Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rori's Little Corner

Ang kyuuuuut! hahahahaha

I always look forward to the animation created by my good buddy, Rori. hehehe It serves as a breather after a hectic day at the office ^_^

I had wanted him to create a character dancing under a disco ball, but he refused. Hmf.  He said, it's his little corner to be creative!  Joint effort toh?? hahahaha

Hay, this will do :p hahaha

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Night of Recycles (Pick-up Lines Chapter 14)

July 23.

'Ate, malate tayo', I texted Carlo.

Carlo and I had a drift recently, when I ditched him over Les, plus he accused me of blabbering details of his s3x life to his sibling.  I swear, I had no malice intended!! :(  So, I was half-expecting him not to reply to my message.

Beep. beep.  Nag.respond :)

'Sige.  Sunduin mo ko dito sa apartment'

Ahh.. All is forgiven naman pala for the greater glory of Malate. hahahaha

'Sama ko isang friend ko if ok lang ha'

He knows that I don't just let anybody inside Blake.  Kaartehan lang.

'Sige, but ensure that I pick both of you up at your place at hinde kung saan-saan pa sya pasundo'


Outside O-bar. 12.45am.

'Hush, Hush!'

I turned to look at who was calling me.  Carlo nudged me and pointed to O-bar.  Hay.  Sabi ko na nga ba.  Les.

'Oi Les, I thought you were in Boracay?'

'Just got back yesterday night.  Meet my friend, blah-blah, he's also Bisaya'

He wasn't good-looking, so I didn't pay any attention.  I just nodded.  Yobong lang. hehe

'See you around', I said and proceeded inside Che.lu.  I just want to drink and dance the night away :)

The place wasn't jammed so it was easy to breathe.  

'Di pa kasi sweldo at katatapos lang ng white party', Carlo rationalized.

I checked out the guy he tagged along. Mike.  hmmm…  maputi, makinis, payat at bottomesang-bottomesa. hahahahahaha

'So where'd you pick-up that guy', I asked.

'Hush naman.  Friend ko yan, tagal na.  Tagal na rin kasi kami di nagkita'

I raised my brow.  Yah, right.

'Uhm.  Ok.  I met him at McDonald's some time ago.  Nakatitigan at yun, nauwi ako sa kanila, which is just a stone's throw away from my apartment'

Ay sh3t.  Di na pwede tikman! hahahaahaha  Kung kay Juan-kay Juan, kay-Pedro, kay-Pedro principle.

'But he has a boyfriend.  Kaya bawal magtext sa kanya ng around 2pm to 7pm'

Hay.  Talk about infidelity.  What's new?


I turned around.  Kris.

'Hey Kris, musta?'

'I texted you last Saturday.  White party.  You didn't come'

'Uhm, I was out of town', I lied.

We hugged and he said he'll go to his friends.  I stared after him.  Gahd, he's still cute, sporting that new haircut.  Man, he's just too complicated, sala sa init, sala sa lamig.

'Hush, gwapo', Carlo interrupted my thoughts.

Again, I turn around.  Parang gusto ko nang kumanta ng Total Eclipse of the Heart.


'Oi, Hush.  How are you?  Kanina mo pa ba ako nakita?  Kalalabas ko lang ng shift ko at dumiretso na rito'

Uhm.  Assuming ka.  Ano ako, stalker??

'I'm good.  Ngayon lang kita nakita.  You with your date?'

'No, I'm with friends.  I miss you'


'I miss you too', I reverberated his words.  He hugged me tight.  He gazed at me.

'You seem a lot healthier', he grinned.

Yeta ka.  

I smiled mischievously.  'But I look more gwapo'.

'Hmmm… sige na nga', he laughed.  Pasang.awa.  Leche flan. hahahahahaahah

'Hush, he's my crush!  You did him?', Carlo was whispering when Marky left.

'Uhm, yah.  He was the barista across the office.  Didn't worked out when I kidded about money matters'

Hay.  I was expecting to meet new guys tonight!!  Recycled pick-up lines na toh!! 

.. and to top my quandary, Les came out of nowhere.

'There you are!' He smiled.  He zoomed in for a kiss.

'hihi  Yah, you found me..', I pouted.  Gone was the guava-flavoured kiss I anticipated.

'I see you've been rounding the bars', I said upon seeing the black badge on his wrist.

'Oh this.  I was accompanying my friend.. you saw him earlier, he is Bisaya, from Cebu', he smiled toothily.


