Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crazy STUPID Love (♥)

Shang Cineplex

After accompanying me at the Medical City for check-up, Rocio decided she won't push through with her part-time work for a common friend (given that the routine took us until 2 in the afternoon!! Sorry Sho).  I was being an ass of late, coz I wouldn't go to the clinic to have myself checked given my latest condition.  She insisted and I am grateful.  Frankly, it was depressing to think of going to the hospital to have those checks alone :(

I mentioned that Crazy, Stupid, Love was showing already.  I had planned to watch it with Mike (uyyyyy! nagpaparamdam ulit! hahahaha) but he had work tomorrow and might just dozed off.  That would be a boring date! hmf.

Sho was giddy and eager to watch it and we booked ourselves for the 3.50pm screening at the Shang.

Hay.  The movie was sooooo nice :)  It was a feel-good movie, and would be have been purrfect had I been with somebody to cuddle with. Darn. hehehe  It was worth the 2-hour play, and the twists of discovering that the thing you've been avoiding, of falling in love, and masking it with promiscuity will eventually slap you at your face!  Literally!  And to somebody you've been teaching to move on from the hurt caused by the downfall of a relationship.  Plus the light touch of comedy injected by Steve Carell was refreshing to an otherwise typical love story. :)

Darn.  As in all other movies, I get to relate it with my personal experiences.  Hehe  Lately, I've been tired of being nice, of being true, of showing good intentions when I date.  I find that it's tiring, and probably boring and without challenge to the other person, because I tell them (them talaga?? hahaha) that I like him (sige na nga, kasi di naman sabay-sabay!) and try to work things out.. and eventually, that became a recipe for disaster!  So I stopped, went to Malate and kiss boys.  No strings and feelings attached.  Period.  Even my status message at PR was mean! hahahaha and if somebody ugly messaged me, I told him to bug off!! hahahaha and they would say I was being snotty, and I get joy when I respond back, I know right?? hahahahaha

.. then this movie.  Tsk tsk!! hahahaha I realized, and cliche, cliche, that these pains serve as spice on why we love.  The 13-year old son of Steve Carell almost gave up on love, of finding his soulmate (gahd, the innocence of the boy is sooo real), that such love can never exist, given the recent break-up of his parents, who ironically met at the tender age of 17.  Hay. hay. hay.  Gugmang G.atay!! hahahaha

I realized, nah, I will continue to find that love :) Chos! hahaha  That love I deserve and I guess deserving of what I can offer also :)  Love should be happy and uncompromising, of meeting half-ways and agreements.  Should it fell short of expectations, then it was never meant to be and should be let go of.  These pains will eventually build stronger walls for me to lean back should I ever fall again :) weeeeeh! Inspired?? hahahahaha

And so I end on this note from the movie:

I shouldn't have jumped from the car, I should have fought for you.. Because I should have fought for my soulmate, or at least that's what my 13 yr old son told me

Ganda, ganda!! hehehe

PS - Uhm, muna ako mamaya. hehehe Kung saan, well :)

*hush, hush*