Monday, August 22, 2011

Resto 101 @ Enderun

Mckinley Hill, BGC

I have been keeping myself busy lately and have read great reviews on this restaurant within a school ;)  So I was giddy to try it out one fine night where the stars were twinkling and the moon smiling. hehehehe

I knew it was somewhere in Mckinley Hill but my friend and I got lost somehow. hehehe I had thought it was just besides the Venice-inspired mall, but apparently, it was behind it and poor Blake had to make a U-turn. hehehe  But it was worth it.  Parking alone spoke for itself, the array of Chedeng, BMW, Chrysler, Monteros.. and Blake. hahahaha :) 

The facade resembled that of an old church (didn't take any pictures, my poor E72 couldn't handle it hehehe) and we were curtsied to Restaurant 101.  Such simple name! hehe

This was what greeted us..

My gahd!! Ang gondah!! hahahaha I've always fancied lamp fixtures on the ceilings and this was by best.. uhm, fancy? hehehehehehe It set the tone for what was to come that night. Plus, plus, the waiters were.. uhm.. delectable?? haahhaha They were students from the Enderun College and they were soooo, uhm, prim and proper. I like :)

I took a look at their menu.  Darn!! The review I read must have referred to their lunch serving, Php300 for a trio-combination of soup, main dish and dessert.  

I skimmed down further.  Acccck!!  Each dish cost Php600 the least! hahahaha Sh*t.  There was no turning back now. hahahaha Might as well enjoy this.  Sh3t! hahaha

The cute waiter was asking us for our drinks.  I decided to have the mango shake, and I noticed my friend gave me quizzical look. hahahahaha  Ok, ok! I'll opt for the red sangria wine instead. Hmf.  I forgot this was a fancy restaurant I was in. hmf. 

It was yummy. hehehe Per my friend, Sangria is wine mixed with fruits, so essentially, it's like punch… and what a punch it delivered!  That glass made me tipsy after!!  I had wanted to order another glass, but decided not to as I was literally swaying when I went out.  Loser! hahahahaha

I didn't order any appetizers, despite the plea of the waiter for me to try their chef's special for the day (ham something), so I ordered soup. French Onion, gruyere cheese, multigrain croutons, to be exact.

Uhm.. it was something unique.  I could feel the mozzarella cheese mixed with the sweet onions in it.  I was trying to compare it to the other soups I've tasted, but this stands out.  I had it paired with their complementary bread and it was soothing on a cold night.  Not bad… though not good either.  Somewhere in between :)

Then off to the main entree :)  My friend had this, Slow roasted Kurobota Pork Belly, with balsamic adobo glaze garlic rice and green mango atchara.  I took a bite of it and it was yummy.  hehehe  Sorry, I just don't know how to enunciate yummy in other parlance. Chos :)

My dish was Chicken Basquaise (don't ask me how to pronounce it, I had to ask the waiter :p)

It was a delightful experience!! :)  The blend of both bacon and chicken was purrfect!!  The chicken melted in my mouth, while the bacon added texture to it.  The potatoes fit well with the dish, so it won't be too boring.  It was like Filet Mignon, chicken-style!  Ay lavet! hehehehehe

Set-back? Php1,000 per head. hahahahahaha :p

I didn't mind shelling out a thousand bucks though.  Once in a while, I treat myself to a nice restaurant, a fine-dining one indeed.  It was sooo worth it.  I would definitely recommend highly, especially dinner time.  The ambiance is just worth the price.  I could not imagine eating out during lunchtime at 101.  The lighting would probably be different.

Finally, I've found the purrfect restaurant to take my date to.. Hmmmm.. now if I can only find the purrfect guy :p hehehehe

*hush, hush*