'Does he know me?'  I retorted.

'Uhm.. I think no'

'Then, I don't know him also', I smirked.

'Haha', he kissed me again.  I was bothered.

'You don't have that guava-taste that I look for.  Wala na yung mint mo?'

'Why?  Bad breath ba?  Does it taste like cigarettes?  I was smoking, sorry'

'No.. eh, I like those mints eh.  What were those?'

'Hmmm.. I only have these', he showed it to me.  Maxx.  Ngek!!

'Have you bought new mattress?', he asked suddenly.  

I was taken aback by the twist of the conversation.

'Uhm. No.  Why?'

'Eh, masakit sa likod yun eh.  I can feel the bakal of your bed'

Hmmmm… eh sanay na ako eh, despite the complaints I gather recently! hahaha

'Uhm, it's not a priority now', I said.

'I'll buy you one then'

'You must be really drunk to say that'

'Di nga.  I'll buy you one'

'Yah right'

He kissed me again.  I just don't know why I have this love-hate relationship with Les.  When he's there, I am all giddy, but when he's not, I really don't care.  

Maybe it's because I know he's just after the s3x.  I am just not feeling pok-pok these days.  Maybe I'm getting old.. or maybe I'm just tired of this game and I just want somebody to cuddle with..

'Hey, I gotta go Les.  Have to take home Carlo'

'Let him take a cab'  Not again.

'No.  Not tonight.  I'm just not feeling it.  Text me nalang'

He did the weirdest thing.  He bit my cheeks!!  That hurts!!

'Ok Hush.  I look forward to that dinner you promised'

Oh.  I forgot that.  Kebs.

*hush, hush*

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rain Over Me (Dance Dance Dance!!)

I'm predicting this will be a major hit on the dancefloors! ⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠

♫  Girl my body don't lie
I'm outta my mind 
♪  Let it rain over me

Ay ay ay 
  Let it rain over me 

*hush, hush*

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Left with Nothing Right

July 20
Makati City

Everything seems to go on opposite direction these days.  

I haven't slept for the past 2 nights.  Work is getting heavier and my bosses are up my ass, scrutinizing everything that my team does.  My mama just got admitted again, this time at Chong Hua and I am at a loss on where to get the funds.. and when I thought I found somebody I can share my future with, he turned a new leaf and gave me the cold shoulders.  This must be the price of beauty.  Hahahaha sh3t.

'Hush, dinner with Ongkoy at Lorenzo's and desert at Chilis G5', read the SMS I got from Sheila.

Heck.  I'm not one to mull over my misfortunes and pity myself, so I shutdown my office laptop and proceeded to Greenbelt.  I need to find an outlet to lay down my angst and frustrations.  Best pair, food and friend.

'Ongkoy noticed you looked depress these days', Sheila greeted me.

Depress was an understatement.

'He does?  How'd he know?', I tried to cover up by laughing at such silly insinuations.

'You do.  You might be laughing now, but the eyes reveal a lot, Hush.  Let's eat and talk things through', butted-in Ongkoy.  Wasn't aware he was eavesdropping!! Hmf.

Friends.  They know me from head-to-foot, cover-to-cover, leaf-to-leaf.  I can't, damned, hide anything from them, especially Sheila.

'Is this the guy who's making you kilig these days?'

Sheila had that accusatory look.  I avoided eye-contact and instead focus my attention on the gising-gising served by the hunky waiter.  I couldn't decide which would taste yummier.

'You know me, Shie.  I seldom get kilig over a guy.  My gahd, I'm 30 and kilig is so kindergarten!'

'But you were.  You kept on texting me baya'

I stopped and looked at her.

'Awwww.. what happened, Hush?  I thought you were doing well with him'

'I thought I did, Shie.  I thought we hit it off well, he was my Harry Potter date and we can carry on a conversation for hours!!  I showed that I am the gentleman that I can be.  Gahd, I was not even after the s3x with him!  I mean, honestly, I do want to f#ck him, but I am not only after that!'

'It's the people that we fancy f%cking that we fall hard, Hush.  Look what happened to me and Sheila!!', interrupted Ongkoy.

I just had to laugh.  

Darn.  He's right.

'Yah.  I shouldn't have let on that I was in to him.. but then again, I'm old enough not to play games anymore, guys.  Come on, if I like the guy, why waste the time not letting him know'

'.. and what happened?', Sheila mused.

