Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mean Hush (pick-up lines Chapter 6)

One month since I last went to Malate.  One month! haha  The planned gimmick to Palawan2 in Cubao didn't materialize as Fern's Aussie friend ditched us in lieu of his newfound love.  'Ganyan naman talaga yan si Gerard.  Everything changes pag nakakita ng lalaki, even when we were in Australia'.

Whatever.  I had a long day, 9am to 12mn of meeting and work.  I wanted to drink, simply drink.  We didn't want to spoil the night and proceeded to Malate.  Malate, Malate, here we comç. ♪  ♪  

Not so crowded tonight, I mused.

I was on my 6th Ice, when I noticed someone staring at me.  He casually strode to some guys beside me (didn't know they were his friends), had a small chit-chat with them, and suddenly turned around to talk to me.  Shocking! hahaha

Bong: 'I like you'

Hush: 'hahaha' (I don't, he looked old na banat)

B: 'I like your shirt.  It's Chinese for love

H: 'So your chinese ha.  Ni haw ma?? hahaha'

B: 'You want some tequila? I'll buy tequila' 

He ordered them and introduced me to his bestfriend, whose name left my mind immediately after the formalities.  Duh.  They were old. hahahaha  I wanted to try how it feels like to be a pokpok. hahahahaha

Bong was talking to someone when the drinks arrived.  Aba! To my mortification, he offered the drink to the guy!  Puttanesca! 

Ferns: 'Oh, I thought those were for you? Sabihin mo, bawiin mo! hahaha'

I stared at Bong, but he acted as if he didn't notice.  Ganon.

I grabbed hold of Bong's bestfriend, and danced with him.

BF: 'Naku, baka magalit si Bong'

H: 'hmmm… how long have you been bestfriends with him?'

BF: 'Tagal na.' (smiling)

H: 'What if I tell you I prefer you over him?'

He pulled back and studied me.  I smiled coyly.  Peripheral vision would tell me Bong was staring at us.  He was hesitating whether or not to approach us.

H: 'I want to kiss you'  He obliged.  Bong's eyes literally grew. hahahaha


B: 'Why'd you kiss my bestfriend?'

H: 'Oh.  I thought you weren't interested in me.  You gave my drink to that guy.'

B: 'Let's order another round!'

H: 'Hahaha'.  I left him.

Later sa later.

B: 'I want to take you home with me'

H: 'Hahahaha'  I ditched him. hahahaha

Mean him.  Meaner me.  :)

hush hush for now**