Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Casa Verde

Casa Verde, Ayala Terraces 

Had to drop by my fave resto before I fly back to reality.

Brian's Baby Back Ribs (Php189)
My bro said it's cheaper at their original place across Velez Hospital at Php130 something.  I say the cost of gas would probably compensate for the difference in Ayala.  Mind you, this was at Php85 way back 4 or 5 years ago when I was still based in Cebu.  Humongous and the sauce!  You would just have to drool over the sauce!

My bro ordered the Dax (?) which was their steak.  He had it well-done and it had shrimps to compliment the dish.  Not bad.  Set off at Php250.  Not bad indeed for a steak.

Death by Chocolate (Php125)
Finished off with this dessert.  It's crisp outer layer coupled with the ice cream and marshmallows in it is to die for.  I guess this is why they called it such.  This used to be around Php50 before!! How times have changed.

Cebu.  Should I go back?  Hay.

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