'Well, he stopped texting.  Literally.  He did say we'll talk soon.. This week.'

'Why didn't you demand that you talk there and then??  What's the use of prolonging things when it will all boil down to the same ending??',  Sheila was reasoning out.

'Because he said, we'll talk soon, and I'm giving him that space.. and I'm probably afraid of what he's going to tell me.. and you know me Sheila, I hate drama.. or probably afraid to face the drama'

'Well, you're right, Hush.  Just wait for his text.  If he talks to you, that's it.  If he doesn't, then there are plenty of guys still out there!', Ongkoy chuckled.

'Yah.  I hate myself for getting carried away with my emotions.'

My attention was already elsewhere.  

Warm.  Moist.  Oozing.  Delectably melts in my mouth.

photo grabbed here

Somehow, it soothes the pain.

*hush, hush*

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Watch The Sun Come Up

♫ Hey, good morning
Hey, it's calling ♪
♪ Hey, good morning
Watch the sun come up ♫
♪ It's calling
I want another day with you ♫ ^_^

The much anticipated white party, the fuss and excitement over this event, went backseat and this song keeps repeating in my head.


Good morning! :)

*hush hush*

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Not So Classic Savory

July 12
Lunchtime, Makati

Jechel announced to the group that we would take our lunch at Savory Chicken and proceeded to show to us the free stub that offered free 16pcs shanghai rolls.  I asked, are there strings attached, such as minimum purchase spent?  No, she responded, as long as we  eat at the restaurant.

Cool.  There's one in Makati Avenue, but apparently, that one is the ORIGINAL Savory Chicken, which is different from CLASSIC Savory Chicken.  That I didn't know. :(

So off we went to D-Link (right across Landmark) and proudly showed the free stub :) We thought of just ordering rice (I mean, 16 pcs is enough for 4 people, right??) and bottomless tap water, but gallantry (and probably stagger-stares from the manager later) shoved us to order another viand, the half-chicken-something from the menu. hehehe

.. and to our horror amazement, we were served this:

Look closely!!!

The lumpia shanghai were sliced into 2, which is way way different from the coupon they gave out!  Talk about deceiving marketing strategies!!

I know that, yah, the thing was for free, but they should portray what they will actually serve the clients!!  Regardless if its half the lumpia shanghai or not!!! Hmf!! 

No wonder, even at lunchtime, this restaurant has few customers.  Tsk tsk.  

.. and because I felt short-changed (though it was free hahahaha!), I trudged towards Landmark and bought myself some taro milk tea at Chatime :)  Large please :)

Yummy!!  The blend of taro and milk tea soothed my scratchy throat and was refreshingly good :9  Price though is at Php90.. so-so :)

Then again…

What am I to do with these stubs??? hahahahahahaha :p

Hhmmmm.. I'll use this on Sunday with Josh :)  Josh who?? hehe

*hush hush*

Friday, July 8, 2011

Yupak Uyaak

Somewhere in Mandaluyong

Ambot.  Sa mga ni.aging adlaw, wala na koy gana maningkamot sa akong dapat buhaton.  Kuyaw lang kay di mani ako.. ug sa unang higala, ako syang g.huna.huna ug nganu man nawala ni.  

Hapit na tulo ka tuig na nibalhin ko gkan sa pinakadakung tighimo ug gin.  Nindot na akong kinahinumtang didto, ila gud kong gkuha gikan sa Sugbu para mobantay sa tibuok nasud kung nahi.unsa na ang mga pautang nila ug gabayan ang mga tao unsaon pagminos ani ug dili pud masakripisyo ang kalidad sa baligya.  Nabuhi ko ug upat ka tuig didto, pero nasobraan guro ko, kay isa ka adlaw, nabantayan naman nako na naay isa ka uban na nitunga sa akong sinaw na buhok.  Didto ko nakaingun, dis is it.

O basin pud sa pagkahilas ug nahan lagi mosaka dayon sa akong gtindugan, nidesisyon ko na mohawa na.  Batod pa nako, kanus.a paman ko ma.asenso diri?  Puro pa mga bata ang naa sa pwesto na ako ganahan.  Of course, ako pud g.apil kung unsa ka lalom sa bulsa ihatag sa sunod na ako puntahan. hehe

Sa una, lingaw sya.  Labinan ka, wala koy gbuhat ug puede pa ko motan.aw ug sine sa akong adlaw! hehe Naa koy lima ka tao pero wala gud miy gibuhat ug nidagan na sya ug unom ka buwan, na nagtunganga mi.  Then, naka.ingun ko, this must be the life.  Sayop.

