Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hushed Wednesday

It got me around 12nn to get my ass up from bed and make myself some brunch.

The temperature in my room is just too perfect and I was wrapped in my favorite comforter.  I just didn't want to get up yet.. not just yet. =)  I want to savor every bit of peace I was enjoying.

My bladder was shouting out and I was forced to evacuate the warm abode and yanked the door open.  I was surprised that the sun was already at its highest peak and my sofa was basked in glorious sunshine. there is no sign of rain.. finally the storm has come to pass.

I made myself some nice toast (hehehehe actually, grabbed is more like it) and stirred my favorite milk tea, Lipton Original.  Dipping and dunking the toast into my warm drink is definitely heavenly.  Each bite is excruciatingly blissful, and toast melting in my mouth is purely sinful! hehehehe :9  

I switched open my tv and tuned to V to complete my midday ritual.  The sound from the speakers surround my living quarters and recoiled on the walls of my sanctum.  This is the life and today I shall enjoy my leave :) hehehehehe 

Finally, I feel rested :)

*hush hush* for now.