Tuesday, September 28, 2010

'mend the broken.. vanquish the evil..'

" Boron: (from trailer, voiceover) When you've flown as far as you can, you're halfway there! 
(confused) What did he say? 
(ecstatic) We're halfway there!"

- Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

I have been anticipating this movie for so long and last Sunday, after a sumptuous lunch at Wai Ying in Binondo, honey and me went to Megamall to watch this movie.  Of course, I didn't settle for anything but 3D viewing.  I was anticipating a long queue at the cinema booths, but apparently, everyone seemed to be trooping to the IMAX at MOA (as noted in my FB wall), so we had the cinema to ourselves. hehehe  or was it because we bought tickets for the last full show? hmmmm...

When we entered the movie house, everyone were swaying to a 3D game being played.  I wanted to rush to my seat and get into the fun, but when we reached our reserved seats, the game was done =(  Everyone seemed cheerful after the game and I was really curious how it looked like in 3D!! I wasn't wearing my 3D glasses when I entered the cinema =( ugh.

Neways, the national anthem played by SM displayed GMA stars, compared to the ABS-CBN talents before.  I'm not a fan of GMA but the portrayal of the anthem was definitely refreshing, from the battle in Mactan til the EDSA revolution, which portrayed Marian as a nun (which I found plastik hehehe).  

Back to the Legend.  The movie was definitely worth the exorbitant price SM charges you for a 3D movie (the ticket price was P225, but we paid P250 each because it 'came with beverages'.  I said, can we not avail of the beverages?  The cashier said, no, it's bundled. Puttanesca, pineperahan mo kami eh!' hehe).

The movie started out with young Soren narrating the story to his sister (Eglantine) of how the Legend of the Guardians saved the owl clan from Metalbeak, who wants to rule the owl world his way.  Soren's brother, Kludd, didn't believe this, said it was just all made up.  

When the brothers Soren and Kludd were 'gliding' one night, they were kidnapped by the forces of Metalbeak.  Needless to say Kludd joined Metalbeak's forces while Soren, idealistic and all, searched for the legend together with his trusted friends, Gylfie (the Navigator), Digger (the Tracker), Twilight (the Warrior) and Soren's nanny snake.  Soren discovered that the Legend was real, the guardians rushed to save the universe (the owl universe hehehe) and later realized that a mole was amongst them and Soren gets to save the day =)

The plot is very typical but what amazed me were the graphics and how vivid the movie was! =)  It didn't fail to amaze me for the 2hours plus run, and the scenes I loved most were the following:
  • fight between Soren and Kludd in the fire-struck rainforest;
  • the plight and flight of Soren and friends in search for the guardians during a blizzard (the slow-mo scenes were unbelievable!! =) );
  • Soren's effort to save his guardian friends, rushing into the fire-struck rainforest (slo-mo again);
  • first time that Soren and Gylfie learned to fly and feel their feathers (ahhh goosebumps)
and so on and so forth. =)  The movie definitely brought out the kid in me and was touched by the brotherly affection of Soren to his sister and brother, despite the latter's betrayal, which is sooo sad =(  I can definitely relate because I know I am a good brother hehehe Ni.relate ba?

So, hushkins, go out and enjoy the movie.  Again, the plot's not complicated and this is the type of movie you'd just lay back, relax and enjoy.  No fuss, only pure entertainment =) love love it.

PS - I wonder if the producers issued cute stuff toys of the movie characters hehehe