Pagkaabot sa butang na dapat buhaton, hala!  Nakaingun gud ko, wala mani sa tunga sa kuko sa akong gbuhat sauna.  Naglibog ko kung malingaw ko o di.  I said to myself, I'll give it time..  ug kanang orasa naabot na.

Tulo ka tuig.. tulo ka tuig na wala koy nakat.onan.  And the worse part of it, ako gpasagdan ako kaugalingon na walay makat.onan.  Nahurot na gud guro ako energy mao nisugot ko na, bahala na, as long as daghan mo sud na grasya sa ako account, lipay nako.  Di diay.  Lately, I'm getting frustrated sa sistema.  Makahuna.huna ka na bisag akong amo, walay ma.contribute sa among gbuhat??  That shouldn't be the case, and I should look up to her, sa iyang nakat.unan and diri puro, sayop mana.  Then tell me, how do we work around that because in the real world, it's not all about what's ideal, but how we can come up with ways to better suit what is existing, without prejudice to the rules of the road.  I simply don't look up to her, unlike my previous mentors.

It's time.

*hush hush*

Monday, July 4, 2011

Pearly Black BMW (Pick-up Lines Chapter 12)

Starbucks Veranda
July 3.  10pm

… and so I find myself here having a cup of coffee mocha paired with a sumptuous cinnamon roll after a sweaty day at the sauna gym. hehehehe  I wanted time for myself, to do some internalization and breather from the alcohol-packed weekend.  Bad Hush.  Hay.

I had work yesterday, yet still I went out.  



Mark had suddenly resurfaced and texted me whether I wanted to hang out.  I've had my apprehensions with him when we went out, and needless to say, I didn't want to be alone with him, so I texted Carlo if Malate sounded good that night.

'Ate, para atang panay na tayo sa Malate ah.  Baka pagsawaan tayo ng mga boys at mauumay sila sa ganda natin', he responded.

'Wag naman.. sana. hahaha o ano, game ka ba?  Sunduin kita at 12.30am'

Mark was so persistent on my whereabouts, even if I told him that I was on my way already.  Atat much lang, I can't blame the guy. hehehehe  Yet it was getting on my nerves, that when I reached Chelu, I went directly to the bar and grabbed some Ice.

'O, saan ka na Hush?'  Mark again.

'Inside.  Bar.'

'Huh?  Nandito ako sa labas nag.aantay sayo.  Di mo man lang sinabi nakarating ka na'

'Eh di pasok ka.  I'm here.'

'Wag na.  Alis na nga ako rito.  Nagmukha akong tanga sa kakaantay sayo at nandyan ka na pala.'

'Stop the drama and get inside'

Sheesh.  Di pa nga tayo, nagger ka na, was running at the back of my mind.

'Alis na ako'

'Ok.'  Duh.  If he expects me to beg and run after him, no-way buddy.  I have better things to do.

I turned my attention to the dancefloor.  Man, I love this place was underrated. hehehe

Somebody pinched me on the stomach.  Kris.

'Hey you', I said.


'Who you with?  Boyfriend?'  I'm not sure if he heard the sarcasm.

'No, friend from Iloilo'

Ok.  I let him be.  No need to fuss about him, give chance to others. hehehe

Back to the scene.  They played good songs that night (including Pit's Give me Everything, which I belted out to my heart's content! hehehehehe) but somehow the overtime I rendered drained me, so I rested my back at the bar and bob my head to the beat.  Pa-cute lang. hehehehe

Then out of nowhere, he came out from the crowd, smoldering from the dry ice effect, with the crowd parting to let him pass. hehehe Exagg, but he did stand out. 

He caught sight of me, and I tried not to notice.  Sh3t, he still looked good after all these years, 42, I think per Jeff, my mind rolled.  Sh3t again, what was he doing here??  This is why I have been avoiding Bed and O-bar in the first place, he frequents those places and I thought he would never set foot in Chelu.  Darn.  I'd have to find another bar to avoid bumping into him in the future.  Tsk tsk!

He passed by me without any acknowledgment.  hehehe Good, good.  Still, it nagged me that he didn't even say hi.  Ano ba talaga gusto mo, Hush?? hehehehe  I was battling myself.

