Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sway to the Rhythm of Love


Finished watching No Strings Attached :) Haaay..  Sappy morning everyone! :)

When the moon is low
We can dance in slow motion
And all your tears will subside
All your tears will dry

*hush, hush*

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Take me by the Tongue


This song is making waves at bars!  I heard this first at Chelu (but not Obar! tsk tsk) and I finally got the title of the song! hahahaa I had thought this was entitled Moves like that, I must have been drunk :(

Just shoot for the stars
If it feels right
Then aim for my heart

If you feel like
And take me away, make it okay
I swear I'll behave

Take me by the tongue
And I'll know you
Kiss me till you're drunk
And I'll show you

Love, love! :)  I am affected by the lyrics! hahahaha

Bring in the Grey Goose!! hehehe

*hush, hush*

Friday, August 26, 2011

Learn the Art of Letting Go

Tantanan mo nga ako :p

Seriously, someone special shared this song with me 3 years ago, and is incorporated in my  Nano playlist that lulls me to sleep ^_^

Tribute also to the upcoming Final Fantasy 13-2.  Weeeeh.

Puttanesca, aga ko nagising!  

*hush, hush*

Monday, August 22, 2011

Resto 101 @ Enderun

Mckinley Hill, BGC

I have been keeping myself busy lately and have read great reviews on this restaurant within a school ;)  So I was giddy to try it out one fine night where the stars were twinkling and the moon smiling. hehehehe

I knew it was somewhere in Mckinley Hill but my friend and I got lost somehow. hehehe I had thought it was just besides the Venice-inspired mall, but apparently, it was behind it and poor Blake had to make a U-turn. hehehe  But it was worth it.  Parking alone spoke for itself, the array of Chedeng, BMW, Chrysler, Monteros.. and Blake. hahahaha :) 

The facade resembled that of an old church (didn't take any pictures, my poor E72 couldn't handle it hehehe) and we were curtsied to Restaurant 101.  Such simple name! hehe

This was what greeted us..

My gahd!! Ang gondah!! hahahaha I've always fancied lamp fixtures on the ceilings and this was by best.. uhm, fancy? hehehehehehe It set the tone for what was to come that night. Plus, plus, the waiters were.. uhm.. delectable?? haahhaha They were students from the Enderun College and they were soooo, uhm, prim and proper. I like :)

I took a look at their menu.  Darn!! The review I read must have referred to their lunch serving, Php300 for a trio-combination of soup, main dish and dessert.  

I skimmed down further.  Acccck!!  Each dish cost Php600 the least! hahahaha Sh*t.  There was no turning back now. hahahaha Might as well enjoy this.  Sh3t! hahaha

The cute waiter was asking us for our drinks.  I decided to have the mango shake, and I noticed my friend gave me quizzical look. hahahahaha  Ok, ok! I'll opt for the red sangria wine instead. Hmf.  I forgot this was a fancy restaurant I was in. hmf. 

It was yummy. hehehe Per my friend, Sangria is wine mixed with fruits, so essentially, it's like punch… and what a punch it delivered!  That glass made me tipsy after!!  I had wanted to order another glass, but decided not to as I was literally swaying when I went out.  Loser! hahahahaha

I didn't order any appetizers, despite the plea of the waiter for me to try their chef's special for the day (ham something), so I ordered soup. French Onion, gruyere cheese, multigrain croutons, to be exact.

Uhm.. it was something unique.  I could feel the mozzarella cheese mixed with the sweet onions in it.  I was trying to compare it to the other soups I've tasted, but this stands out.  I had it paired with their complementary bread and it was soothing on a cold night.  Not bad… though not good either.  Somewhere in between :)

Then off to the main entree :)  My friend had this, Slow roasted Kurobota Pork Belly, with balsamic adobo glaze garlic rice and green mango atchara.  I took a bite of it and it was yummy.  hehehe  Sorry, I just don't know how to enunciate yummy in other parlance. Chos :)

My dish was Chicken Basquaise (don't ask me how to pronounce it, I had to ask the waiter :p)

It was a delightful experience!! :)  The blend of both bacon and chicken was purrfect!!  The chicken melted in my mouth, while the bacon added texture to it.  The potatoes fit well with the dish, so it won't be too boring.  It was like Filet Mignon, chicken-style!  Ay lavet! hehehehehe

Set-back? Php1,000 per head. hahahahahaha :p

I didn't mind shelling out a thousand bucks though.  Once in a while, I treat myself to a nice restaurant, a fine-dining one indeed.  It was sooo worth it.  I would definitely recommend highly, especially dinner time.  The ambiance is just worth the price.  I could not imagine eating out during lunchtime at 101.  The lighting would probably be different.

