Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rori's Little Corner

Ang kyuuuuut! hahahahaha

I always look forward to the animation created by my good buddy, Rori. hehehe It serves as a breather after a hectic day at the office ^_^

I had wanted him to create a character dancing under a disco ball, but he refused. Hmf.  He said, it's his little corner to be creative!  Joint effort toh?? hahahaha

Hay, this will do :p hahaha


  1. aaaww..

    hoooongkyuuut nomon!

    sana may friend din akong magaling mag drawing..

  2. pareng shenanigans! inis nga ako coz ayaw nya yong may disco ball at naka grind yung character so that it will represent me! hmf hmf hmf. hehehe i'm soooooooo demanding hahahaha

  3. ahahaha! natawa ako sa comment mo. lol

  4. umaarte ka pa jan.. keri na yan! LOL

    pare? eeeewwwneeesss! haha!

    sooo pahmin! LOL