Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When that thing bows down


I had gotten used to listening to 89.9 when driving to work these days.  I find that I enjoy Mo's lambasting callers when the latter tries to argue with him.  Today was one of those days and I had my share of sole laughter when the caller tried to reason out that despite her age of 39, she still looked or apparently been mistaken to look much younger!

Mo: "Yah, yah, yah.  You say that to yourself but be real, you are 39! Not 28, 39!  You are one of those ladies who are smart and pretend to be dumb! and that's why you remain not married still!"

Ouch.  How blatant yet I find joy in it (saddist! hahahaha)

Then Mo entertained another caller (I forgot who his partner dj was, but kevs hehehe) who had husky bedroom voice (glee!! hehehe):

Caller: "Mo, have you been .."

Mo (cuts-off) : "Man, you're gay!" (hahaha!)

C (continues still) : " … in a situation where you are so into the girl, that you really like the girl, and when that time comes and you see her naked.." (hesitates)

Mo (presses) : "Then??" 

C : ".. then your thing fails you!"

Gahd! He sound depressed! 

C (continues): "I mean, I really really like her, but it just didn't stand up! Is there something wrong with me?"

Mo: "No.  It's the anxiety and excitement that's taking place.  You have been longing to do her and all that excitement and anxiety made that happen"

Very frank.

C (defensive): "I mean, I've done it before with other girls, and my intention was purely that, but this girl, whom I like, it failed me"

Mo :" Don't worry, it's natural for it to happen.  Give it 5x max, and if it still doesn't work up, then consult a doctor, man!"

Hmmmmm.. this made me think.  A lot! hahaha

This happened to me before.  I came from work late and met up with this guy I used to like.  He had been so horny, but I was tired but, but, but because I really really liked him, I didn't want to disappoint him.. and no matter how much he s*cked me, it just didn't pay attention!!  It was embarrassing and the thing that I feared most, of disappointing him, disappointed me! hahahahahaha  To this day, it haunted me until now!

Thank goodness, Mo reassured me that it was ok.  It was ok until the fifth time! Toink! hahahahaha

Finally, I was able to laugh.  I'm alive again! :)

*hush hush*

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  1. haha. exactly why I hate and love Mo Twister at the same time. :)