Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Peeved Hush :(

May 18, 2011.
Hush Place.

I came home late after a date with Secret, and a bit exhausted from the 30-minute drive from Cambridge Village where he resides.  Ang layo!! hay.

I opened Macky, checked my FB account and noted that a friend posted pictures of their recent trip to Chinatown.  Out of nowhere, my blood temperature rose and texted rantingly the guy:

Before you insist your mediocre thoughts on me, please ensure that you get your data correct.  It's pathetic to dislodge you from these pretense.

I lost my cool.  

All my emotions ran down the drain when I recalled earlier the messages we exchanged.

G: 'Morning, Hush'

H: 'Aptirnun po'

G: 'Gutom ako, i'm craving for siomai'

H: 'Hmmmmm… aha man siomai diri?'

G: 'Sa Ongpin'

H: 'Ongpin is soooo not right.  Binondo is the right term'

G: 'What makes it not right?'

H: 'It sounds so probinsyano! hahahaha  Nobody uses Ongpin these days'

G: 'No.  There are still people using Ongpin and I don't believe you'

H: 'And what makes you say that?!'

G: 'Well, first and foremost, my officemates call the place Ongpin, rather than Binondo.  A Chinese doctor friend of mine calls it Ongpin also, Ongpin is the street name, while Binondo is the city, so Ongpin is within Binondo, and lastly, why would I rely on somebody who is not even a native to this place??'

I was struck speechless.  I couldn't send a response and I didn't realize that it was dangerously confined at the back of my mind, because when I saw the pictures posted in FB that dawn, it came back with a vengeance, and knowing that he was well awake that time, I immediately send out this message:

Fyi.  The restaurant you ate in, Wai Ying, is at Benavidez Street, BINONDO.  Not Ongpin, BUT Benavidez, BINONDO.  I may not be a native of this place, but I've been to more locations than any of those so called acquaintances of yours.  Che!

I woke up to his reply:

I just arrived at home.  I"m sorry Hush, what I said was offensive.

I don't know.  I decided to write my thoughts.  I guess, my nature of not to be outdone has gotten the best in me.  I realized that what started out as a harmless remark on my end (calling him probinsyano indirectly) may have affected him also, and as any ordinary mortal would react when being named, would retort back by labeling you also.  I guess, it's my fault also.  

I'm still deciding whether to respond to his text or simply ignore it.  Hayst.

*hush, hush*