Friday, August 26, 2011

Learn the Art of Letting Go

Tantanan mo nga ako :p

Seriously, someone special shared this song with me 3 years ago, and is incorporated in my  Nano playlist that lulls me to sleep ^_^

Tribute also to the upcoming Final Fantasy 13-2.  Weeeeh.

Puttanesca, aga ko nagising!  

*hush, hush*


  1. hmmmm… the guy that shared me this song still plays FF :) kahit 30++ na sya :)

  2. FF - Fucking Friends? haha!
    well, if you are a gamer talagang uso ung FF and inaabangan talaga ang next installment sa series.

  3. oh mah gahd!! ^_^ how blatant of you anonymous. I've never come across such term hahahahahahaha

    true true. He is a gamer afterall :)