Finally, I've found the purrfect restaurant to take my date to.. Hmmmm.. now if I can only find the purrfect guy :p hehehehe

*hush, hush*

Sunday, August 21, 2011

O Lamp

Somewhere in Mandaluyong

Finally had time to buy bulb for my lamp at the Galleria.  This creates a purrfect ambiance to think ⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠relax⎝⏠⏝⏠⎠  

or.. hehehe

*hush, hush*

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Crazy STUPID Love (♥)

Shang Cineplex

After accompanying me at the Medical City for check-up, Rocio decided she won't push through with her part-time work for a common friend (given that the routine took us until 2 in the afternoon!! Sorry Sho).  I was being an ass of late, coz I wouldn't go to the clinic to have myself checked given my latest condition.  She insisted and I am grateful.  Frankly, it was depressing to think of going to the hospital to have those checks alone :(

I mentioned that Crazy, Stupid, Love was showing already.  I had planned to watch it with Mike (uyyyyy! nagpaparamdam ulit! hahahaha) but he had work tomorrow and might just dozed off.  That would be a boring date! hmf.

Sho was giddy and eager to watch it and we booked ourselves for the 3.50pm screening at the Shang.

Hay.  The movie was sooooo nice :)  It was a feel-good movie, and would be have been purrfect had I been with somebody to cuddle with. Darn. hehehe  It was worth the 2-hour play, and the twists of discovering that the thing you've been avoiding, of falling in love, and masking it with promiscuity will eventually slap you at your face!  Literally!  And to somebody you've been teaching to move on from the hurt caused by the downfall of a relationship.  Plus the light touch of comedy injected by Steve Carell was refreshing to an otherwise typical love story. :)

Darn.  As in all other movies, I get to relate it with my personal experiences.  Hehe  Lately, I've been tired of being nice, of being true, of showing good intentions when I date.  I find that it's tiring, and probably boring and without challenge to the other person, because I tell them (them talaga?? hahaha) that I like him (sige na nga, kasi di naman sabay-sabay!) and try to work things out.. and eventually, that became a recipe for disaster!  So I stopped, went to Malate and kiss boys.  No strings and feelings attached.  Period.  Even my status message at PR was mean! hahahaha and if somebody ugly messaged me, I told him to bug off!! hahahaha and they would say I was being snotty, and I get joy when I respond back, I know right?? hahahahaha

.. then this movie.  Tsk tsk!! hahahaha I realized, and cliche, cliche, that these pains serve as spice on why we love.  The 13-year old son of Steve Carell almost gave up on love, of finding his soulmate (gahd, the innocence of the boy is sooo real), that such love can never exist, given the recent break-up of his parents, who ironically met at the tender age of 17.  Hay. hay. hay.  Gugmang G.atay!! hahahaha

I realized, nah, I will continue to find that love :) Chos! hahaha  That love I deserve and I guess deserving of what I can offer also :)  Love should be happy and uncompromising, of meeting half-ways and agreements.  Should it fell short of expectations, then it was never meant to be and should be let go of.  These pains will eventually build stronger walls for me to lean back should I ever fall again :) weeeeeh! Inspired?? hahahahaha

And so I end on this note from the movie:

I shouldn't have jumped from the car, I should have fought for you.. Because I should have fought for my soulmate, or at least that's what my 13 yr old son told me

Ganda, ganda!! hehehe

PS - Uhm, O.bar muna ako mamaya. hehehe Kung saan, well :)

*hush, hush*

Friday, August 19, 2011

Early Morning..

I feel down. Tired. Hay.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When that thing bows down


I had gotten used to listening to 89.9 when driving to work these days.  I find that I enjoy Mo's lambasting callers when the latter tries to argue with him.  Today was one of those days and I had my share of sole laughter when the caller tried to reason out that despite her age of 39, she still looked or apparently been mistaken to look much younger!

Mo: "Yah, yah, yah.  You say that to yourself but be real, you are 39! Not 28, 39!  You are one of those ladies who are smart and pretend to be dumb! and that's why you remain not married still!"

Ouch.  How blatant yet I find joy in it (saddist! hahahaha)

Then Mo entertained another caller (I forgot who his partner dj was, but kevs hehehe) who had husky bedroom voice (glee!! hehehe):

Caller: "Mo, have you been .."

Mo (cuts-off) : "Man, you're gay!" (hahaha!)

C (continues still) : " … in a situation where you are so into the girl, that you really like the girl, and when that time comes and you see her naked.." (hesitates)

Mo (presses) : "Then??" 

C : ".. then your thing fails you!"

Gahd! He sound depressed! 

C (continues): "I mean, I really really like her, but it just didn't stand up! Is there something wrong with me?"

Mo: "No.  It's the anxiety and excitement that's taking place.  You have been longing to do her and all that excitement and anxiety made that happen"

Very frank.

C (defensive): "I mean, I've done it before with other girls, and my intention was purely that, but this girl, whom I like, it failed me"

Mo :" Don't worry, it's natural for it to happen.  Give it 5x max, and if it still doesn't work up, then consult a doctor, man!"

