back of my mind, I was telling myself, he should like those.  They were expensive! hahaha  Don Mertos.

He cuddled the pillow and slept gently.  Gahd, I wish I were that pillow that time.

We had reached Oakwood already.  Chantelle bid farewell and he was all mine.  Again, I glanced at him.  He wore a yellow-striped polo that complemented him well, and I love how his glasses suit his face-frame.  He was like Harry Potter.  Trust me.

He gently opened his eyes.

R: 'Buntag na' (buntag = morning)

H: 'Yah.  Just sleep tight while I drive you home'

I switched my Nano and played High by the Speaks.

R: 'I like this song'

H: 'Yah, this is the only song that I am good at in karaoke hehe'

He smiled.  I melted.

We reached his place.

R: 'I had fun tonight, Hush'

He hugged me.  I planted a kiss on his cheeks.

H: 'Til next time'

I ensured he safely got inside his compound.

Then my Nano played this.  Haaaay!! Gugmang g.atay!

*hush hush*

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Boner Morning


It's raining.. and Gel showed me some boner. hahaha or so I would think. hahaha

Click Video.


*hush, hush*

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hushnniversary!! ^_^

September 6, 2011

One year and 2 days na pala blog ko.  Tsk tsk.

and I don't know how to celebrate it :(

This has been my outlet, of making me feel good on things that made me feel bad.  

A medium to share my experiences to my 17 loyal followers (hahahaha!!)

To read other people's thoughts, though varying but with a degree of respect

… and because of the dramas I have been through lately, I decided, I needed to splurge ^_^


I wanna buy this car!! :)

*hush, hush*

Monday, September 5, 2011



Flaming_Sw$*d: Sayang top ka din pala pre? dito me cebu now eh

Hush: Pre, even if you're bottom, di kita papatulan! hahaha you're ugly! :)

Then I blocked him.

*Baaa  Baaa*


Pre_cum$#: Gago, ulol ka.. mas panget ka tanga.. !!!  Bading na bading ang pootahhh.. pwe!! kainanmo tae mo ulo!
                 Gago!! Pakantot ka sa tatay mo!!  Bwakang ina mo, may nunal kapa tang ina mo, makita lang kita saksakin kitang animal ka!! pwe!!

Hay.  Bitter much? ^_^

*hush, hush*

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Carwash (Pick Up Lines Chapter 15)

24hr Carwash

The heavy rains over the weekend left Blake messy and dusty, and since the sun took a peek that day, it was time for his bath and headed straight to my suki.

I had to wait for a good 20 minutes for my turn, and when I got off, I noticed a black BMW hatchback pulled next to mine.  Aba, aba! Talo si Blake! hahahaha Choowee Blake :)

I tried to take a peek at the driver.  He was young, gahd, he even looked 18 years old, curly black hair, pinkish white glow, mestizo, had those geeky black glasses on, simple white shirt over black shorts.  Casual yet he stands out.  I tried to ignore him and hurried towards the lounge sofa and proceeded to take hold of the TV remote controller and scanned channels.  Ahhhhh.. Gossip girl was on. hahahaha  Imagine the look on the other drivers! hahahaha ;)

He followed inside and sat behind me.  Hmmm… curious also with Blair Waldorf?? hahahaha or Chuck Bass?? :)  The rest showed disinterest and read the papers instead. hehe  Sorry.  VIP.  Chos! hahaha

After a bit, I got out to check Blake.  He was almost done, and I was standing alone in front of Blake when the guy stood next to me.  Imagine that his BMW was serviced besides the car behind me, i.e, far.  Uhm, ok.  My heart skipped a bit. hahaha Exagg! hehe

He then proceeded to check out my car.  Darn. Kinabahan ako, I was anticipating his eyebrow to raise and words of criticism to come out of his mouth.

Guy: 'Nice seats.  Mind if I take a closer look'

Sheet.  English. hahahahaha

Hush: 'Sure.  Have a look' or was it better to say, take a closer look?? hahahaha Kaba much.

G: 'Ganda.  Did it come with the car?'

H: 'Nope.  I had them custom-made, just here in Mandaluyong'

G: 'Where?  Seatmate?'

H: 'Yah, how'd you know??'

G: 'I wanted mine made' , points at non-tinted hatchback.

H: 'hmmm… nice ride.  Eh, why'd you want it made, the seats are cozy enough' (kunyari unimpressed.  Char!!)

G: 'coz I get lazy cleaning it up. (chuckles)  It's so much easier if it's leather, but, the problem with my car is that the airbags are at the side, so they told me it's hard to do'

H: 'Ahh. Ok.  You live within the area?  Haven't noticed you around here'

G: 'Pasig, but I frequent this place.  I'm just visiting my auntie'

H: 'Ahhh.. Student?'

G: 'Yah, medschool.  UE'

H: 'At Recto??  You drive that thing there?  I don't even bring my car at Quiapo!'

G: 'I know right.  I even lost one of my mags while parking outside.  My shift was at 7am til 8pm, and when I got back, wala na'

H: 'Man, that's crazy.  You park along the streets??' (oh diva, nakikisabay sa pagka konyo! hahahahah)

G: 'If I can't find a slot inside.  Usually, I shelf out to the guards to park inside the campus.  Then, then, I just had to remove my tint.  The MMDAs keeps bugging me on what's inside my car, and ask for ID! So better have it removed so they can just peek'

H: 'But that's exposing yourself, especially if you drive late at night'

G: (shrugs) 'Ganun talaga.  I take the Fortuner with me pag ganoon'

Natahimik ako.  Aah. ok. hehehe Blake was done already.  

As I pulled out of the garage, I noticed him staring at me.  I smiled and put my shades on.  I soooo wanted to wave at him and send him flying kisses, but I took a grip of myself.  hahahaha Next time.  He said he frequents my suki.  I'll just stumble upon him.  And then, I could get his number :)  Char! 

There's something about him.. and his car! hahaha

*hush, hush*