Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sweet Kiss (Pick-up lines Chapter 9)

April 16.

Crowded as usual.  I was wearing my Zara sequined Superman shirt (na hinde sale! hmf! hahaha yobong) and sprayed myself with La Roue de La Fortune luxuriantly.  Paired with my Mossimo jeans and Cartier bangle, I eyed myself at the mirror.  Looking good, Hush. :)  I looked at my shoes, ok.  Simple and black Adidas.  Well, people will just step on it and cleaning it off will be a breeze.

The Jooh Shaas were with me that night.  Carlo, Ferns and his new found love, Ecko, Aldrin and his boytoy, Red.  Aldrin looked good that night, and he glanced at me helplessly. hahaha He so wanted to flirt and dance but Red kept him on chains.  Honestly, Red was so into him that it was bordering being pathetic.  I turned my gaze at Ferns.. hmmm.. Ecko was the guy he replaced for Vic.  Vic was your ideal partner, works at Shell, travels to New York to visit his parents, runner, kalbo, flawless skin, fashionista, won two-straight years as Mr. something at his company's themed party.  Good catch, I would say.  On the other hand, Ecko is just barely legal (18), had that Justin Bieber hair, helping out with his mom's business, does some part-time modelling and wears eyeliner. hehehehe :)  I've always asked why.  Ferns had noticed that Vic restrains himself from opening up to him and he had that manner that we noticed, in carrying his beer, he was grasping it with both hands!! hahahahaaha uhm, ok.  So he does not want the girly-type that I look for.  Ecko, as he asserted, treats him like a baby, despite Ecko being the baby! hahaha  :p

Back to me.  So much has happened for the last couple of weeks that I needed to drink and dance.  I looked around to see if there were potential catches that night.  There were some that I fancy, but I guess, they didn't fancy me. hehehehehe :)  shet, sayang ang effort ko tonight.  Tsk tsk.

Carlo did not do well either.  He always locks lips with somebody whenever we go out, no matter how deplorable the guy is, as long as he has the body to compensate it with.  He reckoned he was tired from attending earlier with his new business and didn't feel up to it.  I was still talking with Carlo when somebody stood beside me, stared and grinned stupidly.  He was wearing a checkered polo and it hugged him fittingly.  I discarded him and continued to talk with Carlo, but my peripherals told me he was still staring at me.  I looked at Aldrin and he motioned to go and flirt with the guy.  He gave the thumbs-up sign.  Hay. (feeling! hahahaha)

Hush: 'Hey you'

Mark: 'Hi' (can't you turn off that stupid grin?)

H: 'So who are you with?'

M: 'A friend.  He's over at the stage dancing with somebody.  I left him'

H: 'Why'd you leave him then?' (sh@t, I was fishing! hahahaha)

M: 'coz that somebody talked with my friend and my friend seemed to like him so I left them at peace. hahahahaha'

He studied me carefully.  I gave him my coy smile.

M: 'So who are you with?'

H: 'My friends' (then I pointed at the table where they were at)

M: 'Man, ang dami nyo ah.'

H: 'di naman.  You haven't mentioned your name'

M: 'oh. hehehe sorry, My name's Mark (again??).  You are..'

H: 'Hush.  Call me Hush'  (we were now dancing)

'So why were you smiling at me?' I continued. (kapal)

M: 'huh?  I was looking at my friend over there! hahahaha' (which was indeed past my back. sh#t! hahahahahahaha)

H: 'oh'  (I stopped dancing. hahahaahaha awkward na! hahahaha)

M: 'why'd you stopped dancing?  I like it..'

H: 'oh' (nagustuhan ng footah. hehehehe)

M:  'hmmm…. you have a cute smile..'  (wala na, happy na ulit :) )

H: 'hmmm…. can I kiss you?'

M: 'hmmm.. not in front of your friends!'

H: 'and why not?  They wouldn't mind!'

M: 'hahahahaha sige'

We kissed.

Mark looked at me amazed.

M: 'Ba't iba lasa ng bibig mo.. matamis.. sarap sya'

H: 'hahahaahha' (imagine me throwing my head back. hehehehe  His tasted Red Horse, yuck. hehehe)

M: 'pwede isa pa?' (Now he is in my hook. hihihihi)

H: 'game!'

M: 'wag na tayo rito, nakaka dyahe sa mga friends mo. samahan mo ko mag.cr'

H: 'ok…'  

I acted hesitantly.  He tugged at me and I tried to look apprehensive towards my friends for good measure. hehehehe

He couldn't get enough of my kiss.  He kept on asking why it tasted different and I kept mum. hehehe  My secret (though I forgot if I mentioned it in my other posts) is SMINT.  Always bring along a pack, you'll never know who you'll end up kissing :) hehehehe

M: 'Do you want to come home with me?'

H: 'Where?'

M: 'Las Pinas'

H: 'hahaha ang layo!'

M: 'Bakit, taga saan ka ba?'

H: 'Ortigas'

M: 'Ok lang yun..'

H:  'Saka na..'

We exchanged numbers and he promised he'd text me.  He did, but the thing is, I was not so into him. hehehe He looked top and I don't dig top guys :)  He promised he'd fetched me up every Fridays and bring me dinner, and he did it on a Wednesday, rationalizing that it felt like a Friday since there will be no work on the succeeding dates.  It was sweet of him, but I don't know.  My heart is not into it .. yet. hehehe

I just want to flirt and dance for now :)

*hush hush*