Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tuesday - Laguna

I just arrived from a long drive down South.  I didn't plan anything for the day, and I woke up 11.30am (sweet!) and I ended up in Laguna. hehe

I started the day paying off obligations (bills bills bills!) and as promised, went to gym and had my fix of cardiovascular routines.  Sauna time was uninteresting which I thought should have been at its peak at 7pm.  Maybe it was respite time and show starts at 12nn and the last full show ends at 10pm? Well… hehehe

I had planned to watch Narnia after gym but when I saw the ticket price at Php300 for the 3D movie, I thought twice.  Galleria's movie house isn't really top of the line and the price is quite exorbitant, it wasn't even IMax. hehe  I changed my mind and opted for Starbucks (naku!!) and brought baby Mac with me.

I saw in Ron's (ex from Laguna) shoutout that he was sick and I chatted with him.

'wawa naman you. ano nangyari'

'may sipon ako plus nilalagnat ako', he responded

'you should drink lots of water'

'uu. isang gallon na nainom ko'

'ba't ka ba nagkasakit?'

'eh di ba galing kami ng ate ko sa Bohol and Cebu.  hello naman, ang init kaya ng Cebu' (ay di ko po alam kasi di naman ako nag stalk ng profile mo noh!)  But of course, my response was:

'ahhh.. gusto mo ba dalawin kita?'

'kaw po bahala'

'Bigyan kita flowers.. uhm.. then biskwit  and coffee' I was literally laughing alone, and people were staring at me, baliw. hehehe

'patay ata gusto mo puntahan!'

'hahahaha naglalambing lang.  cge, I'll drive there around 9pm coz it's still traffic. hmmm.. excited ka ba makita ako ulit?' 


'entertain mo ko ha'

'sira ka talaga, ako na nga to may sakit, i.entertain pa kita?'

Hehe and since I had all the time in the world, and all the adrenaline from drinking hot coffee mocha grande, I drove all the way to Laguna.  Puttanesca, ang traffic.  What's wrong with South Luzon expressway??  Di pa ba tapos yang skyway na yan??  I took the skyway but Bicutan was sooo traffic even at 930pm.  I could just imagine commuters travelling from the Metro via South expressway and feel their angst. tsk tsk.  Nagsisi tuloy ako!

I arrived at Laguna at 1030pm already.  I met up with Ron and was a bit shocked on how much weight he gained!  He still looked good but I prefer him the old way.  It was cozy evening catch-up with him and 2 of his friends (one being a comedienne in some bar in Las Pinas) and I had fun with the anecdotes of the comedienne. hehehe  Some of them were:

In a beauty contest, the gay candidates introduced themselves:

'seventy eight, seventy nine, Haiti!!' 

'beep beep! dito na Egypt!'

'daming langaw sa kainan, dapat Tacloban!'

'dahan dahan kain sa beef dahil ma.Cebu!'

There were plenty but these stuck to my mind til now.  Di na kami nag-inuman coz Ron was sick and instead we chugged off the C2 ice tea I bought earlier from the grocery.  Tagayan sa C2. hehehe

I miss hanging out with Ron and his queer-ky barkada.  hay.  

Also, I plan to monitor my food intake for the rest of my mandated leave and for now these were what I took in my tummy tum tum:

11am - Jollibee 2 pc hot and spicy chicken (sheeet la na ang effort but but but it's breast part!)
8pm - Starbucks Mergherita pie and Hot Coffee Mocha Grande (ilang calories yan Jechel??)
3am - tapsilog with rice (ugh. but but but.. I only ate half rice pleaaasseee)

I'm definitely gawking at the list now. hmf! Hush hush!