Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Hunt (Pick-up lines Chapter 3)

Eve to Hallow's eve.

The line going inside Nakpil street snaked all the way to it's parallel end.  Happy men chattering, well, happily while enduring and waiting for their turn to get in.  Save for a handful of maidens (puttanesca, ano gawa nila rito? witness? hehehe), men in black predominated the scene.  The Black Party.

Only one way going inside Malate.  Darn.

To-toot.  It was Carlo.

'San na you?'

I replied, 'We're still queuing outside.  Kaw?'

'I'm already in.  Kita nalang tayo sa labas ng O-bar'

'Pa'no ka nakapasok?  Haba ng pila.'

'Saw a friend and he knew the guys at the entrance.  Will wait for you here'

I look at Ferns with an arched eyebrow.  Nauna ang puttanesca, and we thought he was somewhere else and will just catch up.

I pleaded, 'Gawan mo naman paraan para makapasok kami agad'

Response, 'di ko kasi friend yung nasa entrance, kung friend ko yun, mag.fa.favor ako, antayin ko nalang kayo rito'

'Heh.  Ganyan ka ha.  Walang pansinan mamaya! ;p'

No choice.  Ferns and I had to deal with being part of the masses (hahahaha! mga dyosang nakikihalubilo sa kanilang nilalang! hahahaha).  Hmmm.. an opportunity to scrutinize the men around us.

Some wore white, hmmm.. black party po eto.  Lots of eye-candy abound us, but twice the ugly ones! hahahaha Ferns and I kidded, puttanesca, bawal dapat ang pangit, pero sige na nga, Halloween naman eh. hahahaha  We thought if fire raised Malate that night, a significant portion of the gay population would be wiped off! hehehe  On one side of the line, a guy in white was being a prat on the phone, 'ayoko pumila, sunduin mo ko rito'.  Well, dear, you'll have to wait until the line subsides. hmf.  Then there were Caucasians who cut in on the line, apparently blind on how long the line was.  But, cge na nga, mga visitors naman eh. hihihihi

Finally, we got in.

Carlo met us, 'Inom na kayo Tanduay Ice'.

I raised an eyebrow. 'Hmf!  Pinapila mo kami!  Libre mo kami ng Ice'

Carlo chided, 'Kaw naman mas mayaman eh.  Bili ka na'

Hmf again.  I guess that was true hahahahaha. kidding. =p

Ferns was giddy. 'Let's go inside'

'Dami tao sa loob', Carlo complained.

Still we went inside.  Carlo begged off as he had to work early the following day.  Kevs. 1.30am.

The place was crowded, literally, shoulder to shoulder.  If I had a faint heart, well, I would have fainted. hehe  but we thrive on, eager on what awaits us. :)

I saw Jaydee, Rori's friend, dancing on the ledge.  Hmf.  I added him on FB, and until now it's still pending.  Double Hmf!!  I personally thought he was a looker, but contrary, he was not (sour grape!).  Honestly, he wasn't, and he wasn't tall, 5'2" the most, paarte-arte pa sya.

I chug a bottle of Ice.  No one particularly interesting.  Another gulp.  Hmmm.. the dance beat starts to reverberate in my ears, it was playing Club can't handle me.  I was starting to dance to the beat, then out of the corner of my eye, I saw Paris, a fling of my past.  He saw me.  Musta?

I shrugged.  'I'm ok' (pa-demure effect).

'Who you with?'

'Ferns'.  He was so close, I could smell him.

He looked at me, I looked at him.  We kissed.  That's it.  He moved on.  One down, how many more to go? hehe

We moved to the bar.  Ferns was giggling, 'Stop please'.  Apparently, someone was groping him, actually, more like a couple.  Touchdown si parekoy. hehe

The guys passing by were so close, again, you could smell them, hmmm.. Eternity.. Pleasures.. Happy.. aba! may nag Light Blue.. hmmm.. ewwwww! Axe ba yun?? *choke choke*

Another Ice.  I popped mint into my mouth.  Another guy passed by, this time with a second glance at me.  I stare back.  He stopped at his tracks.  I smiled, he approached me.  He danced in front of me, pelvis touching.  I didn't complain.  Hmmm.. the guy looked chinito, but moreno, not really my type.  He drew his face close to mine, he started to bite my upper lip.  I didn't prevent him.  Then he chew my lower lip.  He's a good kisser, I started to reciprocate, I can sense he liked it.  (Secret no. 2 hushkins, always carry mint, you'll never knew who'll you'll end up kissing =) ).
'Let's have sex', he drooled.

