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Of Peacocks and Dragons (Pick-up lines Chapter 10)

May 13
Friday the 13th

Mother beckoned me to open my account and aside from the usual messages I received (may place ka, S3x tayo; punta ka rito, inom tayo; etc etc), one stood out in particular.

Mike: 'Hi Mike here from Libertad, how are you?'

Hmmmm… I checked his profile.  Wow! Ulalam! hehehe :) 23 years old, young and virginal :) hehehe  Top, hmmmm… minus points, tsk tsk.  But what truly caught my attention was his ideal mate:

attracted to a guy who Does not have any trace of Like us. (ung tipong ndi maganda ang katawan, tapos hindi fitted mga suot sakto at tama lang) and a damn smart guy would be on the top of my list. 

Hmmmm… I looked at myself.  Che!  Porke't wala akong topless picture, minessage nya ako?? Hmf.  Maka seek advise nga kay Mugen on how to enhance my good genes. hehehe

I gave the poor guy the chance of his life and replied:

Hush: 'Hey MIke from Libertad :) I'm doing good, prepping myself for work. kaw?'

M: 'Nice.  I"m at work now :D  where you workin at?'

H: 'Makati.. wow! may PR sa work mo? hehehehe
         lemme guess where you are in Libertad.. CGS?? hahahahahaha ;)'

M: 'Yeah! asa profile ko naman eh.. hehehehe sa makati rin ako, anong company?'

I paused to take my shower then and give the guy some teaser moment. hehehe

H: 'Just got out sa shower :) tsalap. hehehe
     me? I work at Paseo de Roxas, corner Villar street :) kaw? saan ka work?'

M: 'Sa eco plaza ako hehehe, uo nga eh sarap maligo mainit.. :D san ka sa manda?'

H: 'ang init nga. :) Sa labas ng manda, hinde sa loob. hehehehe :) corny noh T_T hahahaha
     Sa *tttooooot toooot* manda here :) hmm… where is eco plaza? Anong company if you  
     don't mind me asking ..'

M: 'hahahaha natawa naman ako kahit corny hehehe :D Teletech.. kaw ba? kakalipat ko lang dito'

Ay. pa-cute.  Hmmm.. call center agent, ganda guro ng boses nito :)

H: 'ah.. me? Ay oo nga pala, ako lang pala kausap mo! hahahaha kala ko kasi nasa conference tayo hahahahaha  :)' (hmf! pa-cute din ako! :p)

    'I work for $#$Bank, the $#$ that never sleeps, ika nga. hahahaha I do paperworks and   
    all the boring stuff that an accountant has to live by! hmf. hehehe
     Why'd you leave your previous employment? Greener pastures? heheh :)'

M: 'The account was complicated for me and stressful, along with that I'm sick and tired working at night.  and my account has more accounting than you do I guess.  Quickbooks accounting software was my previous account.. :D'

H: 'Aw.. yah.. working at night does have its bad effects.. good thing for me, the latest I go home is at 2am.. and I get to work late also, so not much pressure on my end :)

     hahaha nasuka ka sa accounting? hehehe eh imagine me taking up the course the entire collegiate years! haha and I live by that profession :)

     so what do you do now in Teletech? You do technical stuff?? hehehe *nagpapacute lang* hahahaha'

M: 'loz :D yeah! telecom would be my forte..
     yeah! reconciliations, creating invoices, estimates.. etc.. sucks! 
     aarrrrgggghhhh… what time you'll be out tonight? let's meet if you don't mind :D'

Hmmm… bilis ah.  He might think I'm easy to get. hmf! :p

H: 'Cge, let's exchange numbers, mine's 0917 696 6969.. I'm logging out, gotta got to office to pay for rent. heheheh :(

    Btw, I noticed you have peacock feathers on your tattoo, but it's the chinese dragon character you have on.. curious lang. '

M: 'Yeah! it means dragon.. coz I was born year of the dragon.. :D that was the first one that I got on it.. second is the peacock feather.. 091S %$%$#@'


I drove up to his condo and we initially decided to lull around his condo's clubhouse but I assessed that he was  ok to take home. hehehe  I normally text Rori who I date with and the details in case something bad happens (knock on wood!!).  I texted Rori, hmmm.. he seems ok and I can take him down should he decide to pull something naughty. hehehe :)

Mike: 'I like the way how you call me Mikey.. only a few people call me that'

I turned to him and stared intently.

Hush: 'Ows.  Who used to call you Mikey? You're ex? hehehhe'

M: 'Sira.  My elementary buddies.. (looks around at my place) you sure you don't have the habit of bringing your dates at home??'

H: (winks) 'Lucky you.  You're the first that I took home' Well, technically, he was! hmf. I just moved in here last April.. hmmm.. but there was this other guy.. and the guy before that.. never mind! hmf. teheee

I continued, 'so where is this Quickbooks company?'

M: 'Stream..'

I nearly choked on my water! 

H: 'Etelecare?'

M: 'Yup.'

and I started naming names.. blah blah..

M: 'hahaha yah, I know them! Grace even paired me up with Christian, but I know that Christian has a partner who's working in Cebu now'

H: 'No. Davao.'  Puttanesca! how small could this world be. and to think that Christian guy he was talking about has a common friend with me who I used to date also! hmf.

M: 'So tell me how you became acquainted with these guys' He had that smile that could easily melt me. Hay!

H: 'Basta.. I once dated somebody from their group.. but what matters is now, right?' I gave him my multi-million peso smile :)

M: 'Wow! Wow ha! You really know how to maneuver things'

H: 'hahahaha and more than what you could think of.. my Ulalam…' I gave him my most sultry voice. hahahahaha

and we kissed.

Aren't peacocks the prettiest?? hehe

The end.

*hush hush* for now :) 

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