Monday, September 12, 2011

Libog ko (in Bisaya please)

San Miguel Ave

We had just came from Chelu.  Our Aussie friend, Chantelle, was back for an engagement and we took her to Malate, gahd knows why we took her there.

I look over to the passenger seat.  He was tired from the night's party.

Hush: 'Chan, can you pass me the pillow please'

Chan was telling me that she had chocolates for me and we were on our way to drop her off to Oakwood.  I miss her, she is sooo bubbly and energetic, given this wee hour.

Hush: 'Un.lan oh, para di ka maglisud ug katog while we drop off Chantelle' (Un.lan is pillow)

We reached at a stoplight.  I stole glances again at him.  He was telling me earlier that he really liked the chocolate cookies I bought for him in Cebu.  At the back of my mind, I was telling myself, he should like those.  They were expensive! hahaha  Don Mertos.

He cuddled the pillow and slept gently.  Gahd, I wish I were that pillow that time.

We had reached Oakwood already.  Chantelle bid farewell and he was all mine.  Again, I glanced at him.  He wore a yellow-striped polo that complemented him well, and I love how his glasses suit his face-frame.  He was like Harry Potter.  Trust me.

He gently opened his eyes.

R: 'Buntag na' (buntag = morning)

H: 'Yah.  Just sleep tight while I drive you home'

I switched my Nano and played High by the Speaks.

R: 'I like this song'

H: 'Yah, this is the only song that I am good at in karaoke hehe'

He smiled.  I melted.

We reached his place.

R: 'I had fun tonight, Hush'

He hugged me.  I planted a kiss on his cheeks.

H: 'Til next time'

I ensured he safely got inside his compound.

Then my Nano played this.  Haaaay!! Gugmang g.atay!

*hush hush*


  1. Something tells me, Libog means different in Bisaya. Glad you had a great time Mr. Hush.

  2. @ Mugen - hehe libog means confused in bisaya. ako na confused! hehe

    @ sunny - yah! for the first time, wala akong libog (in tagalog) na nararamdaman sa kanya! hahaha pa.cute lang

    @ GB - dili bai. akong bag.o g.diskartehan ron..

  3. speaking of tonight.. that song was made para dun sa girl friend niya na kasamang namatay sa 9/11 attack.

    so sad!

  4. @ pareng shenanigans, talaga? I didn't know that.. timing pala that when I posted this, it coincided with the tragedy.. prayers to the victims..