Whoa!  Bilis naman nito.  'hhhmmmm.. now?'

'Yah, now, my place in Pasay'

'You top or bottom?', I queried.

'Top'.  tsk tsk.  I am top also.

'Maybe later.  I still want to dance', was my excuse.

'Ok.  Give me your number.'

'Say what, you give me your number, and I'll text you'.  He obliged.  He said his name was Rico.  Two down.

I danced.  Then another guy passed by.  He looked familiar and I was tipsy (I had already 2 bottles Ice and 2 bottles Gilbeys).

'You looked familiar', I said with a mischievous smile.

He smiled back, 'really?'

"Yah, you were at Palawan last week, right?'

He blushed, 'Yup, but I can't recall seeing you'

'You're cute'

'So are you.'  He was flirting back.  We danced and I kissed him.  He was Nathan and I gave him my number this time.  Three down.

After Nathan left, Rico came back.  He asked why I still haven't texted him.  I alibied, I did, maybe Globe wasn't working well.

Ferns and I scouted the place.  Still very crowded but everyone was having fun.  I saw some cute guy, a bit petite, but fair-skinned, with dewy eyes.  My type, bottomesa hehe  He was being cajoled by someone to dance.  I sensed that John (I forgot his name now, so let's call him John) didn't like the guy and out of nowhere, I felt that it was my duty to save John. hahahaha  I stared at John intensely, he sensed it and saw me.  I motioned for him to dance with me.  HIs partner looked at me, I arched an eyebrow (tapang) and John snaked his way towards me.

'Hi', I put on my mischievous smile again.


We danced.  We exchanged details to which I can't recall.  We ended up kissing.  Four down plus one point for being mang-aagaw. hehehe


I was having a ball dancing.  It was now playing Let me see your underwear.  

I saw two guys dancing.  Apparently I liked the feeling of being mang-aagaw and I wanted to try again.  I put in my stare at the guy I am interested in.  Still the same features as John, but this time, the guy had dimples.  Cute.

He noticed, but still didn't let go of his partner.  Hmf, apparently, my technique's not working.  I extended a hand, gesturing him to take it and dance with me.  Still ignored.  Ouch.  I smiled devilishly.  He smiled back.  They were now dancing beside me, him facing me and his partner's back at me.  I gently manipulated my hands behind the cute guys back.  He didn't stopped me from doing so.  The partner noticed.

He asked, 'Excuse me, do you know each other??'

I smiled innocently, 'Yup, we're high school buddies', saying it loud enough for the cute guy to hear.  He smiled back and nodded.  He was playing along.

The partner responded, 'Really, from which school??'

I was shouting, 'Ateneo' and grabbed the cute guy away from him.  I started dancing with him, and the partner went away.  I was soooo bad. hehehe 

'Swabe', he was grinning from ear to ear.

'Impressive, ey?  I'm Hush, your just-found-out highschool buddy'

'hahaha, I'm Lemuel'

'I love your dimples'


'I'm not!  You're hot'


'Can I kiss you?'

'I don't kiss on my first date', Lemuel was being pakipot.  Challenge again.

'Well, I'll be an exception to your rule, I'm a good kisser'

I drew my face closer to him, trying to sense if he'll avoid my lips.  He didn't.  I gently nibbled on his upper lip.  He didn't stop me.  I went for the kill and kissed him.  He kissed back gently.  I placed in my tongue and he played with it.

'haha you're naughty', he teased.

'I'm not.  I'm a good boy', I chided.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his partner staring at us.  I could just imagine his thoughts on 2 highschool buddies making out on the dancefloor.  Kevs.

'You always get away with this?' he asked.

'No, this is my first time and you're lucky coz I did it to you! hahaha' I lied. hehehe

We danced some more and exchanged numbers.  Five down.

Happy Halloween, hushkins! ;p

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