Sunday, June 19, 2011

Give Me Everything Tonight (Opus LSS)

This is officially my favorite music to date! :)

My good friend, Shiela, kept on insisting if I have heard of this track.  I told her, are you sure of the title of this song, maybe it's part of the lyrics, or better yet an old song that you just came across recently! hehehe

Alas, I was proven wrong last night when we went to Opus at the Resorts World. hehehe Seems it is indeed a new song by Ne-yo and Pitbull and I soooo love the song already!  I can't help but thump my feet and bob my head to the beat! hehehehe :)

Speaking of Opus, I kind of like the place.  It looks a bit like Republiq but the crowd is cool :) (well, except for that old hag who embraced the table ushered to us by the attendant, 'Excuse me, but we paid for this table'  Kung hinde lang sya matanda at banat, pinatulan ko na sana ng, how much did you pay for it?? I'll double the Daniels we ordered' Che!).

I noted that I belong in Opus :) hehehe mga socialites! hehehe  Frankly, I didn't realized that PLUs predominated the scene!  I was just observing from our coach (which was besides Ruffa's hehehe) and my goodness, I think I might frequent this place (and I love their magnum mojitos! ugh) :) hihihihihi

Well, back to the song, did I mention I keep on repeating it on my Nano?? Addict.

  ♫ Excuse me
      ♪ But I might drink a little bit more than I should tonight
  And I might take you home with me if I could tonight ♫
       And baby Ima make you feel so good tonight ♪