Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chapter Close

I thought saying goodbye to the person I lost connection with won't hurt.. that it would be a breeze, say out my piece on why things aren't working out and why we should remain as friends, and not lovers… but it did.  I cried.  I practiced my lines perfectly while driving from Rockwell to Ortigas, but that didn't do any help.  I still cried in front of honey, I had to get some tissue before I delivered my lines.  Good memories of him swept me in the face but I know I did the right thing.. well.. I do hope I did the right thing.  I was waiting for a sign and the heavens gave it..

Bye bye honey..  I did love you.. so much.. but it just didn't work out :(  Another dream squashed..

Heaven's blessing ;)

I never thought that there would be a part 2 of The Hunt, but apparently, the heavens were pouring graces that night :)  4.30am

I was drunk already.  I was dancing like there will be no tomorrow, reminiscing the good old days of carefreeness and carelessness.  I feel like dyosa that night, particularly when I tempted guys with partners to dance with me and successfully made them leave their partners.  I was sooo bad, but it felt good.

Out of the corner of my eye, Ferns seemed interested with a particularly kalbo, but because he was playing pakipot, I knew I had to do something.  I grabbed the kalbo guy and whispered loudly, 'Hi, you look cute. My friend Angelo (Ferns' screenname) is interested in you.' 

He smiled back, 'Really?  My friend Eric is interested in him too' and points to a dark-skinned, you-would-know he's gay guy.  I looked at Ferns.  He grimaced.  He knew that Eric was into him, but he's simply not his type.

I turned to Mike. 'I doubt he likes your friend. hahaha kayo nalang, mas bagay kayo'

'hahahaah Angelo seems aloft, but cute, but.. I don't want to offend Eric'

'Trust me, Angelo likes you better'

But because Mike was afraid that Eric might get offended if he danced with Angelo, Mike stayed a safety distance away from Angelo.

'Tell you what, I'll get your number and I'll text you Angelo's number.  Angelo likes to be courted and you better be the one to make a move', I yelled (loud music was blasting from the speakers).

'hahaha ok' and smilingly gave his number.

That's where I noticed the cute guy accompanying Mike and Eric.  He was silently sipping his juice (??!), with a cute Oakley glasses on, wearing a grey (later learned it was green tsk tsk) shirt and had a whitish-pinkish complexion and very chinito.  Sayang, I couldn't make a move towards him as I was still dancing with Lem.  Marunong naman ako rumespeto sa kasayaw ko. hahahaha

I thought it was the end of me and that Chinito guy.  Wrong :)

----- o  -----  o  ----------  o  -----------

Hushkins, I'll end on this note, coz I'm pretty sleepy already.   I'm so yawning already :)  Night night! :)