Hmmmmm.. this made me think.  A lot! hahaha

This happened to me before.  I came from work late and met up with this guy I used to like.  He had been so horny, but I was tired but, but, but because I really really liked him, I didn't want to disappoint him.. and no matter how much he s*cked me, it just didn't pay attention!!  It was embarrassing and the thing that I feared most, of disappointing him, disappointed me! hahahahahaha  To this day, it haunted me until now!

Thank goodness, Mo reassured me that it was ok.  It was ok until the fifth time! Toink! hahahahaha

Finally, I was able to laugh.  I'm alive again! :)

*hush hush*

Monday, August 15, 2011

Peeping Frog

Shangrila Plaza

While doing grocery, I found something refreshing.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Pink and White


Thank you Auntie for making this nice flower arrangement for my mama.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Casa Verde

Casa Verde, Ayala Terraces 

Had to drop by my fave resto before I fly back to reality.

Brian's Baby Back Ribs (Php189)
My bro said it's cheaper at their original place across Velez Hospital at Php130 something.  I say the cost of gas would probably compensate for the difference in Ayala.  Mind you, this was at Php85 way back 4 or 5 years ago when I was still based in Cebu.  Humongous and the sauce!  You would just have to drool over the sauce!

My bro ordered the Dax (?) which was their steak.  He had it well-done and it had shrimps to compliment the dish.  Not bad.  Set off at Php250.  Not bad indeed for a steak.

Death by Chocolate (Php125)
Finished off with this dessert.  It's crisp outer layer coupled with the ice cream and marshmallows in it is to die for.  I guess this is why they called it such.  This used to be around Php50 before!! How times have changed.

Cebu.  Should I go back?  Hay.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011



Boozer.  Our pup here in Cebu.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Mama


No one can argue that I am, and will always be a Mama's Boy.

A week ago, and around this time, I received a frantic call from my mama's assistant at the hospital.

'Dong, uli dong.  Nag seizure imo mama'

I immediately called my bro to drop everything he was doing and proceed to Chong Hua.  A doktora friend called me up to immediately book a flight to Cebu because mama didn't look good.  I asked what happened.  The operation seemed to be ok and she was about to be discharged that day.  It seems that the doctors did not have a clue why she is having a seizure and they were doing everything they can to help my mama..

I hurriedly booked a flight to Cebu for the following day, 4.30am, Cebu Pacific.

4pm passed. 5pm passed til 6pm.  I was attending a meeting but my mind was elsewhere.  I received a missed call from my bro and made a returned call, but he didn't take it.  I was worried, very worried.  My mama was having difficulties and I was no where in sight to comfort and ease her pain..

7pm.  I received a text message from my bro.  My mama was undergoing cardiac arrest.  I cried.

I couldn't bear the idea of losing my mama.  She is the only reason why I go back to Cebu. She is the only reason why I strive hard to achieve whatever it is that I have accomplished.  I wanted my mama to be proud of me.

My doctor-cousin called me.  It seems that my mama was no longer responsive to the dosage that they were injecting her.  I asked if she was still breathing, she was but it will take a miracle for her to recover.  My tears kept flowing.  My world fell apart when he said that.

I hurriedly drove (with Fernan accompanying me, which I am grateful for) to find some church, any church so I could pray.  Every church we went (Don Bosco, and the one in Pasay) were closed.  I was losing hope.  Then Ferns suggested Baclaran.  Yes.  It was Wednesday, and Baclaran would be open til the wee hours of the morning.  I held on to the tiny glimmer of hope.

On the way, I requested my bro to have her mobile to her ears so I could talk with her.  I could only hear breathing from the respirator.  Please hold on mama.  Uli nako ugma, huwata nalang ko kay I want to hug you and comfort you that everything will be ok and that I am there already.  I love my mama so much..

In Baclaran, I prayed to all the angels and saints who would hear me.  I cried and didn't care if people would stare at me.  I just want my mama to live.  I was already desperate.

But my prayers were not heeded.

I received a text message from a cousin.  Condolence.  

My world shattered and I broke down at my place.  Alone.

She died 9.18pm.  No one dared told me.  My bro hesitated and told me around 12mn.  People were already calling me but I didn't answer.  How can I?  When the only person that I love and unconditionally loved me in return was gone?  It broke my heart.

My ambition drove me to Manila and it is that ambition that I now loathe.  

I was not there when my mama passed away.  I was in some stupid place, living an independent life.  But in truth, I am still dependent on my mama.  She was my everything.

Everything is surreal here in Cebu.  The empty house.  I was half expecting my mama to appear out of thin air, smile and comfortingly ask unsa ako sud.an nahan kan.on?  I would then eagerly request her to cook for me my favorite, linat.an na baboy, ma..


My aunties, my cousins, my friends, my mom's officemates keep telling me everything will be alright.  They expect me to be strong.. but I can't.  I have lost my pillar of strength for me to thrive on.

I am lost.