Monday, May 16, 2011

Secret Name (Pick-up lines Chapter 11)

May 14. Saturday.

I had promised myself to spend some quality time alone at home, just lying around in bed, and not picking up my phone, so leave a message after the tone, coz I swear I'm not doing anything (play Lazy Song by Bruno) hehehe!

Totoot.  Totoot.

Oh.  I grabbed my phone, Mikey might be texting. hehehe

Hmf.  It was just Carlo.  Double hmf.

'Ate, walang gimik mamaya?'

Hmmm… Should I yield in to temptation? hehe

'Shobe, text mo si Ferns'

'Eh, nakipagdate ang sister ko sa MOA eh.', he responded.

'Hmmm.. si Mateo texted also if wala bang gimik.  You feel like going out kahit wala si Ferns?', I asked.

'Haler! Oo naman noh.  Kahit tayo lang 2, pero kaw na bahala sa pagtext sa kanila, ate'

Hmf.  Inutusan ako ng bruha.


Turned out, it was only I and Carlo who went out that night.  The rest of the pack had their own business to do, but I was thinking, it was payday weekend and I surmised that a lot of people would be trooping to Malate that day.  Yehey!


Turned out that my premise was correct afterall.  The bar was packed! hehe Nice. :)  

I noticed that they improved the layout of the bar.  The DJ's booth, which used to be on the right side on the way to the lavatory, was moved to what was once the lounge area on the left side.  It gave way to a more spacious dancefloor :)  The owners have also added laser lights on the booth, and though not as high-techie as BED, it will pass for the P250 entrance you pay for.

We took our Ice and proceeded to the dancefloor and check the guys out.  I saw Kris and killed the butterflies that were lurking in my stomach.  He was dancing with this tall guy (which contrasts his petite size!) and he was not even half as handsome as I am! hmf. Bitter. hahahahahahaha sensha.

Amidst the crowd, somebody was making his way to the dancefloor.  He sported this Justin Bieber hairdo, a bit longer, and had a V-line shirt that teasingly showed his chest.  He paused, scanned the area and caught my eye.. and lo-and-behold!  He smiled at me :)  Yet he was followed by a semi-kalbo guy who tapped his shoulder and began dancing with him.  Hmmmmm… must be his partner.

I looked at Carlo.

'Wag.  May boyfriend yung tao.'  Apparently, he can read my mind.

But what bugged me was the guy I was interested kept glancing at me while dancing with his partner.  It was obvious that he was not attentive to his partner's sways and struts, and from time to time, teasingly smiled at me, as if to say, save me from him!  It was so hard!!  Decisions, decisions, decisions! hmf.  I let them be.. it was sooo tempting.  Hay.

At the bar.

♫ If your an animal then tear up the floor , Break a sweat on the floor  Yeah we work on the floor 

I was thumping my feet to JLo, mesmerized by the laser lights and enjoying the soothing effect of Ice.  I was having a blast!  It was good to be back on the floor. hehe  I realized that Bieber was staring at me the whole time.  He was just lurking on the side of the post and when he saw that I took heed to his stare, he smiled.  Tantanan mo nga ako. hehehehe Assuming! hahahaha I reciprocated with a flashing, wide grin.  Tingnan lang natin. hehehehe

He slowly made his way towards me, and pretended to just pass by me to grab some drinks.  I didn't play his game and ignored him.  He passed by me again and when our cheeks were inches part, turned to smile at me again.  This time, I drooled, Hello :)

A: 'Hi'

Hush: 'I've noticed you for some time now'

A: 'Yah, on the dancefloor.  I kept smiling at you, but you wouldn't approach me'

H: 'Coz you were with your partner.  I didn't want to be an ass'

A: 'Oh that guy.  He was nobody.  Just wanted to dance and I obliged'

H: 'Really?'

A: 'Yah'

H: 'Hmmm.. you look familiar, have we exchanged mobile before?'

A: 'Might be.  It was snatched a few months ago, so I lost all my contacts..'

H: 'Awww…' Then I fished for my phone if it was still there.  Hehehe It was still in my pocket. hahahaha Paranoid. 'So how do I call you?'

A: 'I'm Andrew :)'

H: 'Call me Hush.  Text me. 0917 696 6969.'

He smiled and hurriedly saved my number.  I kissed him.  He said he was about to go home coz he had duty at 6am that day.  Good thing he got my number then. hehehe


Carlo and I scouted the area once more and ended again on the dancefloor.  He nudged me.

'Look to your left.  Chinito guy.  My type'

I turned my gaze on the guy Carlo described.  My, my, my.. my type din. hahahahaha

'Dance with him then', I encouraged Carlo.

'Eh ang layo nya eh'.

'Sige, ako nalang'

The wonders that alcohol brings. hahahaha 

H: 'Hello there'

S: (startled, hello there ba naman introduction ko!) 'Hi'

H: 'What's your name?'

S: 'Secret'

Sh3t sya.  Pa.secret.secret pa syang nilalaman.  I whispered to Carlo, 'Secret daw name.  Lecheflan sya!'

Not to be discouraged, I plowed still.

H: 'Why secret?  Is giving out one's name a secret these days?' 

Yan, British twang na yun! Hmf.

S: 'Nope! My name's not Secret!' He laughed.  The place was already noisy and I was tipsy.

H: 'You said it was Secret!' I accused.

S: 'I said, Seigfred! S-E-I-G-F-R-E-D, Seigfred!'

Ahhh.. Seigfred pala.  hahahahahaahha :) kala ko my charms were running out that night.  Lasheng na pala ako. hihihihihi

He said he was working for Makati Shangrila, second in line to the front desk.  I didn't know what that meant, until later.  He said that they are responsible for taking up reservation calls, wake-up time etc etc.  I couldn't remember the conversation we had as I was pretty much intoxicated, but the one thing I didn't forget to do was get his number. Hihihihi  Cute kasi sya. :)

H: 'Uwi na ako'

S: 'Sige'

H: 'Wala ako goodbye kiss?'  

I pouted.  He heeded.  Obedient boy din pala si Seigfred. hehehe

Til the next chapter, hushkins.

*hush, hush*

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