Then he came back.  He subtly touched my hands and smiled sheepishly.  

'You', I said.

'Yes me', he laughed.

'What are you doing here?' I asked indignantly.


Aba!  Ginawang CR ang Chelu. hahahahahaha

'What happened to you?', Les asked (btw, I named him Pearl before after his place at Roxas Blvd, but heck, let's name him. hehehehe)

'Nothing. Same still.  You sure you approached the right guy?'  Yes, I'm playing the name game.

'Hahahhaha of course!! How could I forget a beautiful face like yours?  You are Hush'

Again, my knees wobbled.  Man, he had that effect on me.  I gazed at him and his physique.  Hmmmm… he seemed out of shape, but still he smelled the same and wore the same brand, AX.. or was that the same shirt as before? hehehehehehhe so mean. hahahaha

'You're drunk'  I pointed out.

'I know right??  But still I remember you, Hush.  It's what, like 2 years that we last meet?  I kept a journal, you know'

Sorry, wrong.  It was August 2010, but what's the point in arguing.

'I like your hair better now, Hush.  It's neat unlike the long-cut you sported last time', he prodded and illustrated.

'Uy! I didn't sport that look!  Must be some random guy you met!'

'No it was you!' he pointed out.

I noticed his hands were already at my sides and he did that weird macho dance.  Darn.

'I've been looking all over for you'  he continued.

O-oh.  Jeff must have told him I hang out at his place.

'So where do you reside now, Hush?  Still at Ortigas?'

'Nah, I left and settled in Mandaluyong.. sa loob', my lame effort at a punchline.

'Oh, I reside in the same area.  Which part in Mandaluyong?'

'Huh?  Aren't you staying at the Pearl of the Orient?  You moved out?'

He grew silent.

'Where in Mandaluyong do you live?'  I nagged.  I thought, he was just around the corner, and I didn't know!  Plus, I factored in that he frequents Boracay, as his business is there.

'I made it up.  I still go home to the same place' 

Ha!  He thought I forgot.  That kind of information never slips my mind. hehehe

'So will you finally relent and go home with me?', he pleaded.

He zoomed in suddenly and smacked me.  Knowing me, I didn't allow this to pass without nibbling his lips! hehehehe  Hmmmm.. his mouth still feels the same guava-taste.  I tried again.. definitely guava! hehehe I wonder if there's a guava-flavoured smint, I would definitely buy, very addictive. hehe

'hmmm.. I'll think about it'

He rolled his eyes.

'I'll leave you'

Aba!  This night is full of threats of walking out.  Puttanesca lang.

'I'm with Carlo.  I have to take him home'

'Have him take a cab'

Man, I was torn.  I know this guy just wants s3x, but I can't resist his charms, sweeping deep into my.. uhm.. groin. hehehehe

I decided to go with Les at the expense of dagger-looks by Carlo.

'Sinabihan mo sana ako ng maaga para di na ako nag.antay ng matagal sa inyong dalawa!', was his departing words, while slamming the cab door later.  Drama much.

'Let's go.'

I didn't realize Les was there.

'Where did you park.  Tara, hatid kita doon'

'San kotse mo'

'There.  You still recall my car, right?'

How can I not, gleaming in the dark was his black BMW.

'Ah yan ba, tara buksan mo na', intentionally pinpointing the Mazda3 parked besides it.  He grimaced.  I laughed inside. hehehe  Yobong kasi.

We just made a U-turn to where Blake was safely tucked and convoyed towards his condominium.. and it happened.. yet again.  (Don't know if it's a smiley or saddy-face I should place here)

He gazed at me fondly.

'Alam mo ba Hush, pinagseselosan ka ni Richard.'

Richard was his ex who turned out to be a schoolmate back in Cebu.  Small, small world.

'Bakit naman?  Isn't he over you'

I was smirking.  Talaga lang.  Mas bata at sariwa ata ako sa kanya! hahahahha

'Di ko alam, but I'm over him, you know.  Kaw nalang baby ko..'

Hahahaha frankly, I only desire him because he is rich.  Yes, he is good-looking, his body to die for, but still, what strikes him most to me is his wealth rather than his personality, the idea of showing him off to friends, yet, my conscience bothers me profusely.  No feelings at all.. uhm, ok, I take it back.  I only have feelings between my thighs for him.  Hay.

And to think, I had wanted a sugar-daddy.  Di rin pala.

*hush, hush*