Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sweet Valley Confidential

Fully Booked

I have this penchant to head off to bookstores while a storm is brewing in the metropolis.  With no electricity, and Macky getting low on his batteries, I went straight to Rockwell.  Had lunch at Via Mare with good buddy Sheila and decided either to watch a movie (Friends with Benefits) or have a cup of coffee.  

Sheila (calling Shang Cineplex): 'Miss, showing na ba ang Friends with Benefits?'

The other end: 'Not yet, ma'am'

S: 'Not yet or not anymore??' (in a self-righteous tone!!)

'Ay sorry ma'am.  Not anymore'

Well, it turned out that it was yet to be shown.  At kinorrect pa talaga ng mabait kong kaibigan yung kinausap nya! Pagka nalang!! hahaha

Well, to dilly-dally with time, we went to Fully Booked.  While Sheila headed straight to the magazine section (typical!), I immersed myself with the top-sellers for the week.  Then this caught my fancy..

Sheeet!! After 10years (per the narrative), Elizabeth and Jessica are back!! hahahahahaha I used to, or rather still, love Sweet Valley! hahahahha  It seems that Elizabeth and Jessica had a rift and that Elizabeth is now based in New York and Jessica still remained in sunny California.  Jessica misses her twin sister and wants to patch things up, but Elizabeth can't forgive and forget the betrayal Jessica did to her..  and she wants revenge.. she wants blood!! A 360-degree turn on who used to be the goodie-toe-shoe lady :) Yuppie!! 

On the downside, it's still hardbound, and it costs Php900.  I'll wait for the soft-bound copy nalang. hehehehe

Hay.  Brings back soo many fond memories!! ^_^

*hush, hush*