Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mean Hush (pick-up lines Chapter 6)

One month since I last went to Malate.  One month! haha  The planned gimmick to Palawan2 in Cubao didn't materialize as Fern's Aussie friend ditched us in lieu of his newfound love.  'Ganyan naman talaga yan si Gerard.  Everything changes pag nakakita ng lalaki, even when we were in Australia'.

Whatever.  I had a long day, 9am to 12mn of meeting and work.  I wanted to drink, simply drink.  We didn't want to spoil the night and proceeded to Malate.  Malate, Malate, here we comç. ♪  ♪  

Not so crowded tonight, I mused.

I was on my 6th Ice, when I noticed someone staring at me.  He casually strode to some guys beside me (didn't know they were his friends), had a small chit-chat with them, and suddenly turned around to talk to me.  Shocking! hahaha

Bong: 'I like you'

Hush: 'hahaha' (I don't, he looked old na banat)

B: 'I like your shirt.  It's Chinese for love

H: 'So your chinese ha.  Ni haw ma?? hahaha'

B: 'You want some tequila? I'll buy tequila' 

He ordered them and introduced me to his bestfriend, whose name left my mind immediately after the formalities.  Duh.  They were old. hahahaha  I wanted to try how it feels like to be a pokpok. hahahahaha

Bong was talking to someone when the drinks arrived.  Aba! To my mortification, he offered the drink to the guy!  Puttanesca! 

Ferns: 'Oh, I thought those were for you? Sabihin mo, bawiin mo! hahaha'

I stared at Bong, but he acted as if he didn't notice.  Ganon.

I grabbed hold of Bong's bestfriend, and danced with him.

BF: 'Naku, baka magalit si Bong'

H: 'hmmm… how long have you been bestfriends with him?'

BF: 'Tagal na.' (smiling)

H: 'What if I tell you I prefer you over him?'

He pulled back and studied me.  I smiled coyly.  Peripheral vision would tell me Bong was staring at us.  He was hesitating whether or not to approach us.

H: 'I want to kiss you'  He obliged.  Bong's eyes literally grew. hahahaha


B: 'Why'd you kiss my bestfriend?'

H: 'Oh.  I thought you weren't interested in me.  You gave my drink to that guy.'

B: 'Let's order another round!'

H: 'Hahaha'.  I left him.

Later sa later.

B: 'I want to take you home with me'

H: 'Hahahaha'  I ditched him. hahahaha

Mean him.  Meaner me.  :)

hush hush for now** 

Monday, February 14, 2011

2011 Valentine Bearista - US version (102nd edition)

cuddling in my sofa
 Ex's friend came to visit Manila and we met him up at Bayview Hotel, along Roxas Boulevard.  I was wondering why he was staying at that place, then I realize, it's just across the US Embassy, so if anything happens to him, he'll just cross the street and complain. hehehehe

As I've blogged before, I'm not a huge fan of the female version of the Starbucks bearista, but since there is no male version released for the month of hearts, I had no right to complain as it is a pasalubong :) hehehe  I gladly accepted the gift with open arms.

The US version is similar to that released in Asia. The main difference is the former carries a love letter, addressed to "the one I love", while the latter had warmers on.  Well… it's tooooooo girly :) hehehehehehe

Happy Valentine's again!! :) mwah mwah!!


Free Starbucks Via only today!! :)

Location: Starbucks Manila Bayview Hotel

I started the day right by dropping by at a Starbucks coffee shop and to my surprise, they are giving out free sachet of Starbucks Via, everytime you purchase a cup of coffee.  I haven't tried their VIA brand and I'm looking forward to stirring one at the office :) and the barista was kind enough to give out 2 sachets to me. Yehey! :)

 Go and grab one, only for today, Happy  day, hushkins! :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Leche Flan!!

I haven't had time to open my blog as of late, but to my utter surprise, the lay-out changed!! It is soooo.. not right!! Foo tah! Sige kog katawa sa lay-out! And the culprit is Rori! Hmf!

Di ko nahan del!! It's sooo girly!! Flowers and hearts?? Sabotage man ni uy!! hmf!! hahahaha I'm guessing you are laughing your silly ass now, are you?? hmf!  hahaha

I don't know if I'm going to get pissed or tawa lang ko. Leche Flan! I realized kay tungod Valentines Day mao na motif ha? Bayot kayu uy! hahahaahahaha  Bantay lang ka ig abot nimo diri!! Manimaws lang gud ko! hahahaha  Baws baws lang! hahaha


Friday, February 4, 2011

Not My Kind of Pose

(Warning: May contain scenes not suitable for very young hushkins, reader discretion is advise)

Let me introduce Fren.

His relationship went south sometime October of 2010 and as mortals, we look for outlets to forget about the pain and strugglingly move on.  Fren heeded to Mother's advise and was embraced welcomely in her Planet called Romeo.  Because Fren was blessed with good genes, his hands were kept busy by the constant buzz and footprints to catch his attention.  'Masyado ka ata flawless sa main pic mo!', was my constant banter.

Kian Enzo
And it was to no surprise that Fren came across pretty-boy Kian Enzo.  It was 'love at first sight' for dear Fren.  Kian, per my friend's narration, was a drop-out from LaSalle Taft, and a Malate bystander.  Kian asserted that he had connections in Malate, so it would be futile for Fren to make up alibis if he is within the area, and because Fren wanted to gain the trust of Kian, the former discloses his whereabouts to the latter.

