Sunday, July 24, 2011

Night of Recycles (Pick-up Lines Chapter 14)

July 23.

'Ate, malate tayo', I texted Carlo.

Carlo and I had a drift recently, when I ditched him over Les, plus he accused me of blabbering details of his s3x life to his sibling.  I swear, I had no malice intended!! :(  So, I was half-expecting him not to reply to my message.

Beep. beep.  Nag.respond :)

'Sige.  Sunduin mo ko dito sa apartment'

Ahh.. All is forgiven naman pala for the greater glory of Malate. hahahaha

'Sama ko isang friend ko if ok lang ha'

He knows that I don't just let anybody inside Blake.  Kaartehan lang.

'Sige, but ensure that I pick both of you up at your place at hinde kung saan-saan pa sya pasundo'


Outside O-bar. 12.45am.

'Hush, Hush!'

I turned to look at who was calling me.  Carlo nudged me and pointed to O-bar.  Hay.  Sabi ko na nga ba.  Les.

'Oi Les, I thought you were in Boracay?'

'Just got back yesterday night.  Meet my friend, blah-blah, he's also Bisaya'

He wasn't good-looking, so I didn't pay any attention.  I just nodded.  Yobong lang. hehe

'See you around', I said and proceeded inside  I just want to drink and dance the night away :)

The place wasn't jammed so it was easy to breathe.  

'Di pa kasi sweldo at katatapos lang ng white party', Carlo rationalized.

I checked out the guy he tagged along. Mike.  hmmm…  maputi, makinis, payat at bottomesang-bottomesa. hahahahahaha

'So where'd you pick-up that guy', I asked.

'Hush naman.  Friend ko yan, tagal na.  Tagal na rin kasi kami di nagkita'

I raised my brow.  Yah, right.

'Uhm.  Ok.  I met him at McDonald's some time ago.  Nakatitigan at yun, nauwi ako sa kanila, which is just a stone's throw away from my apartment'

Ay sh3t.  Di na pwede tikman! hahahaahaha  Kung kay Juan-kay Juan, kay-Pedro, kay-Pedro principle.

'But he has a boyfriend.  Kaya bawal magtext sa kanya ng around 2pm to 7pm'

Hay.  Talk about infidelity.  What's new?


I turned around.  Kris.

'Hey Kris, musta?'

'I texted you last Saturday.  White party.  You didn't come'

'Uhm, I was out of town', I lied.

We hugged and he said he'll go to his friends.  I stared after him.  Gahd, he's still cute, sporting that new haircut.  Man, he's just too complicated, sala sa init, sala sa lamig.

'Hush, gwapo', Carlo interrupted my thoughts.

Again, I turn around.  Parang gusto ko nang kumanta ng Total Eclipse of the Heart.


'Oi, Hush.  How are you?  Kanina mo pa ba ako nakita?  Kalalabas ko lang ng shift ko at dumiretso na rito'

Uhm.  Assuming ka.  Ano ako, stalker??

'I'm good.  Ngayon lang kita nakita.  You with your date?'

'No, I'm with friends.  I miss you'


'I miss you too', I reverberated his words.  He hugged me tight.  He gazed at me.

'You seem a lot healthier', he grinned.

Yeta ka.  

I smiled mischievously.  'But I look more gwapo'.

'Hmmm… sige na nga', he laughed.  Pasang.awa.  Leche flan. hahahahahaahah

'Hush, he's my crush!  You did him?', Carlo was whispering when Marky left.

'Uhm, yah.  He was the barista across the office.  Didn't worked out when I kidded about money matters'

Hay.  I was expecting to meet new guys tonight!!  Recycled pick-up lines na toh!! 

.. and to top my quandary, Les came out of nowhere.

'There you are!' He smiled.  He zoomed in for a kiss.

'hihi  Yah, you found me..', I pouted.  Gone was the guava-flavoured kiss I anticipated.

'I see you've been rounding the bars', I said upon seeing the black badge on his wrist.

'Oh this.  I was accompanying my friend.. you saw him earlier, he is Bisaya, from Cebu', he smiled toothily.


'Does he know me?'  I retorted.

'Uhm.. I think no'

'Then, I don't know him also', I smirked.

'Haha', he kissed me again.  I was bothered.

'You don't have that guava-taste that I look for.  Wala na yung mint mo?'

'Why?  Bad breath ba?  Does it taste like cigarettes?  I was smoking, sorry'

'No.. eh, I like those mints eh.  What were those?'

'Hmmm.. I only have these', he showed it to me.  Maxx.  Ngek!!

'Have you bought new mattress?', he asked suddenly.  

I was taken aback by the twist of the conversation.

'Uhm. No.  Why?'

'Eh, masakit sa likod yun eh.  I can feel the bakal of your bed'

Hmmmm… eh sanay na ako eh, despite the complaints I gather recently! hahaha

'Uhm, it's not a priority now', I said.

'I'll buy you one then'

'You must be really drunk to say that'

'Di nga.  I'll buy you one'

'Yah right'

He kissed me again.  I just don't know why I have this love-hate relationship with Les.  When he's there, I am all giddy, but when he's not, I really don't care.  

Maybe it's because I know he's just after the s3x.  I am just not feeling pok-pok these days.  Maybe I'm getting old.. or maybe I'm just tired of this game and I just want somebody to cuddle with..

'Hey, I gotta go Les.  Have to take home Carlo'

'Let him take a cab'  Not again.

'No.  Not tonight.  I'm just not feeling it.  Text me nalang'

He did the weirdest thing.  He bit my cheeks!!  That hurts!!

'Ok Hush.  I look forward to that dinner you promised'

Oh.  I forgot that.  Kebs.

*hush, hush*


  1. Les was right, masakit talaga yung bakal ng bed mo. That's why i prefer the couch over your bed.

  2. Oi, maiba ako...iba na ang background mo! LOL! now puwede nang buksan sa office! LOL!

  3. nagma-mature ka na pagdating sa relationship..

    hindi mo na pinapanindigan ang sinabi ni brian kinney..

    “I don’t believe in love, I believe in fucking. It’s honest… it’s efficient. You get in and out with a maximum of pleasure and a minimum of bullshit. ”

    mabuti yan! hehe!

  4. @ anonymous - yup, mas maganda nga couch ko :)

    @ Papa G - how come i feel it's not a good thing for you! hahahahaha

    @ shenanigans - thanks for reminding me that. I need a boost lately, and nawala ako sa landas! hahahaah balik ulit ala brian kinney ^_^

  5. haaay naku!

    makakahanap ka din ng katapat mo