Kian informed him that he wanted to straighten his old ways and had decided to finish his degree at the University of Baguio.  He was just a semester away from graduating his course and by then, he will relocate again to Manila.  Fren was ecstatic upon hearing this.  Finally, he'll get the chance to meet his dream boy :)  HIs beb. :)

I told Fren straightforward, 'Uy, pwede ko sya hiramin for one hour lang? Wag ka naman madamot!', and relentlessly teased him, 'Aba, mahilig ka na rin pala sa trophy boyfriend!!', which I am known for. haha  Fren just responded with a giggle.  Puttanesca, I was both happy and envious with the luck he stumbled upon.  Swerte!

Fren's brother went up to Baguio one sunny day to celebrate his relationship's anniversary.  Fren texted Kian to meet his brother, but Kian begged off as he was too shy to talk to his brother… hmmmmm….

Because I am curious in nature, I told Fren to introduce me to Kian over the phone.  The initial reaction I had was, 'bakit boses Inday Garutay eto'.  I mean, the way we do things in our courtship is we try to impress each other with our husky or bedroom voice, but definitely not our Garutay voice.  Still, I gave Kian the benefit of doubt.

Hush: 'Pare, rinig ko raw maganda sa Nevada'

Kian: 'Oo, sa Fridays or Hex kami palagi nagtatambay'

H: 'Talaga?  Sabi nga ni Fren na somebody tried to offer you a drink, pero you blatantly refused it, bakit naman?'

K: 'Eh ayoko eh.  I can afford to buy my own drink'

Ang Taray ng bruha!  Gusto ko sya sabunutan.  Cute naman sabi ni Fren.  Hay, the adjectives we use when we are infatuated. hahaha

H: 'O, punta kami sa x ko dyan sa Baguio come Christmas, hope to see you there!'

K: 'Sinabi ko na kay Fren eh.  May family gathering kami sa Ilocos.  Sayang nga eh'

My eyebrow perched a bit.  Maybe a bit higher.  Somehow I smelled a rat, but I kept it to myself.

Came January 2011.  

Fren bought himself a new car and as a breakthrough test, we decided to go to Baguio.  The stars were aligning that week and pointed North.  He had wanted to name his car after  Kian, but later reconsidered as it might not turn out well and he'll get stuck with that name.  

Fren wanted to surprise Kian and tried to get his address at his apartment.  We were chasing him around the city but to no avail.  On Saturday night (January 22), we decided to go to Caffee Klutch (which is sooo nice by the way), which is near the place he was hanging out, Citycamp.  Text messages were thrown, as follows:

Kian: 'Beb, ba't parang ang lamig mo ngayon..'

Fren: 'I'm in Baguio now'

K: 'weeh. di nga?? Mabaog ka?' (Puttanesca, who the hell uses those words, mabaog?)

F: 'Di pa sabi mo love mo ko and love din kita, so ginawan ko ng paraan para magkita ta.  Now it's your turn to prove that you love me.  I'm at Caffee Klutch now with friends.  Andito din si Hush.  Di ba sabi mo malapit ka lang rito?'

K: 'Beb, wag ka ngang ganyan! Naiiyak na ako' (OA ha!)

F: 'Kaw ba talaga yung nasa friendster account na pinakita mo?'

K: 'Oo naman!'

F: 'Kasi noong una, ayaw mo brother ko, then ayaw mo din si Hush, ako na ang makipagkita sa yo.  And to prove that I am here, labas ka muna and silipin mo.  There's a baby blue and red car parked in front of the caffee.  You'll know that I am not lying'

K: 'Ayoko! Di ako nakabihis! Mabaog ka sana sa pinaggagawa mo!' 

I was already thinking, forcing him to meet Fren will not do the trick.  Clearly, he was not the Kian that Fren have come to love.  I was already realigning our strategy.

H: 'Fren, text mo sya na malambing way.  Tell him you still love him despite his appearance, kahit naka slippers or brief lang sya, minahal mo na sya'

And so the text messages sounded this way

F: 'Alam mo beb, mahal naman kita kahit ano pang itsura mo eh'

K: 'Naiiyak na talaga ako rito beb.. Alam mo naman na di talaga ako yung nasa picture di ba?'

The rat!  Our suspicions were right.

F: 'Oo naman.  I love you for what you are and for what you are not.' (ehem hehehe :) )

K: 'Eh pano kung mukha akong babae?'

We stopped dead in our tracks.  He can't be possibly serious, but why would he say that unless it's partially true??

F: 'Kahit mag mukha kang aswang, ok lang sa akin beb.  I've come to love you already..'

We were not able to meet the poser that night, but a little coaxing did the trick and he befriended Fren on Facebook.  You be the judge!!  Puttanesca!!

His name is Jam Mhie
I personally don't have any issues with the lifestyle or manner we choose in expressing ourselves, be it drag or closet or pa-mhen.  What bothers me is why do you need to use other people's picture to deceive other people into loving you, Jam?  If you are not happy with the way you look now, why choose that kind of persona?  It is utterly deceitful and conniving!

I'll end on my friend's post in FB:

"Someone just asked me if its possible for me to love a transgender...i said life is full of possibilities...Lahat may karapatan magmahal at mahalin kung anuman uri sya ng tao...pero di mu pilitin ang tao na gustuhin nya ang hindi nya naman preference maybe different and thats justifiable...wat is not just is when u pretend to be someone else becos u wanted me to like u or to love u...thats foolish…:( "

Hush hush for now**

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Wanna Grow Old With You (My Valentine Entry)

My first sappy entry for this month.. as the month of love comes thundering and pounding hard on my doorsteps. :( and this song will accompany me in my quest for that true love that everyone is wishing for, for that someone that we all want to grow old with.

Happy Valentines, my hushkins **